Wednesday, 22 June 2022

No Nom Nom

Nigel couldn’t help but notice that the sweets on the display in the post office looked a just little faded and rather unappetising ……


…… and as he was waiting in a long queue to buy a book of second class stamps for Darrell, he said that curiosity got the better of him and he felt compelled to check the date on the back of them.


There was surprisingly another couple of months to go, despite the Dolly Mixtures and Assorted Foams looking pretty lacklustre and as if they had gone all hard. A touch too much sun perhaps, although the unit was no where near a window?


Needless to say, no considered purchase was made, however Nigel thought he’d keep an eye on them, especially after his days in the Girls High School kitchen where stock control and rotation used to be his thing. He noted how many packs there were on said Dolly Mixtures and Assorted Foams pegs to see if anyone was tempted by the rather wan products in the coming months.  What is he like? 

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

Good spot, Nigel.

I'm sure that you know of better places to buy sweets.