Tuesday 3 October 2023

Another Seasonal Tradition Comes Around Again …….

Has a whole year really gone by since Nigel was last scrumping for conkers and acorns on the school run with his beloved niece and nephew? 


They both may a few inches taller, but Nigel says it only seems like yesterday that Little Miss Iris had so many conkers secreted about her skirt pockets that both he and Young Master Bertie had to keep hitching it up for her on the last leg home to save her modesty ……..


……. yet here they were again, but this time ready and armed with a plastic collecting bag to save any more unfortunate drooping of clothing type nature!


Nigel said that the huge, old oak tree is looking very gnarled and tired looking now, but looks as if it has produced enough fruit to keep a certain young lady happy and hopefully the spiders away when she gets them home.


And then, since they were already in wellies due to the current inclement weather ……..


…… it would have just been plain rude not to jump up and down in every single muddy puddle they happened upon, again to help while away their walk……


……….. including one particularly huge splash, that erm, almost drowned poor Nigel ……….. glorious autumnal days with wonderful memories made from the simplest of homeward journey, bless the little fella and his unending love and patience for those two little rascally rascals!


Mr.D said...

Another wonderful time, and memories, for Miss Iris and Master Bertie, with Nigel. Well done, young man!

Anonymous said...

Great fun collecting conkers & jumping in puddles!


Anonymous said...

It's simple pleasures - ones that don't cost a fortune or even a penny but bring so much pleasure.
Thank you nature, you are truly splendid, bountiful and glorious in your never-ending gifts. JantheFan x