Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Darrell Got There Before Nigel????

He really doesn’t know how it happened, but Darrell got to be the first to admire and breathe in the the splendour of our Evesham florist of choice’s Platinum Jubilee window …….

Silver Birch Evesham Jubilee Window

…… before even poor Nigel had a chance to witness it for himself. He’ll undoubtedly be devastated to hear about it of a second hand type nature.


Needless to say, according to Darrell, it’s all very resplendent, decked out in full red, white and blue and tastefully festooned with union flags, balloons and bunting

Silver Birch Jubilee Window. Evesham

Darrell said it made him come over all emotional ………

Evesham. Silver Birch Jubilee Window

…… and stand proud and erect with unbridled admiration for our wonderful and glorious Majesty.


This is history being made (the Queens reign, not the shop window) and we are actually living through it, in real, real life, the likes of which we will never see again for a many many years, perhaps centuries to come. I really can’t blame him for being emotional.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

A Considered Purchase

Although Darrell found us (fingers firmly crossed) a most excellent two year, fixed energy plan last summer, we are still being cautious with our energy consumption, be it gas or electricity ………

Energy Crisis. I bought myself a hot water bottle

….. and for that reason I decided to make a very considered purchase yesterday afternoon while I was in town ……..

I bought myself a hot water bottle to cope with the energy crisis

….. to wit, a good, old fashioned hot water bottle, something Nigel has been a total stranger to for the whole of his life, having always been able to rely on his natural hot bloodedness to keep himself warm, even in the coldest of conditions, however, it never hurts to have a back up.


My purchase was made all the more sweeter, as it only cost me £2 in the Poundstretcher 50% sale. Sooooooooo, watching our new guilty pleasure, “Is It Cake?”,  snuggled under a blanket of an evening, playing pass the hot water bottle is going to be quite a game changer!  What am I like?

Monday, 16 May 2022

Our Very Own Knitted Queen……

Let’s just say that after a full on week of Eurovision, we were all feeling a little flat and lack lustre this morning …….. and then, what happens? We find ourselves once more propelled, headlong, into more raw and unbridled emotion of a very different nature ……..


…… when we received a most wonderous and totally out of the blue type parcel from our beloved follower Paula …….

Platinum Jubilee Knitted Queen Doll..a

…… which contained, would you believe, our very own knitted Queen, a guest of honour at our small jubilee celebration tea in a few weeks time. Let’s just say even more tears were shed after an already emotional weekend.

Jubilee Knitted Queen DollIMG_2090

Paula is sooooooo unbelievably clever.  All we could do was ooooooo and ahhhhhhh at all the details she’d  put in, from the flowers and feathers on Her Majesty’s hat, to her pearls, earrings and handbag.

Jubilee Knitted Queen Doll.

She is quite, quite perfect.  What more can we say, but we simply adore her ……

Platinum Jubilee Knitted Queen DollIMG_2099IMG_2105

….. and Nigel in particular is absolutely infatuated with her.


And, there was more, a mug for mum and a box of Marmite flatbreads, so unbelievably thoughtful, as they are indeed our flatbread of choice and will be perfect to swoop and scoop our selection of dips for our Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea,

Marmite Flatbreads

We are so lucky to have so such wonderful friends and followers who obviously know us sooooooo well.

Platinum Jubilee Knitted Queen Doll

THANK YOU so very, very, very much Paula ……… God bless you and God Save The Queen!

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Didn’t We Almost Make It ……….

OMG, OMG, OMG, what a Eurovision night to remember, of totally palpable and tangible excitement thronging throughout Le Towers. Never have three hearts pounded so loudly and in such unison before. It was emotional, very emotional, very, very emotional, with Sam Ryder, bless him, doing us soooooooooooooooooooo very proud. My apologises, as my keyboard goes moist, as I am starting to fill up again just thinking about it. The boy dun us gud!


Any other year and we might have just made it, but when the televisual votes came in, I think we (and Sam) knew what was going to happen with the public support going overwhelmingly to the Ukraine, as we predicted of a late, great  Derek Acorah, (R.I.P), spooky type nature a few weeks ago.


But, until that vote, we were at the top of that flipping score board, raking in all those International Jury dix or douze points, after goodness knows how any terrible years getting barely getting an un or duex points and one year a nul!


And now, we have another year to wait until next year and we vote that Sam  does it again for us in 2023.

And our Eurovision Bingo? It was a resounding success, but, to be honest, I think we might perhaps give the Maltesers a little rest for a while ………. what are we like?

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Eurovision Malteser Bingo 2022

Now, I think when playing this sort of game, it’s generally customary to take a cheeky swig of an alcoholic type substance when something on your card/list comes up, however as we really want to embrace all that is Eurovision, right up to the very last second, this would not be a sensible option, so instead we are going to swap a Malteser, our official Eurovision confectionary of choice, for said alcoholic swig!

So, here is the list of things we, and you if you wish to join us, are going to be looking out for:-

NB:- any swigging to be at your own discretion, should Maltesers not be readily available  ……….

*Anyone shouting “Europe, Make Some Noise” before or during their performance.

*Anyone shouting  “ Europe, we love you” after their song.

*The lady host, Laura Pausini, touching her fellow male hosts  in any way, either singularly or both at the same time (kissing, linking arms, adjusting clothing etc.)

*Meaningful expressions on a dancer’s face.

* Fountain(s) in the segment films

* Bicycle(s) on stage or in any segment films

*People doing gymnastics hings in large hoops

*Ladies with guitars

*Any boots that go above the knee– the higher the better

* Plumes of pyrotechnics

*Anyone wearing a hat

*Anyone singer/compere shouting “What’s up Europe” at any time

* Hand held drums

*Belly buttons


*Singer who starts their song lying or sitting down.

* Saggy crotched leather/pleather or PVC trousers

* Waistcoat(s)

* Sunglasses

* Chains

* Blatant over acting by any of the comperes

* When the scores come in, anyone who congratulates the comperes for a wonderful show

………… have fun!

Friday, 13 May 2022

Last Minute Preparations ……

Well, what can we say, the Eurovision Semi Finals on Tuesday and Thursday have been absolutely and unequivocally glorious…….


……..we’ve all been in seventh heaven and walking on sunshine and water all week!  What are we like?


There were a few shocks with who did and didn’t get through to the Grand Final,  we personally loved Latvia with Eat Your Salad (for obvious reasons) but sadly, in our opinion, were beaten by some quite pedestrian type songs!


However, that being said, we now know all the runners and riders for our televisual night of the  year, our personal favourite is Norway with Give That Wolf A Banana and of course our own entrant Sam Ryder with Spaceman, but we will be more than happy if/when Ukraine win.


One observation of the hosts, as per usual everything was very exaggerated, over acted and shouty, but watch out for the lady host, Laura Pausini, who is very (even overly) touchy feely with her male co-hosts …… and we think her hair is a wig!

This morning, we are making our final preparations for tomorrow evening. Darrell is taking a night off from the cooking, as he says he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on even the simplest of fricassees or bateaux mouches anyway.

Pappa Johns v Dominoes

So, we are currently debating whether to have either a Pappa John’s or a Dominoes, to be delivered on the cusp of the contest starting, because, let’s face it, there is no way any of us will be leaving the sofa to answer the door once we’ve heard the iconic Eurovision fanfare!

Hoopers Dandelion and Burdock

As for drinks, Darrell found a bottle of Christmas Asti Spumante, forgotten and forlorn, at the back of the crisp cupboard when he was having a cheeky spring clean the other day, which was really a quite fortuitous bonus.

Hopopers Alchoholic Dandelion and Burdock

He also treated us to a couple of bottles of slightly alcoholic Dandelion and Burdock from Home Bargains to sup, because again, tomorrow night isn’t a night to be distracted by the mixing of cocktails.

Spicy Tomato Snaps

As for nibbles, that’s Nigel’s department  ……… let’s just say we will not going to be without and all tastes and comestible peccadillos have been catered for!  Sorry, if we’ve made you hungry again Mr D in Eurovision devoid Mexico!

We don’t usually post at the weekend, but tomorrow we are going to make an expectation, with a list of what to look out for, for our Eurovision Bingo Malteser game ……. 

Thursday, 12 May 2022

A Step Of Garden Envy Too Far?

Following on from Darrell’s moment of garden envy the other day, Lu took Nigel off for a little sojourn round the large garden centre up the road ……… a BIG MISTAKE ……


……. as it will come as no surprise whatsoever that where Darrell dreamt of romance, colour, perfume and the flower arranging potential of his garden ………


Nigel’s mind was more set on turning this said “fantasy garden” of ours into some sort of deranged, crazy golf course, sighing at a very thought of having to try to get your ball across the wings of a flapping swan and into the hole ………


…… or up the nether regions of a rutting stag and through his mouth for a hole in one, most unsavoury!


Oh, and then manoeuvring through a maze of assorted faux marble disrobing ladies, cavorting dolphins and religious figures  plus all manner of Chinese lamps and pagodas.


Sometimes that boy has a little too much imagination for his own good and my sanity.


After listening to all his ideas when Nigel got back to The Towers I thanked goodness that our quiet and boring communal garden was just that, quiet and and very boring.  What is he like?

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

A Myriad Of Treats For Darrell

It’s not often that I am the one to find a bargain, that’s usually the prerogative of the finely tuned, hunting skills and intuitive noses of Darrell and Nigel, but today I struck lucky …….

Poundstretcher 50% off everything

…… as the Poundstretcher up town was having a 50% sale on absolutely everything, with the very nice lady inside telling me that I didn’t even need to spend the £5 or more it said on the poster, to get the discount.

Wild in the aisles in Poundstretcher

What’s a boy to do?  I went wild in the aisles ….. ok, a slight exaggeration, but I decided to treat Darrell to a few choice cleaning products that I knew would satisfy his inner Mrs Hinch.

IMG_1532Poundstretecher 50% off everything.

I mixed and matched the fragrances, I don’t do matchy matchy, especially when there was so many  wonderful whiffs on offer.

Poundstretcher Cleaning Treats

And when I got home, what can I say?  It was emotional to say the least,  with Darrell a little overcome by the array of lemon, rose and fresh linen stuff I’d bought him.

Fab Fresh Poundstretcher

I feel that a vigorous and robust bout of spring cleaning is now imminent.  There is sometimes method in my madness! What am I like?

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Devious Plans To Satisfy Garden Envy?

Spring, it seems has well and truly sprung ……..

B & M Bedding Plants ..

….. and with it, Darrell’s garden envy ……

B & M Bedding Plants 2022B & M Pansies .

…… The Towers having only a plain lawn at the back and assorted evergreens  at the front, so pretty much devoid of the any of the colour  he longs for, other than the yellow and white of the daisies and dandelions that poke up through the lawn between it’s monthly mowings!

B & M Bedding Plants

I’ve told him, no promises, but perhaps we could plant just one fast growing, colourful, climby, spready, thingy alongside the metal network rail railings, which wouldn’t get in the way of any estate maintenance.


To be honest all they do is a couple of sweeps of the lawn on their big mower, a fleeting strim along the edges and a quick leaf blow which always seems pretty pointless. However, if our first fledgling plant takes root and spreads then maybe we could add a couple more a little later?

B & M Pansies

Obviously, this would have to be a palpable and tangibly exciting, covert operation, undertaken when we are positive our miserable neighbour is out, but the pleasure in said thwarting would be ohhhhhhhh sooooooooooo delicious!  What are we like?  I think, maybe, we are monkeys on a mission ……..