Saturday, 14 May 2022

Eurovision Malteser Bingo 2022

Now, I think when playing this sort of game, it’s generally customary to take a cheeky swig of an alcoholic type substance when something on your card/list comes up, however as we really want to embrace all that is Eurovision, right up to the very last second, this would not be a sensible option, so instead we are going to swap a Malteser, our official Eurovision confectionary of choice, for said alcoholic swig!

So, here is the list of things we, and you if you wish to join us, are going to be looking out for:-

NB:- any swigging to be at your own discretion, should Maltesers not be readily available  ……….

*Anyone shouting “Europe, Make Some Noise” before or during their performance.

*Anyone shouting  “ Europe, we love you” after their song.

*The lady host, Laura Pausini, touching her fellow male hosts  in any way, either singularly or both at the same time (kissing, linking arms, adjusting clothing etc.)

*Meaningful expressions on a dancer’s face.

* Fountain(s) in the segment films

* Bicycle(s) on stage or in any segment films

*People doing gymnastics hings in large hoops

*Ladies with guitars

*Any boots that go above the knee– the higher the better

* Plumes of pyrotechnics

*Anyone wearing a hat

*Anyone singer/compere shouting “What’s up Europe” at any time

* Hand held drums

*Belly buttons


*Singer who starts their song lying or sitting down.

* Saggy crotched leather/pleather or PVC trousers

* Waistcoat(s)

* Sunglasses

* Chains

* Blatant over acting by any of the comperes

* When the scores come in, anyone who congratulates the comperes for a wonderful show

………… have fun!

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

That is some list. Good luck to anyone who decides to play an alcoholic version of this game!

I think Maltesers is a far better idea. All I have to do is find Maltesers and find the Eurovision Song Contest. Hmm.