Friday, 26 May 2023

Holy Cheese?

Nigel had to do a double take when he spotted this Nazareth cheese while he was having a cheeky mooch in Lldl the other day, on the way back from the school run.


He was sorely tempted, but as he knew Darrell had already sorted the shopping for this week, on this occassion no considered purchase was made, despite the almost overwhelming urge to try this holiest of  cheeses.


Christmas may still be seven months away, but in Nigel’s humble opinion and without a single morsel even touching his lips, “we” need this on our festive running buffet table, so despite the “when it’s gone its gone” warning, so hopefully there will be a pack or two left next week for our delectation to make such a decision.  What are we and Nigel like? 

1 comment:

Mr.D said...

It looks worth a try. Google translate gives: low salt, sweet tasting and with a fruity, mild and nutty flavour.

Mild and nutty - I have known a few people like this, over the years.