Thursday, 21 June 2018

I Just Daren't Tell Darrell

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by my good self that the bathroom showroom up by Tom and The Lovely Laura’s has undergone a total refurbishment  ……..
……. and is now sporting some very impressive bathroom displays…….
…… and, could it be me, but, is the bidet is making a subtle comeback?
Now, I have a quandary, I know Darrell is currently heavily into project managing a bit of a re-arrangement of his and Nigel’s bedroom ……
….. but, if I mention this new bathroom type development, he’ll be up here like a shot, as we have a slight problem with the tiling in our en-suite shower room that I know has also been getting on his aesthetic nerves of late. If I am not careful, before I know it, there will be another set of plans laid out on the lounge table ……. and I am not sure if I can cope with that, especially as all I really want to think about, at the moment, is our fast approaching Cretan Odyssey ……..

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

No Nigel, No ……

I seem to be doing an awful lot of “oh dearing” at the moment ……..
Nigel had already spotted Darrell’s diamond knobs, put ready for the much anticipated refurb of their bedroom while we are away on our Cretan Odyssey and then he went and saw these wallpaper gems in B M Bargains …….
IMG_8180 ..…….. he is now rampantly trying to persuade Darrell to also include a “signature wall” in his plans, to incorporate such said gems!  Heaven help me and poor Mr Pete!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Evesham Under Evasion

Poor, poor Nigel, yesterday he was so terrified that Evesham had been invaded by Storm Troopers that he ran all the way to The Towers to warn Darrell and I to prepare for a siege, and hence there being no time for any other photos …….
It took several cups of hot sweet tea, (an accompanying and usually welcome hobnob was totally out of the question as Nigel could hardly swallow),  before Darrell could finally get through to the little fella that it was just The Regal advertising that they were showing the new Star Wars film. What is he like?

Monday, 18 June 2018

What Have I Done?

I admit that I didn’t look too closely at Darrell’s plans for his and Nigel’s room, but Darrell has reasonably good taste  and I trust that anything he has come up with will not  be too outrageous.  All I  really know is that it included quite a few drawers and several cupboard doors  ………. so when Darrell disappeared into town to, he said,  look at “knobs”, I wasn’t untowardly concerned ………..
HOme Bargains Crystal Drawer Knobs
…….. however, when he got home I hadn’t quite anticipated the number of knobs he’d had been thinking of ………
crystal door knobs
……. or that they would be so ornamental and sparkly!
Trust is a beautiful thing, and (I think) I trust Darrell, so who am I to doubt or rain on his rather twinkly parade?

Sunday, 17 June 2018

More Changes At The Towers

It has to be said that Darrell has never been truly happy with the set up in his and Nigel’s room, he has said, on many an occasion, that it just doesn’t  flow ……….
IMG_7731So, after yet another mithering session, I finally broke and said that if Darrell could come up with some plans and Mr Pete thought he could work his magic, ideally, while we are away in Crete on our annual Greek Odyssey, he could make the changes.
Well, Darrell didn’t need telling twice ………
…… before you could say Dame Kelly Hoppen he had drawn up a plan for Mr Pete, who then said yes he could do it and yes, as it happened, he did have a window off opportunity while we are away ……. ! 
A Greek Odyssey and a “new” bedroom ……… I blame myself, I now don’t know what to do with Darrell, he is soooooooooooooooo excited!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

A Minor Irritation

The name probably has a very deep and significant meaning, pertinent to an ancient historical Evesham type nature ……..
IMG_8152 ……. and it’s also very anal of me ………
…….. but, whenever I go past this street sign I really want to put an “e” at the end of the “shor” ……. I think, a bit like Darrell, sometimes I have a little too much walking time to muse!

Friday, 15 June 2018


Oh my goodness, it’s a really good job you can’t smell this post as it would almost certainly make your eyes water.
I guess it’s one of the hazards of living in the middle of the fruit growing country, because at around this time each year they must spray the fields with something of a very nutritious (for growing plants) but extremely pungent and unsavoury type nature to humans ……..
…….. and, when the wind just happens to blow just a smidge in the wrong direction ………  well, what can I say?
We had smells in Wolverhampton but never, quite, this …… erm …… pungent aromatic ……..

Thursday, 14 June 2018

It’s Not Every Day ………

It’s not every day ……..
…….. you see a very large badger walking through Abbey Park ……..
……. with a dog on a lead following close behind.
It was a surreal sight that really tickled our Nigel’s funny bone.  He said that there was an anti badger culling rally marching through town ……….
IMG_7972 ……. and it would have looked rude for Young Master Bertie and him not to have added their own rousing chorus of “Save Our Badgers”, with pumping fists held aloft in support of the protestors ……..
……. and the poor, brave badger who must have been sweltering under his/her costume on such a very hot day! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Snail Trees?

Oh my goodness ……..
……. Nigel has now convinced himself that snails ……..
…….. grow on trees!
Sometimes living so close to nature does have it’s draw backs!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Start Of “The Season”

There has been much activity on the riverbank these past few days, the grass has been well cut and a few branches cut back ……
…….because the 15th June heralds the start of the coarse fishing season.
All the fishing platforms will be repaired and numbered and a  sign stating that overnight camping is forbidden in the area in front of The Towers put up.
It’s all very exciting. If Andy was still with us, he’d have been preparing his rods and making sure his reels were well lubricated for weeks now …….. still, we expect he’ll be doing exactly the same thing up on his cloud, only when the fishing finally begins, he’ll just have to cast his line out a little further from heaven!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Derek’s In Evesham

Darrell and Nigel  were casually flicking through the Evesham Arts Centre programme, and would you believe ………. our beloved Derek Acorah is coming to Evesham with his “Love, Life and Laughter Tour” in July. We also presume Sam, Derek’s spirit guide, will be accompanying him, in spirit form naturally.
We still very much love Derek, however, it has to be said that since we’ve moved to Evesham some of our interests have moved on too. 
However, Darrell and Nigel are now considering whether to “channel” Derek over the next few days to see if they can sense the booking and arrival of any tickets!  What on earth (or heaven) are they like? 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Spotty Stop Off

Sadly, we’re homeward bound in a slightly interesting condition, but decided to make a quick stop to break up the journey, have a bite to eat and let Young Master Bertie get some fresh air and stretch his legs.
However, I was careful to make sure that he was well covered up and that we kept well away from other people, poor little chap!
And, would you believe, we managed to find a train ride that we had all to ourselves ………. so no cross contamination.  In fact it was so quiet the gentleman who was driving the train let us go round twice ……..
……. which roused spirits considerably.
I was very taken by the woolly pigs we also saw, they had to be the cutest thing ever of a farmyard type nature, however their cuteability factor was lost on the slightly spotty one, who was more interested in another ride on the train …… bless him.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Out Damned Spot

Oh dear ……. Bertie and I had a lovely day on the beach, followed by a proper seaside type tea, before heading back to the caravan …….
…… but as I got the Young Master ready for his bath dans le washing bowl I spotted something ………..
………. a small smattering of spots …….
…… that I immediately recognised as le chicken pox, something I had hoped not to see while we were away.
So tomorrow, sadly, it looks like we will be homeward bound before Bertie properly erupts, poor little sausage!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Being An Uncle …………..

……. being an uncle just brings a tear to my eye ………
…… and a huge lump to my throat.
It has to be the most WONDERFUL thing that’s ever happened to me ………
…….. even if it means spending all day going between the donkey train on the beach and the train that runs up and down the promenade ……..
……. and NEVER being without a hot cross bun!
……. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now. other than Weston Super Mare with Bertie, what am I like?