Saturday, 26 May 2018

Nigel Does Ragdale Hall

Hugh phoned to say that he’d booked himself in for a day at Ragdale Hall Spa in order to recoup after “The Wedding”,  but, when Saturday was all over with, he  quickly realised that a day in a health spa just wouldn’t be enough and instead was now bound for a weeks Buddhist retreat in deepest, darkest Suffolk ……….
…… but would Nigel like to take his place as he knew Darrell was off scrapbooking somewhere or another.
Let’s just say Nigel didn’t need to be asked twice, he was well up for a day of pampering and fine dining ……..
……. and free beauty products so his speedos were very swiftly packed and he was away.
On arrival, and after a little form filling, Nigel was lead to the treatment area where he found that Hugh had booked himself  in for almost every treatment on the board.
IMG_8031Well, what’s a poor boy to do, he stripped down to his pants and was on the treatment couch, under a warm towel faster than you could say paraffin wax! 
……. And after several hours of deep cleansing (inside and out), exfoliation(only on the outside), peeling, toning, moisturising, rubbing, pummelling and massaging, accompanied either by the lilt of a pan pipe or sounds from the Ecuadorian Rain Forrest, he was helped to the Quiet Lounge,  where he was advised to drink plenty of water and not to do anything strenuous for at least the next hour. Never before has Nigel felt so soft and fragranced ……. in all his areas!!
More tomorrow ………

Friday, 25 May 2018

Heaven Help Me ……

Darrell told Nigel about the garden/yard he had spotted the other day and within minutes the two off them were off to try to get a better look.  What on earth are they like?
Well, what can I say except for the inevitable …….. Nigel was totally enchanted and at times like these I am sooooooooooooooo very grateful that the rules of The Towers are so uncompromising about our communal garden.
I am still having some trouble with “the creatures”, I find the sheep to be not a little scary and the amalgamated calf come reindeer equally so. As for what I originally thought was a diving whale’s tail, well that now seems to be a large chicken with the wings and talons of an eagle, it’s poor terrified face as it appears to come in to land, for me, is the stuff of nightmares.
Needless to say, Nigel is now totally enchanted, hence my relief at our not having a garden of our own.  This “tableau”, I fear, will now be a regular stopping off point for the little fella, who says he has “a feeling in his water” that this display could possibly change with the season or the occasion, heaven help me!  I hold Darrell firmly to account for this.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Too Much Time On His Hands To Think!????

Running here, there and everywhere during the week for the nursery run, does occasionally get a bit boring, so Darrell tries to make an extra effort in taking notice of every little thing along the way, which also sometimes gets him pondering ……….. and that’s never a good thing!
For example ……. the missing “T” on The Bear Pub.
……. which now, he says, makes it The He Bear?
Like I said, someone has too much time on his hands to think too much!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Now …… That’s What We Call Garden Ornaments!

Darrell spotted something yesterday that he can’t believe he has never spotted before ……..
……… a garden/yard with garden ornaments that absolutely blew his mind ……. but he needs to go back again, preferably with Nigel in tow, to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him, and without making it obvious that that they are having a really good nosey!!
He thinks there is a life size sheep and a cow with reindeer horns (???)  …… and, perhaps even a diving whale’s tail (?), but he can’t be sure.
Like I say, he says he needs a longer surreptitious look without drawing attention to himself, what is he like?  I will keep you informed!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Weird Phenomenon

Nigel spotted something very, very weird when he got to Tom and The Lovely Laura’s estate yesterday morning.
At first he thought that there must have been some sort of rampant spider activity during the night, a natural phenomena, with millions of webs being spun by spiders in response to the forces of the tidal moon??????
But on closer inspection the web like substance appeared to be wool.
It was in all the gardens along one row of houses and in some on the other side of the road as well.  Nigel thought that he had either stumbled upon a weird phenomenon ………
…… or that there been some sort of shared neighbourhood sheep shearing experience and some of the remnants used as an eco mulch. 
Darrell reckons the answer is less far fetched, he suggests that someone had put their old duvet  out by the bin for collection, but it had been discovered by a family of foxes (or badgers) during the night and nocturnal mayhem had simply ensued!! A case of too many over active imaginations I fear, but I have to admit I am nevertheless a little fluff curious myself.

Monday, 21 May 2018

How Brilliant Is That ………

Just look what Nigel spotted ……. Doggy Day at the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Shop!
Now, sadly we are not permitted to have a dog chez The Towers because of the stringent leasehold rules …….
…… but, we are seriously considering borrowing Hetty, one of Hugh’s beloved basset hounds for the day, if we need a dog in order to get said discount.
Darrell rather fancies getting a Harris Tweed deer stalker hat as he has heard on the fashion grapevine that they are a bit of a slow burner at the moment, BUT they are going to be the next big en trend trend in the coming months
And Nigel reckons that if we did take Hetty along to claim our discount we would probably get even more than the advertised 20% due to all the attention she would attract, with everyone wanting to say hello to her due to her being totally irresistible and incredibly cute! What are we like, if not enterprising!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

It Was …….. Emotional.

What can we say ……….
IMG_8054 …….. Harry and Meghan’s wedding was just sooooooo beautiful, magical ……
……… and sooooooooooooo emotional, believe me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
Before the event we said that we had intended to sip from our Tesco Meghan and Harry “loving cup” throughout the proceedings,
……… however we found ourselves sharing a box of tissues instead, as tears flowed down cheeks and noses needed to be blown ……
and when they were all used up, well, Darrell’s shoulder was there to erm …… lean on.
In the lounge of The Towers, we were all lost in our own world. You can’t beat a true love story, and this one had it all, a soldier Prince, a beautiful actress bride, a demure frock, lots of big hats, uniforms, horses, haunting music, The Queen and Elton John ……  just the thought of it all is starting me off again.
Yes, the Asti Spumante was popped, but we sipped daintily, instead of swigged as befitted the occasion ………
It’s going to be a very long time before we see another such Royal Wedding again, and it probably won’t be of our generation ……..
……. so it had to be savoured, not seen or remembered through a haze …….. congratulations Meghan and Harry …… you did us all proud and made these three monkeys, very emotional.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime …..

We were all up, showered, wedding breakfasted and sat ready on the sofa by 8.30 this morning, there is no way we want to be found wanting in any department of a Royal Wedding audience type nature.
Rest assured we will be waving our Meghan and Harry flags proudly aloft at all the appropriate moments and we’ve also decided that to get into the wedding spirit and “vibe”, every time the commentators mention the names Meghan, Harry or The Queen, we are all going to take a celebratory swig of Asti Spumante from our Tesco Royal Wedding “Loving” Cup, thus promising a continual toasting of the Bride and Groom until we have seen the final balcony kiss (if there is a balcony at Windsor).  It’s going to be a goooooooooooooood day!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Well, ................ We’re Ready

We’ve got the flags, we’ve got the badges, we’ve got the mug and enough Monster Munch to host our own upmarket wedding reception.
Darrell nipped up to Tesco this morning to do our last minute pre-nup shopping.
Though generous to a fault, Darrell decided to only get one mug to pass between us during the proceedings, because, to be honest, much as we are all very caught up in the excitement of the occasion ……..
…….. on Sunday morning, when it’s all over, would we really look at our commemorative £4 Tesco wedding mugs in quite the same dewy eyed and wistful way when we have our mid morning elevenses? I doubt it somehow, one mug is more than enough.  What are we like, if not just a touch fickle?

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A Suitable Ensemble For A Royal Wedding?

Darrell has bought himself a new pair of zebra print “jeggings”, in honour, he says of the Royal Wedding. I have to admit that I am  a little dubious. No doubt animal print is a timeless fashion stable staple, but for me it lacks a certain solemnity such an occasion requires, but Darrell insists that Harry and Meghan are a very modern couple, according to Hugh, (the doyen of everything of a regal type nature at the moment)  and would approve wholeheartedly of such individuality ………
If Harry was not bound by tradition and royal protocol he would probably be only too willing to ditch the obligatory state uniform in favour of said zebra jeggings and who’s to say that under Meghan’s much anticipated nuptial frock she isn’t wearing a pair of wild Doc Martens with quirky tights.
I am happy to say that Nigel is going for a much more formal ensemble, dusting off the top hat and tails he wore at The Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace a few years ago.   I am yet to decide what I will wear, but I think it needs to be somewhere between these two extremes.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

All Bodes Well For The Royal Wedding …….

After the excitement of Eurovision last night we really needed something to buoy up our spirits, knowing that it will be another year before our annual televisual highlight comes round again ….. so  the arrival of Darrell’s latest prescription subscription craft beers was just the fortuitous boost we needed ……..
…… especially with the Royal Wedding all but six days away.
There was the latest copy of Ferment to keep Darrell otherwise occupied and a packet of Emily Veg Crisps to get me started on thinking about preparations for our own wedding, half time, smorgasbord.
We will naturally be toasting the happy couple with a bottle of  Tesco Asti Spumante ……….. and then later Darrell will hopefully be making one of his celebratory cocktails ……..
……. but, I think we now have fair selection of choice ales to the take us later into the evening, should we wish to “continue” celebrating the getting of a new Duchess some more!