Sunday, 1 July 2012

Awe And Wonder At Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Weymouth Sea Life Centre
Darrell and Nigel both agreed that the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth was most amazing and great! They took so many pictures it was hard to know which ones to select to show you.
awe and wonder
Darrell mused and noted that it was as if Nigel had finally found his spiritual home and was so full of awe and wonder it bought tears to Darrell’s eyes.Sealife centre rays weymouth
The gentle grace of the rays had Nigel spell bound …..
Weymouth Sealife Centre Rays
…… and when they came up to take a look at him it was almost too much ……
Picture 229
…. and it was all Darrell could do to grasp onto Nigels shirt tail with a vice like grip as Nigel was transfixed  and kept uttering in a strange monotone voice that they were beckoning him to join them!
octopus encounters
Darrell also had a hypnotic type moment of a Derek Acorah type nature with the octopus….. “All those testimonials  testicles tentacles made me feel all goose bumpy” he said “….. but I just couldn’t look away from them!”
sensitive skin
While Darrell and Nigel were inside the various hubs touching the rays etc. was definatley not permitted …..Picture 153
…… but outside there were rock pools where Darrell and Nigel were actively encouraged to touch the creatures …..
touching crabs
Needless to say Nigel touched and conversed with EVERYTHING, all the crabs, anemones, urchins etc. and once again poor Darrell was emotionally rung out by Nigel’s touching empathy, gentleness and oneness with the creatures …….
Lobster comestibles
…… even down to Nigel’s refusal to partake in a iced chocolate shortbread lobster in the cafe, at the end of their trip, ……which he muttered in disgust (Darrell thinks) as being “Tantamount to an act of cannibalism and nothing fishy will ever touch my lips again” What is he like??


Di said...

Lovely post! Reminded me of the film The Abyss, gentle and beautiful.

But, my money is on Nigel's resolve crumbling the very first time he's hungry and faced with a place of seaside fish 'n chips, big slice of bread and butter and a mug of tea :)

Only sayin' :)


tilly said...

what a magical moment for everyone, but you can't beat battered fish with chips lol......

marc said...

it looked like they had such a wounderful time may be you should get Nigel some sea monkeys to look after or show him them i wounder what he will think about those big love marc

Anonymous said...

What a magical place...perfect holiday attraction... WOW! Nigel bonding with all those under the sea, no more fish finger sandwiches or fish and chips! Nigel's reminding me of an old Don Knott's movie called The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Mr.Limpet fell into the sea and became a fish..spooky...Dianne

Mr.D said...

All sounds rather fishy to me.