Friday, 14 January 2022

Nigel Has An Apparition?

Nigel was convinced he’d “been called”, when he nipped in to town yesterday ……..  after apparently being witness to an “apparition” in one of the upper windows of The Georgian House.


He was all of a doo daa when he got home, having even forgot a couple of  items on his shopping list, including our usual morning coffee chocolate covered Hob Nobs. What’s he like?


I had to sit the little fella down with a cup of hot sweet tea (but no Hob Nobs) to help ease his poor fuddled mind that he wasn’t, despite what he had thought, the “chosen one”.


It was most likely that said Georgian House had simply done a church clearance and while sorting out all the bits and pieces had simply put the statue on the windowsill, without giving a thought as to what side it was actually facing while they decided where to put it on the shop floor.


The fact that they still had a few of the dead (RIP) pope mugs  that I had spotted a while ago (three of which had obviously being sold), plus some Church of The Immaculate Conception mugs on offer was just coincidence and didn’t mean that he had been ordained to buy and then distribute them as part of a his “calling”.  Fortunately, he didn’t have enough money on him anyway!


Sometimes I despair as to where he gets some of his weird and wonderful ideas from. I partly blame Ask the Midwife on a Sunday evening and think, perhaps, we need to use up all the exotic cheeses Darrell bought for Christmas, making one last giant cheese pie, then be done, sticking to a very mild cheddar after that!


Mr.D said...

Nigel, with his pondering and all, certainly has an active imagination!


(Plain ones, please.)

Anonymous said...

Oh the place could become a shrine....imagine that. JantheFan x
p.s. Young nige could could be a volunteer to hand out tea and hobnobs a plenty to all the pilgrims arriving from all over the world, (with covid masks on of course, but they could take them off to have a cuppa)......or would that be Popes arriving...or maybe Holy Fathers.....and maybe even Mr D to grab a Hobnob or four. JantheFan x