Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Our Bijoux Wells Caravan

How many caravans have we shown you around over the years?
This time you find us in a smaller caravan than we usually tend to book but lets say we are all very at home with bijoux.
It’s got everything we need and to be honest we do have a tendency to spread ourselves and all our accoutrements around, so in Wells at least our disarray, especially having a small child in tow, is confined, if you know what I mean.
So far we have only mislaid the Calpol, a spare loo roll, Darrell’s moisturiser and the Cocopops ……..
…… but I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually.
Some of the caravans come with hot tub included, had the young master not been with us, yes, we would have certainly been very tempted …..
  …… the Somerset nights have proved to be very romantic in a red sky at night type of way ……..
……. however, there is a bit of an autumnal  nip around The Mendips when the sun has gone down, and once settled in a simmering, bubbling tub, with perhaps a glass of Prosecco I don’t think any of us would relish the idea of leaping out, au naturel, to administer to a little voice calling “Uncle Nigel, Uncle Darrell, Uncle Monkey ……. I want a drink of water!”

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Pleasures Of Longleat And Thoughts Of Castle Greysquirrel.

We, especially Nigel, enjoyed all the pleasures of our day at Longleat ………
…… in particular being up close and personal with the giraffes
….. and at one with the lions, (although they were asleep as we drove past), plus being able to see all the other wonderful  animals from the comfort of our car following the safari trail ….. well, all that is except for the monkeys, we had to give their enclosure a wide berth as Darrell has a huge phobia of being surrounded by monkeys in a any car since watching The Omen. Bertie, to be honest was not really that impressed, in fact it’s pretty safe to say he is probably not a budding David Attenborough in the making …….
Copy of IMG_9072
……. although he was suitably impressed enough by the giant lion statue outside the house to take a picture or two.
No, it was the drainpipes on walls of the great house and the fountains that caught his interest ……. more plumbing I suppose!
The fountains were very impressive, but Darrell said that he thought that the blue coloured water was a tad on the tacky side for his tastes, but each to his Lordships own.
Nigel was non committal, a fountain, is a fountain, is a fountain he declared.
No photographs are allowed to be taken in the house itself but it was suitably impressive, each room could easily have  housed The Towers several times over with Nigel musing that their bill for Pledge to help keep the dust down must be astronomical and that their feather dusters must have a mahooooosive handle to reach all the high ceilings, what is he like?
The gardens were romantic and we all said that we missed the old garden at Castle Greysquirrel because trimming of the occasional bush can be quite therapeutic and relaxing in a topiary sort of way.
….. sadly, back at The Towers we have “a man that does” to trim all our bushes now, usually every other week, it’s just not the same as trimming your own.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Through Bertie We Discover The Beauty In The Drainpipes Of Wells

We are having the most wonderful time in Wells having Young Master Bertie all to ourselves and he is proving to be very much his Uncle Nigel’s nephew in his diverse interests and insatiable curiosity.
The Bishops Moat is stunningly beautiful, however said beauty wasn’t what captured Young Master Bertie’s imagination as much as …….
…… it’s many awe inspiring drainpipes!
We have given the young master Andy’s (Grandy-Andy in heaven) old camera having kept it for such a special occasion …….
……. and it has to be said that he has taken to this new exciting tool/toy like to a duck to water.
……… so logically …… is it the historic vistas and beautiful Somerset views that have taken the young master’s interest and been captured for posterity?
IMG_20181006_175138 Erm ……. no …… it’s the drainpipes, be they plastic or metal! Whenever we are out and about, they are what young Bertie points out to us to oooooo and ahhhhh at, he even taps and inspects them sagely just like Grandy-Andy was apt to do.  What is he like?
Still David Bailey had to start somewhere ……….
……. and he certainly didn’t do a bad job in snapping Nigel from what he says is his best angle!
Happy, happy days!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Circus Is In Town

Sorry re-posted post as there was a bit of a mix up with our scheduler!

One circus or another always seems to be coming to Evesham, I suppose it’s because we have The Crown Meadow down by the river which is just perfect for hosting a larger than average tent, accompanying caravans and ensuing crowds.…
Circus is in Town
……….. however it has to be said that we all remain very much strangers to the Big Top and it’s sawdust ring ……….
Evesham Chipperfield Circus
…… because clowns really do give us the most mahooooooosive and robust ebbie jebbies.
Chipperfield CircusDarrell is the hardest affected by the phenomenon, rushing for the nearest paper bag to breathe into before he hyperventilates, while Nigel and I simply just squirm and bury our faces into the nearest cushion/person/bosom.  I think this is why we are also pretty much strangers to a McDonalds, as even Ronald McDonald has the ability to bring us out in hives, not even the temptation of a Happy Meal with free gift could persuade even Nigel to cross their portal.
Chipperfield Circus.
Psychologically we think our phobia is probably down to the fact that we like to a facial expressions to access whether a person looks friendly and has good intentions but with all that clown makeup  who can tell, we get confused and instantly feel uneasy.  We are also very peaceable creatures and don’t really “do” loud or exaggerated, over the top actions, to be honest we are totally scuppered in all clown type situations.
Chipperfield Circus..
So I am afraid the pleasures of the flying trapeze, tight rope and the stilt must remain forever a mystery to us…….. unless we can get hypnotised out of it.  What are we like?

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Psychic Daz………

OMG …… well, what can we say, except  that you heard it here first …..  Meghan IS indeed pregnant just as Darrell mused as we were watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. He absolutely knew that her coat said it all, only a woman “with child” would button her coat in such a fashion he announced.
I think the blessed ever a Derek Acorah, our beloved paranormal luminary may have a contender for his spooky talents.
I am just a little concerned that Darrell may be in danger of gazing into and polishing his erm, crystal ball a little too often since the news broke.  What is he like and more importantly, what will he predict next?

Monday, 15 October 2018

A Short Autumnal Break In Somerset With Young Master Bertie ……..

Now, as you know, we all very much appreciate a Greek Orthodox Church, for Darrell it’s all about the roundness of the ceilings, the paintings, the chandeliers type lights and the ornate candle stands ….. as well as the intimacy of the smaller churches we like to visit ………..
……. so visiting Wells Cathedral was a very different kettle of fish, but nevertheless it has to be said that it fair blew Nigel’s socks off.
Young Master Bertie was much enamoured too, declaring it to be Elsa’s castle with lovely drainpipes (but more of that subject in another post) …… and who were we to contradict the little chap as it did indeed have a Bishop’s throne, though it’s portals were not riven with the romantic snowflakes and icicles of said Ice Queen.
   It was all was one of those awe and wonder experiences for all of us  ……
……. with Nigel developing a crick in his neck from gazing heavenwards in reverence.
If he could sing ….. and lived in Wells, he declared that he would undoubtedly feel compelled to audition for a choirboy, all those ruffs and cassocks were just too impossibly romantic ……but perhaps not quite as romantic, as Darrell pointed out,  with Nigel’s deep, pulsating and occasionally squeaky bass tones resonating from them!  What are they both like?