Friday, 11 June 2021

The Two Ride Out Together Again …..

It has been so lovely to see Hugh and Darrell back together again after so long apart ……..


I don’t think they have been apart or stopped nattering for a single second since we arrived at Le Chicken Coop, well, except to sleep.


Yes, they have Skyped, Zoomed, texted and phoned like nobodies business ……..


…….. but it’s just not the same as being up close and personal in real life is it?


Goodness knows what they find so much to talk about, all this en trend, de rigueur, avant garde, a la mode, je n’sais pas stuff, not to mention Hugh’s insider showbiz gossip goes right over my head ……….


……… but I can see from the often intensive expression on Darrell’s face and sparkle in his eyes that he is in seventh heaven when he’s wrapped up in Hugh’s thrall ……… raconteur, mentor, bon viveur, doyen, flaneur  ………..


……. and above all a best friend, Darrell would be lost without him.

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

A wonderful description of Hugh. I didn't know that he indulged in flânerie,
bearing in mind that he doesn't even walk to the post box in front of his house, getting his man that does, to do it.