Thursday, 8 April 2021

A Flush Too Far……

Darrell, bless him, has tried to inject a little extra colour into our lives to celebrate it not only being spring, the season of all things bright and beautiful ……. but also being able to see the walls of meltdown slowly coming down ……..


…….. however his seemingly random purchase, while out on an essential shop has been one step too far for me. Perhaps I’m old fashioned and too set in my ways ………


……. but I really can’t handle flushing with a pink toilet block! Blue and green I can cope with, they scream clean and fresh to me, but pink (or heaven forbid purple) just says pretty, sweet and twee and gives me no confidence whatsoever of a hygienic pedestal bowl type nature.


Darrell has apologised, he doesn’t know what came over him, it isn’t as if pink has ever been the part of his colour palette for The Towers, it was simply a not very well thought out, spur of the moment purchase, that doesn’t even match our towels!


He also had to agree with Nigel, it does remind one of the pink water at the dentist!  Fortunately, Darrell didn’t buy in bulk, as often is his way, so once this and the other one in the main bathroom have had their final fading flush we can all go back to “normal”, whatever “normal” is at The Towers!

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Mr.D said...

Good try, Darrell. You live and learn. (Hopefully.)