Thursday, 19 January 2017

A No Calorie Meal?

Poor Darrell, he is taking his new eating regime very, very seriously, and I am fully behind him, but I am afraid Nigel, though supportive, also sees it as an opportunity to get one up on Darrell!
Bug BallsYesterday he was at a loose end so popped into our local Pets Are Us  Just For Pets for a mooch, hoping to see some cute rabbits, guinea pigs etc. only to find they were all gone, all they had were fish and they were off limits to staff only. A little disappointed he decided to browse the shelves instead, as he had nothing better to do.Live reptile foodHe was immediately drawn to the bags of brightly coloured Bug Balls and couldn’t help but wonder what they tasted like and if they were chewy! The “live” food also looked very interesting, if a bit jumpy and wriggly. Watching the Bush Tucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity has erm ……. opened a whole new world of culinary possibilities to us, though we have, as of yet, never felt the urge to veer in that direction.
Live reptile food no calories. bush tucker trailHowever, Nigel, with his lively imagination, wondered that as there didn’t appear to be any calorific values on any of the boxes they could be considered as a “free” food on Darrell’s diet. Unfortunately, there were no serving suggestions either, so he is now going to see if Ant and Dec has brought out a spin off Bush Tucker Trial Cook Book, before making any “helpful” suggestions to Darrell.  Heaven help us all!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Darrell Takes The First Step

I had noticed Darrell had been a bit distracted since New Year, looking sideways at himself in the mirror, pinching various parts of his body like his stomach, thighs and derriere and asking me more than once  if I thought he had bingo wings …….
slimming world 1Well, yesterday, he toddled off to the Masonic Hall ……..
slimming world…….. and took the first step!
walking through the doorHe returned an hour or so later with his members pack and some Slimming World Scandinavian Oat Bran Crispbreads and sat in the corner reading and planning his next weeks meals.  He says he doesn’t want a fuss and we are to act normal round him, he has “……got this one”! 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More Romantic Things Goings On …..

Nigel has always reckoned that the most romantic thing he could ever wash in real life was an elephant.Nigel Evesham Marina…….. but all that has dramatically changed since he saw what was going on at the marina yesterday morning …….
washing barges …… when he saw a gentleman “washing” one of the barges, which must have taken him most of the day even using his very powerful power hose (not advisable for washing an elephant) ……
washing a barge 1…….. which is probably why, reasoned Nigel, using a sponge, bucket and some fairy liquid might be out of the question time wise.  It had never occurred to him that anyone would ever wash a barge, so this kept him riveted until I called him in for lunch.  It was, he said, the most romantic thing he had ever seen being washed live!  What is he like?
NigelThank goodness that we haven’t got a coracle as he and Darrell keep suggesting, as Nigel would have been across that river before you could say “Ship Ahoy”
working on bargeNigel also spotted another gentleman doing some work on his barge, it almost all tooooooooooo idyllic for words.  Nigel even muted that perhaps we should forgo our usual Greek Odyssey this year for a floating staycation, but as none of us can actually drive I don’t think it would be a wise idea, however I did promise him that as soon as the boat trips start again in Evesham we will “test the waters”.
Celebrity-Carry-on-BargingPost Note:- Darrell has been flicking through the TV channels and informed me that Channel 5 have a new reality series starting soon called “Celebrity Carry on Barging”, I think this may well be our reality programme of choice for a few weeks when it starts!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This ….

Let’s just say Mr Pete, our Carpenter of choice, done good as far as sorting out Darrell and Nigel’s bedroom.
Bespoke BedroomThey have got such mahooooooosive smiles on their faces, it’s just like Christmas morning all over again.
Next Bed LinenIt’s everything they wanted and more ……… space for their clothes ……IMG_0347……. space for Nigel’s books ……
climbing opportunities……. and space, eventually, for all their treasures, Darrell having just done a bit of quick “dressing” for the purpose of these pictures.
Very large 60's glass vaseHowever, Darrell’s beloved vase, a present from Hugh just before Christmas, has already found a permanent place of honour.
Practical bedroom shelingThere are a few things that still need sorting, which accounts for Darrell spending quite some considerable time poring over the internet  looking for some suitable storage boxes, trying to find something that “…. are practical, yet enhanced, but still blended in an unobtrusive fashion!” ?????? What is he like?  I think, what he means is something blue!
nigelHowever, I am not so sure about Nigel’s fly away comment about the room having “ …….. a most ample plethora of hide and seek opportunities” ……. heaven help me!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Great New From Sunny Florida

Despite our normal, happy go lucky air over Christmas and the New Year, we had actually been concealing a certain amount of angst and disappointment.Christmas Parcel arrives in FloridaTo be honest, we had all been feeling rather smug with ourselves as we had sent Darrell off to John Lewis in Birmingham to select, in his considered opinion, to be several  “very British” Christmas tree decorations for our daily commenter Dianne and Christopher, one of our 2011 adopted monkeys.  Christopher was the monkey who travelled the farthest to find a new home, and we were all very envious when he went to live in romantic and very, very, very, very warm Florida with Dianne and Doug.
Christmas in Florida USADarrell did us proud, finding four lovely glass baubles of a London feature type nature, which were duly packaged and posted before the end of November …… we thought, in more than ample time.
PACKAGE--6--IMG_1167However, despite checking every now and again with Dianne, the parcel failed to arrive, and then when Christmas came and went, followed by New Year, we were left crestfallen. But then yesterday, we got the wondrous news that the parcel had finally arrived, it was as emotional for us as it must have been for Dianne and Christopher. A very valuable lesson has now been learned, this Christmas, if need be, we will post in July, the mailing of our parcels across the Atlantic will never be found wanting again
Christmas in FloridaAnd, if we may say so, Christopher looks remarkably cool and fresh in all his pictures, because, from what he has told us, the heat in Florida has been exceptional this year, and underneath his chilled exterior, how shall we say politely, he was sweating like a pig had a certain glow about him!  Happy late Christmas Christopher xxxx

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Carrots At The Ready For Evesham Snow Watch

Yesterday morning we woke up in the anticipation that it may have snowed overnight,  hopefully, most robustly
not enough snow for a snowman…… however, on rolling up the blinds, we were left disappointed, despite the gritters being out in force the day before and continual warnings on the news, all we got was the lightest of dustings, it was all rather lack lustre and it soon disappeared.
light dusting of snow in eveshamPoor Nigel has been on tenterhooks for it’s arrival because Iris has been “full of snow” since Christmas,  having had many festive tales of snow, snowmen and snowbound woodland creatures in the run up to Christmas at bedtime.  The last time she came round she even bought a plastic carrot from her kitchen set hoping, in some way Nigel could magic some snow and they could, to quote the song “….. build a snowman”
not enough snow to build a snowman.So, the mere sprinkling in the car park and on the cars that greeted Nigel was disappointing to say the least.  However, the snow warnings seemed to go up a notch with each new bulletin yesterday, so snow watch at The Towers continues and Nigel has told Iris to keep her carrot poised.

Friday, 13 January 2017

A Very Welcome Distraction For Nigel

With everything that’s going on at Riverside Towers at the moment in the bedroom department, it’s quite fortuitous that it also coincides with Nigel’s turn to collect Iris from Nursery, when even the tantalising opportunity to hand Pete a screw, nail and hammer just can’t compete, even for Nigel!
school runThere is nothing Nigel loves more that picking up Iris, having the ladies tell him what a lovely time Iris has had, and then having Iris come to the door and squeal “It’s Nigel!” when she sees him waiting for her.  She always seems to have a painting or drawing to bring home, and when she has chosen a new book, Nigel always reads it with her when they get home.
Iris's Nursery 1Iris's Nursery
The Nursery is wonderful, Nigel would love to be invited to stay one day, there are lots of outdoor activities like gardening, and sand and water and lots of corners to play shops and houses, as well as painting and play dough.
NurseryThere is even a meadow to go for a walk in, to look at nature, collect leaves and see the frost on cold days, and in the meadow is a Bear Cave for telling stories, it’s magical.
Moo Moos EveshamOn “a Nigel collecting day”, Nigel always treats Iris to lunch at Moo Moos, our Evesham lunching venue of choice. Usually they share a plate of scrambled egg on toast, but this past week or so they have moved on to a doorstep ham sandwich with salad garnish and crisps. with a sophisticated pot of tea.Moo Moos Evesham. Ham sandwich Yes, it’s easy to say that with all the robust temptations home improvements can bring, nothing, but nothing would keep Nigel from collecting Iris from Nursery, even if we were offered a 60 minute Makeover with a celebrity host and a whole team of helpers, Iris would always win hands down!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Another Man’s Tools At The Towers ……..

I have to admit, my head is in a bit of a whirl, no sooner is The Towers kitchen all tiled and looking very lovely, than our next project is already to begin, this time in the bedroom department.
Inspection building plans Bijoux living has made us all realise the importance of creating space and storage, so Darrell, in consultation with our very competent carpenter Pete, has come up with the idea of having compartmental shelving over the bed and drawers, at each end of his and Nigel’s room, so they can put their treasures on display as well as storing our bits and pieces, well, that’s the plan……..
60 minute roommattresses in bathroom
But, as the room has to be cleared before any work can start, we have mattresses in the bathroom and chests of drawers and bedside tables in the lounge for the next few days, and Darrell and Nigel are having to top and tail with me at bedtime, it’s quite exciting, a bit like being in the  Celebrity Big Brother House!
box of screws hand drill
Needless to say Nigel has been following Pete round like a little puppy dog, offering to do any little job and taking great interest in all his tools and what they do.
yellow spirit levelNigel has already noted that Pete’s spirit level is considerably longer than Andy’s and so sagely suggested that this could be down to his and Darrell’s bedroom possibly being more haunted (of a Derek Acorah type nature) than the kitchen!
dab radioHowever, when he ventured to ask Pete very seriously what the obviously very complicated high tech tool on the window sill was, poor Pete had to stiffle his laughter, to answer. with a straight face, that said very complicated hi tech tool was actually his radio, bless him!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

All Fur Coat?

I know Darrell had a few restless nights over his choice of tiles for our bijoux, open plan kitchen, especially as he went against all that is presently on-trend of a kitchen tile/houses under the hammer type nature,  but I have to say, the boy done good.
Topps TilesAndy did a great job in bringing all of Darrell’s ideas together and our said bijoux, open plan kitchen area now looks wonderful.
Tiles from Topps TilesTiles from Topps
It seems much more proper now it is tiled, if you know what I mean  and should be a lot easier to keep clean.
Topps Tiles.With everything looking so lovely, it has also bought out Darrell’s inner compulsive cleaner and so he has wet wiped and tidied all the cupboards like there is no tomorrow ……..
tidyingCompulsive Cleaners
……. muttering something like “ ……. we will never be found to be all fur coat and no knickers under his watch!”
How Clean is you houseWhat is he like?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Romantic Wood Burning Pastimes

I know it may seem like I “doth protest too much”, but I really DON’T spend all my time at the window ………
Twitching Curtains 1……. but since Santa very kindly left us a pair of one eye binoculars for Christmas, it would only look rude not to avail myself of them at …… erm …… every possible interesting opportunity.
Twitching net curtains 3So yesterday I spent a very interesting five minutes or so watching a gentleman across the river undertaking a very manly pursuit, to wit, sawing logs, chopping logs would have been more romantic, but there again, we live in a modern age with modern tools which make such tasks easier.
The gentleman then stored his logs under an upturned canoe…….
……. how utterly romantic is that?  I think he may live in the marina as I am sure I have also seen him collecting said logs to, I presume, burn on a stove on his barge, it all paints such an idyllic picture, in some ways I almost wish we had an open fire at The Towers   ………. But as I said at the beginning, I don’t stand twitching at the nets at the window all day long.