Thursday 24 November 2022

Roll On 21st December ……… (After Which The Days Start To Get Longer)

It goes without saying that Nigel absolutely loves the school run, but now the clocks have changed he’s not all that keen on the long walk home in the dark afterwards, bless him.


He’s OK walking along the main road with all its shops and muse provoking posters, it’s turning the corner into our long road that gets him. Now and again he’ll nip into the Kebab Shop just before said turning to avail himself of a small carton of chips just to break up the journey and alleviate some of the boredom, justifying himself that it’s also an excellent way to help keep his hands warm on a cold night.  What is he like?


Nigel very rarely sees another living soul as he toddles along the road that is completely devoid of a single point of interest for him to ponder and muse …….


……. even the first row of cottages he passes are behind a tall wall with their backs at the front (a weird set up, but they’re old), so there’s not even the surreptitious opportunity for a quick peep to see if anyone has put their Christmas trees/fairy lights up early.


Then at the end of the cottages there’s nothing for another hundred yards or so, except for the allotments, trees and brambly hedges, before he gets to our bridge and then a few yards later our estate ………  and home sweet home.


So to help Nigel fill these dark, unforgiving walks Darrell has installed a star gazing app on the little fellas phone…….


………. as Darrell said, who wouldn’t want to know when Uranus is clearly visible!  Oh good grief …….. I give up!


Mr.D said...

The stargazing app is a great idea, but not much help when it is cloudy. The bag of chips is excellent, too, but I would go for a kebab. I haven't had one in years.

All together now: I WANT A KEBAB AND.......

Anonymous said...

The stargazing app is a great idea, I’m not sure i could be as strong willed as Nigel by just ordering chips!


Anonymous said...

Oh now I was just looking up at the stars at 4.00 this morning as it happens. That app looks good. I might just have to look that up as I think it was Ursa Major constellation I saw, I had to go and get my ipad to check, still not exactly sure. Having something on my phone would be handy I have to say. JantheFan x