Friday, 16 April 2021

Non Essential Shops Now Open ……

Well, I have to say, Darrell has been absolutely brilliant throughout this last meltdown, doing all our essential shopping in Aldi and Iceland ……….


…….  but yesterday, with said meltdown easing and all non essential shops open he decided to treat himself to a little non essential retail therapy in the charity shops of Evesham.


He said town was pretty busy, all the cafe’s and pubs had open air seating outside and there seemed to be a buzz of excitement all around, It’s hard to believe that we’ve been more or less shut in since just before Christmas and now, relatively free once more, we’re already a quarter of the way through the year!


And did he return home triumphant?  You bet his cute little cotton socks he did …….


…….. in making the considered purchase of  ……. I’m not really quite sure how to describe it, a rustic animal knit, embellished with a fox/mouse/badger (???) it’s hard to say what, on the front, with a lovely cable stitch feature running down the arms……….


…… for the princely sum of 99p from the Extracare shop.  He really thinks he looks pretty special in it and it’s something he’ll definitely be packing when we can all finally and legally go over to see Hugh, his best friend and mentor in all things Haute Couture and a la mode, at Le Chicken Coup for our annual Eurovision Song Contest get together (last year accepting),  our televisual and cultural highlight of the year later in May.  He’s one happy bunny …….. welcome to the new normal and (fingers crossed) freedom!

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Another Word That Makes Me Cringe

Like I have said a couple of times before, with lockdown restrictions easing we/I really need to get out more. I am getting soooooo grumpy, especially when I hear the latest “in vogue” word being used on the radio/TV over and over again, it makes me inwardly cringe whenever I hear them.


The latest said word is “yielding” …….. aghhhhhhh.


It completely ruined my quiet enjoyment of Masterchef the other evening when columnist, broadcaster, author and restaurant critic Grace Dent (who I am not the greatest fan of or her occasional Radio 4 programmes, which I will admit to turning off whenever I hear her voice) proclaimed that the roasted bone marrow she had just chowed on down was “yielding”.  What?


And then, a couple more courses down the road uttered it again to describe some other delicacy, ……… yielding, yielding? Please, just stop it!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Finding Faces In Things ……..

Thank goodness the restrictions of a meltdown type nature are being slowly eased as I think we really need to gradually unshackle ourselves from the confines of a lockdown Towers and get back to the “real” world ………


…… because Darrell appears to have come down with a case of face pareidolia ………..


……. to wit the phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects!


Yesterday, while mopping the floor in our kitchen area he excitedly exclaimed that he had “found” Zippy from Rainbow in one of the planks

Zippy from Rainbow

Now, I will admit there is a resemblance ………


……… but I really don’t want to go down that path …….


Nigel is very susceptible to this sort of thing and before we know it goodness only knows who he’ll see in his cornflakes, clouds or anything if encouraged! I really need to get this one nipped in the bud touts de suite!

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Darrell’s New Toy – His Sonic Scrubber A La Mrs Hinch

Darrell has always fancied himself as something of a male version of Mrs Hinch ………….

Sonic Scrubber 8

………. and now spring has finally sprung, he’s eager to get on with a little spring cleaning, clearing the way for a summer of fun and frolics, when hopefully, meltdown will have come to an end, we’ll have had our second jab, but nevertheless still being ever mindful of keeping everything at a safe distance and continuing to wear our masks.


And to this end he has treated himself to what he calls his Sonic Boom after Kata, our lovely neighbour across the hall, held him enthrall while extolling all its wondrous attributes, over a (safely distanced) coffee in the garden.

Sonic Scrubber 3

Well, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want an oscillating head rotating at 10,000 times per minute, especially while tackling the grout in their shower cubicle, Darrell was sold.

Sonic Scrubber 5

And after a week I don’t think we have any nooks and crannies, secreted or otherwise that haven’t been given a quick whiz over by Darrell and his four assorted vibrating heads ……. the cone shaped one being his particular go to head of choice. 


I have to say, it’s all been keeping him super occupied and you can’t lose him, because whenever is you can hear him reverberating away with gay abandon to his little hearts content!


I’d say he’s a very happy, squeaky clean, buzzing bunny at the moment!

Monday, 12 April 2021

Maltesers Cake Bars – Cakes With Crunch

When Darrell goes off on an essential shop he always comes back with a little something extra, a treat to lift our spirits, in, what are hopefully, our last few weeks in meltdown. Perhaps said treats are not strictly regarded as essential by many, but to us, the tangible and palpable excitement with which they are produced from Darrell’s shopping trolley, with much fanfare and flurry, is unbelievably uplifting, especially when we can also see an impromptu comestible review in the making.


So as renowned Malteser aficionados it would have looked soooooooo rude for Darrell not to bring a packet of Maltesers Cake Bars home for our delectation and expert opinion.


They promised much, but did they deliver?  We think they did. They were crunchy, not too much, but just enough. We thought said crunch was more reminiscent of a coarse Crunchie type crunch rather than a more gentle Maltesers crunch, but crunch they did. The chocolate coating was thick and more than generous and well balanced in combination with the light cake and unmistakeably malty cream filling, however, if we were being super critical we might have to say that as a whole they were just a touch too sweet …….


……..we think that we could only eat one each at a sitting, but we did like them, Darrell “dun gud”.


And our considered score on our world famous Richter Scale of Noms? We all agreed, they deserved a most acceptable eight point five out of ten Crunchies out of a Twix!  What are we like?

Friday, 9 April 2021

Freedom ………

Unhindered by the rigours and restrictions of the school run Nigel has been able to enjoy an unfettered and unbridled I Spy adventure in the company of his beloved niece and nephew, Iris and Bertie.


Bless him, he’d spent most of last night, after tea, putting together a whole list of things they could look out for while they were out on walk round their estate.


Some things were pretty easy to spot like red cars, daffodils and hanging baskets, while other things had to be really looked for, like snowflakes, garden gnomes and men wearing red trousers ……


…… all without realising they were also taking their daily exercise and breathing in all that wonderful, fresh spring air.


And the reward at the end of it all? A long run round the park ……. what’s that Uncle Nigel like?


A chance for Nigel to catch his breath and have a little sit down, those kids can move flipping fast when they are on a mission …….


……. before checking the depth and optimum squelchiness of the child tempting Peppa Pig type puddles, declaring it was “Time to go home for a cheeky hot chocolate and one or two Hob Nobs”  seeing as no one had their boots on,  leaving yet another adventure for yet another day  Happy days!

Thursday, 8 April 2021

A Flush Too Far……

Darrell, bless him, has tried to inject a little extra colour into our lives to celebrate it not only being spring, the season of all things bright and beautiful ……. but also being able to see the walls of meltdown slowly coming down ……..


…….. however his seemingly random purchase, while out on an essential shop has been one step too far for me. Perhaps I’m old fashioned and too set in my ways ………


……. but I really can’t handle flushing with a pink toilet block! Blue and green I can cope with, they scream clean and fresh to me, but pink (or heaven forbid purple) just says pretty, sweet and twee and gives me no confidence whatsoever of a hygienic pedestal bowl type nature.


Darrell has apologised, he doesn’t know what came over him, it isn’t as if pink has ever been the part of his colour palette for The Towers, it was simply a not very well thought out, spur of the moment purchase, that doesn’t even match our towels!


He also had to agree with Nigel, it does remind one of the pink water at the dentist!  Fortunately, Darrell didn’t buy in bulk, as often is his way, so once this and the other one in the main bathroom have had their final fading flush we can all go back to “normal”, whatever “normal” is at The Towers!

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A Most Wonderful, Out Of The Blue, Festive Surprise

Let’s just say Easter was too wonderfully wonderful for words, ……. but, we can’t let the festivities go by without a mahoooosive and impassioned “THANK YOU” to our lovely friend Paula down in romantic Plymouth, who caught us totally emotionally off guard in sending us a surprise Easter themed parcel, crammed with season gifts that arrived out of the blue on Saturday morning!


What can we say?


The Towers was filled with a rampant tangible and palpable excitement as each beautiful present was brought out of the box.


……. from cuddly chicks, mini canvas’s for Darrell’s creative pursuits and Easter egg decorations to paint ……. tears, I am not afraid to say, were shed!


But, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve saved the best ‘till last ……. there was also an egg box containing the cutest knitted characters we’d ever seen, each harbouring a crème egg within.


What can we say ………


…… except our Sunday morning boiled egg with Marmite soldiers will never be the same again!


We love them, soooooooooooooo much that they are the only eggs we didn’t actually eat yesterday, somehow it seemed tantamount to cannibalism, however, it would be rude not to eat them, for fear that they might go stale, we just feel they should be consumed at an appropriate and poignant Hello Magazine type moment ………. what are we like?

Thank you Paula for making our special Easter even more special than we could ever have dreamed.

XXXX We love you XXXX

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Wonderful Hungarian Easter Delicacies …… And More ……

Remember I told you about all the wonderful whiffs and wafts emanating from Kata, our lovely neighbour across the hall’s flat before Easter ……..


……. well ………..


……. we were truly blessed, in a Hungarian Easter type way to be on the receiving end of some said aroma’s.  There was walnut and poppy seed cake from Kata, and walnut cookies, gingerbread hearts, linzer cookies and our VERY VERY VERY favourite chocolate fudge, sent all the way from real life Hungary by Kata’s auntie and mum.


It was emotional …….. and weirdly, though we thought we were pretty egg bound from all our chocolate eggs, we still managed to find just a little more room for these extra special delights ………


………… on top of one, two or three slices of Bertie’s most excellent birthday cake!  It’s been quite a wonderful gastropodic few days ……… however, to bring us back to earth with a bump Darrell now says  we’re on salad for the rest of the week, doh!!!!!!