Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Nigel Embraces The Joys Of The Drayton Manor Hotel

Well, with the school holidays in full unfettered swing, who wouldn’t accept an invitation to join Iris and Bertie et toute la famille for an overnight stay at the Drayton Manor Hotel with the accompanying pleasures of Thomas Land included.


Certainly not Nigel ………….


……… he’s having, from what I can gather from his garbled text messages a wonderful time, and they haven’t even been to the park yet!


On this occassion they’ve not opted for a Thomas themed room …..


……. but there’s more than enough Thomas around the hotel to keep Nigel and Little Miss Iris and Young Master Bertie happy, as I’m sure we’ll find out later. Nigel’s room even has, he’s announced in capital letters, a real life fridge so his Maltesers and Chocolate Buttons can stay in tip top unmelted condition in this sweltering weather …….


……… what is he like?


…… and a garden area which promises much beyond it’s boundaries………


……… to wit the park, zoo and ……… dinosaurs! 


I think Nigel might burst before he even gets on any rides!

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Keeping A Keen Eye On The Hedgerows.

We are all currently on hedge patrol …………


……. noting all blackberry bushes and the occasional plum tree  of a promising pickage type nature …….


….. as a source of totally free fruit, most excellent in burgeoning vitamin C.


Last year, in the midst of Covid meltdown we were a little lacklustre in our foraging and regretfully Darrell didn’t even get down and dirty to make a single one jar of his prize blackberry and plum compost compote………


Well, this year the blossom looks most promising and we are more in the mood …….. we just need to keep checking and be patient for a few weeks more, for hopefully, the bumper harvest to begin ………

Monday, 26 July 2021

Nigel Does A Double Take Of A Seasonal Type Nature

Out mooching in Evesham the other day poor Nigel had “a bit of a moment”, where he found self doubt completely clouding his normal buoyant spirit …….


…… had he, somehow …… found himself in a weird sort of time warp where it was …… Easter?  As it appeared that the carpet/come mattress shop at the top of the High Street was in full Easter egg, chick, bunny and lamb type mode…….


It was all too disconcerting for words, until the little fella had the good sense to double check his phone, yes ….. it was still very much July, verging on August 2021.


Goodness only knows what’s happened/happening in Bradfords world, but according to Nigel questions need to be seriously asked in Parliament, because, for a few minutes there, and I quote, his “total equilibrium had been shot and gone to cock!” and that’s never a good thing, especially for Nigel!

Friday, 23 July 2021

Fingers (And Other Things) Tightly Crossed For Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 Ticket Ballot

Well, living in the West Midlands type area of the UK it would look most rude if we didn’t take advantage of being the first in the country to be able to enter the ballot for tickets for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, especially when all the action will be taking place just down the road in Birmingham, wouldn’t it?


Darrell agreed that he’d try to get us all registered and then see what else we needed to do to secure potential tickets, while I was more than happy to sit beside him, observe the process and hand over the credit card, if/when it was needed!

Applying For Commonwealth Games 2022 tickets

It wasn’t that difficult or onerous a task ……… but then Darrell prides himself on being a bit of a whizz on the computer.

Commonwealth Games Ticket Ballot

We decided that although it would be wonderful to be part of history at the opening and closing ceremonies, the chances of us actually getting tickets would be very almost zilch ………..


……. so we went a bit random and off paste and selected diving, gymnastics and weightlifting without looking too carefully at which actual events they were for, because, to be honest, we’d just be grateful, ecstatic and honoured to simply be there in real, real life and in person!


Well, it’s all now in the lap of the gods, our credit card also now registered and poised to take whatever damage will be done to it, if we are successful ……….


……. all we can do is now wait until around the end of August to know if we’ve got anything ………….


…….. our fingers, toes and eyes will remain robustly crossed until we get that hopefully successful confirmation e-mail.  It’s just too exciting for words!

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Fishing Pickles From The Jar! …….

Darrell always takes a great interest in any new shops that open in town ……..


…… particularly of a personal beauty type nature ……..


…… and it seems we have a new nail bar/spa ………….


“What they can to do with your nails and toes is out of this world ” he declared when he got back to The Towers………..


…….. “but perhaps only for the brave, you could easily take someone’s or even your own eye out with one if you’re not careful! There are also a couple of probing questions that need to be asked like …… erm ……. what do you do in a  toilet type situation?


He says he is  sorely tempted to go in and ask if they would just do him one on the index finger of his right hand …….. how brilliant would that be for skewering pickled onions (or olives) straight from the  jar!  I give up, what on earth is he like?

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Nigel Finds …… And Darrell Misses Out ……..

The other day Nigel found ………. on the school run …….


……. some really useful oven trays in excellent, hardly used (and recently scrubbed) condition, free to a good home, he said he was sorely tempted, but felt he needed to double check with Darrell first.


Unfortunately, Darrell didn’t pick up his phone, too busy squandering his 2p's in the arcades of Southsea no doubt, so missed the message, and when he did see it, saying that he quite fancied the non stick one if it was still going, it was too late, Nigel has a tight run school run schedule to follow and upon his return the next day, it was gone. Next time Nigel says he will simply rely on his highly toned feminine intuition and instant gut feeling on all matters of a free type nature. What is he like?

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

A Long Last Lingering Afternoon On Southsea Beach

It’s almost time for Darrell and Lu to return to real life back in Wolverhampton and Evesham. It’s been a pretty wonderful few days away, a time to re charge their batteries and enjoy all that an English seaside staycation has to offer.


They decided to spend their last afternoon simply, by putting three hours on the parking meter and setting their rug up on the beach  with a huge flask of coffee and a packet of Hob Nobs to just listen and watch the waves, carefreely throw a few stones at nothing in particular and have a cheeky, if very quick paddle in the freezing water.


It was absolute bliss.  Each lost in their own thoughts ………..


……….. the real world of county council accounting (Lu) and the school run seemed a million miles away.


…….. and in time honoured tradition Darrell found a few holy stones to bring home, along with his memories and hopes that with this third meltdown finally coming to an end this very day the sea would no longer be the illusive and fleeting stranger it has been for the past 18 months.

Monday, 19 July 2021

A Staycation By The Sea, Wouldn’t Be A Staycation By The Sea Without …….

………… fish and chips for supper on the pier ……..


Deep Blueimage

…….. to wit Deep Blue on Southsea South Pier.


It was the poshest and most romantic  fish and chip seaside restaurant Darrell had ever been to, with all it’s many sparkly Hughesque type chandeliers………


…….. and panoramic views of, at the time, a tempest tossed sea.  It was …….. emotional!


Naturally Darrell and Lu went for the works, fish, chips, mushy peas and an ample wedge of lemon for squeezing as well as lashings of salt and vinegar. How did it go down I hear you say? I quote “It never got a chance to touch the sides, clean plates all round!” which I am presuming is Darrell speak for, it went down very well, very well indeed!  Happy days!

Friday, 16 July 2021

Nigel’s Last (Emotional) School Run ........ Of This School Year

Yesterday, laden with small fairing gifts for Iris and Bertie’s teachers Nigel made his last school run of this school year.


It’s not hard to say that it’s been a really weird year, with those three months of home schooling at the start of the year now feeling like a million miles away ……. although the experience is still very much ingrained in our hearts, minds and dare I say souls, for many different reasons! It was probably the hardest thing we’ve ever been  challenged with …… with Nigel declaring that he would rather do the school run twice a day, five days a week, rather than ever home school again!


Nigel said it was very emotional saying arrivederci and sayonara to the staff we’ve all come to know and love over the past year, both in real life and through zoom calls ……. there were long heartfelt hugs, don’t forget us’s and tears, an awful lot of tears …….mostly, and he’ll admit it, from Nigel.


But who knows what the next school year will bring with new classes, new teachers, new adventures and of course, more school runs.


Before us now are six wonderful weeks of free as a bird, seasidetastic, ice creams in abundance, summer holidays, ……….. we can’t wait ……………….