Monday, 18 February 2019

Strange Happenings Over The River

A couple of days ago there appeared to be something going afoot across “the pond”………

Darrell had noticed the appearance of what he had called “barrage balloons” over at the marina, although I am not quite so sure that’s really the correct technological term for such objects.
There has also been quite a bit of small boat activity with gentlemen in important looking hi-viz jackets whizzing up and down the river, however yesterday, while we were on our school run  duties said objects disappeared almost as mysteriously as they had appeared.
I have told Darrell that rather than continually ponder and muse as to their “fate/destiny” perhaps, when he has five minutes, he should have a little meander down under the bridge and see if he can see anything of interest or import ….. let’s just say he’ll be on the case ….. as soon as he can find his wellies!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Another Possible Meaning ……….

As per usual the seasonal Valentine window displays to be seen in and around Evesham have been of very great interest to Nigel ……….

Nigel was particularly taken by the romantically dressed swings in the window of the florists up the road  …….
…….. however, to be honest, Darrell and I are not too sure exactly what their well intentioned sentiment it is trying to convey. Although we wouldn’t dream of bursting Nigel’s whimsical, starry eyed bubble, there could possibly be a very different meaning for those inclined to, how shall shall we say …… a more open and freer type of relationship! I shall say no more!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Spread The Love

Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day …….
…… and what better way to celebrate such a romantic day Chez Le Towers other than with the love of our lives ……….
…… a special edition jar of Valentine marmite, secured by Darrell from the 24 hour Tesco up the road, life just doesn’t get any better than this!!!   What are we like?

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Our En-Suite Saga Saga …… Still ……Continues.

Sorry there’s still more to come ……. but it really feels as if all our organising is all coming together …….

……… thanks to the very impressive skills of Mr Paul the Tiler, Darrell’s much considered plain white, matt tiles are finally in place ………

…… and tomorrow we are promised grout, let’s just say Darrell has found it all to be quite emotional.

Nigel as per usual has been more focused on Mr Paul’s very comprehensive array of tools and equipment, the safekeeping of which we have been entrusted overnight …… we are so proud.
In the meantime, I have warned Nigel, under no circumstance is he to as much as breath anywhere near the spacers, which I fear could lead to a tile coming out kilter, resulting in an awful tsunami  of tiles down the wall. I could not be accountable for my actions …… we have come too far for a mishap of any nature.

Nigel has taken my words to heart and has now offered to stand guard over Mr Paul’s work until his return,  after all, we could be within a few short days of being able to have a “proper” shower again ….. and that would be bliss!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Our En-Suite Saga Saga Continues

Our en-suite saga saga continues ….. but yesterday we had the Lovely Mr Richard come over to lay the foundation stones (????) to the walls of what was once our lovely shower cubicle to replace the old ones that were sadly found to have turned to mush!

Mr Tom also returned to re-set our shower tray.  The sense of finally “getting somewhere” seemed to waft very tangibly and palpably throughout The Towers at this stage.
But then I had a bit of a wobble of confidence when I found what I thought looked like some sort of important pipe looking fittings left on the shelf ….. which I though might go under the tray ……
I will admit to lying on the floor for several minutes to double check on things  …….. not that I really knew what I was actually looking for ………
…….. I know I just need to leave it all to the professionals to do their job and chill, but it’s hard …….

Monday, 11 February 2019

Giant Baguettes Akimbo

Lu said she’d treat Nigel to a slap up roast pork baguette, with all the trimmings, to line his stomach ready for his journey back to Evesham.  They’d been to Roasters together before, about two years ago and had oft mused romantically about the prospect of paying a return visit.

Let’s just say said return visit it DID NOT disappoint, it was just as wonderful second time around as it was the first, but this time Nigel opted for a soft baguette remembering how undignified it can get when trying to work your teeth through a crusty one. Trying to get  good purchase with his “gnashers” when taking a good bite, had lead to some unseemly content spillage down his front last time, and in the company of a lady, to wit La Lu, was just plain embarrassing.

Needless to say, this sorted much nomming ensued …… a most ample roast pork baguette consumed
with relish with all the trimmings:- stuffing, crackling and just a smidgeon of gravy …… it don't get any better than that! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A Light Dusting Of Snow

This morning Darrell and I woke up to snow!
Sadly, it wasn’t enough to cause us come over totally Bing Crosby ……..

………… nostalgic or even whimsically romantic. I may have heard Darrell hum a little Frozen, Let It Snow, but his efforts were half hearted to say the least. It was just a light dusting, which disappeared almost immediately once the sun started to come out.
Even so Nigel (currently back in the Homeland with Lu) will be gutted to know he’s missed it, not that he could have done much with it ……. this was not the stuff of snowmen and rushing to find a carrot and old scarf.
…….. but you never know, perhaps Wolverhampton got some too and he’s a happy bunny there instead.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Nigel Explores The Pleasures Of Wolverhampton Market

Lu asked Nigel if he’d mind  fetching some fruit and some salad stuff, while she was out at work, for her lunch box and their teas, but rather than just nip across to Morrisons Nigel decided to hop on a bus, something I know he pines for, to see what the new market had to offer as it wasn’t open the last time he visited the Homeland.

He says it came as quite a surprise as it did not disappoint.  First he came over all nostalgic when he saw the bread stall …… “Bostin’” and “Wench” are words that are strangers to Evesham, but to Nigel they sang comfort and belonging. What is he like? And, although she hadn’t asked him to get one, Nigel couldn’t help but make a considered purchase of a large Pineapple Cream Tart ….. pastry, with a gooey, sweet pineapple filling on the bottom,  followed by a layer of a sweet cream type confection, and then yellow icing sprinkled with hundred and thousands (sorry no pictures) …… a true and honest Food of the Gods, a real Midlands delicacy with which the foresaid Evesham has nothing to compare!

Then, he remembered the fruit and salad stuff on his list, bought by the £1 bowl full, how how romantic is that?

The watermelons however were not by the bowlful, that would have been silly, but for another £1 each, well, it would have been rude not too take one back for Lu.

Nigel had to admit, although he is not a great fan of chicken hearts gizzards and livers, Evesham’s tiny little market paled into significance when compared to Wolverhampton’s much more eclectic fayre.

Who wouldn’t want to snap up nine Snappers for £10 or a bag or two of Tilapia, if you knew what to do with them! 
It was almost too exciting, especially the free sample of falafel and dip he was offered and accepted from the newly opened vegan snack bar, but aside from his pineapple cream tart Nigel thought he had best stick to what Lu had actually asked for rather than sail close to the wind into uncharacteristic uncharted waters!  But happy days none the less!

Monday, 4 February 2019

Nigel Back In The Homeland.

Nigel is spending a couple of days with Lu, not for any particular reason, however due to the ongoing “en-suite saga saga” at The Towers  having one less person to keep from under the feet of all the gentlemen who are helping us, I have to admit is a relief.

And it seems from all his WhatsApping Nigel is having quite an education back in the Homeland, while waiting behind St Peter’s church for Lu to pick him up he learned that St Peter’s gardens were the oldest place in the city, Anglo Saxon times, he informed Darrell and I, was really, really old ……..

…… which, made him, he said,  drink in Wolverhampton’s rarefied air and scenery with a renewed eye, mind …… and lungs!

Nigel also had an encounter that he’d never ever had before ……. also behind St Peter’s. A gentlemen of questionable repute and hurried, dodgy demeanor approached Nigel asking if he wanted to buy “some Body Shop stuff”, holding out two large pots of something in his hands.  Nigel  though tempted, thinking Darrell might appreciate such a “gift”,  quickly thought better of it, realising that such items were probably acquired due to some nefarious activity and he’d be better keep his nose clean.  He’d heard something about being “a mule” somewhere and didn’t want to bring shame upon The Towers, so he politely declined said gentleman’s offer and walked away, whistling, as nonchalantly as he could.

However, it gave him an interesting  talking point in the car with Lu  as they drove back to her “gaff” 

Let’s just say, Lu is being a very lovely and attentive hostess and Nigel’s reticence in going over to the “dark side” is being  amply rewarded.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A Designer Bouche?

Yesterday Nigel had an appointment for a check up at the dentist.  He came back in buoyant mood saying that the dentist was full of praise for his unscrupulous dental grooming and she really looked forward to seeing him again in six months time.

While pleased that his mouth had once again passed muster, Nigel does not have a single filling,  I know he has always had a long felt want for a brace “ ….like what the posh people do”

However, I have to thank goodness that this will probably never be the case, because if he did, we would undoubtedly have to cancel our Greek Odysseys and Christmas for at least the next six years!

So for now Nigel will have to remain a stranger to the brace, unless it’s secured in a display case

The little fella also couldn’t help noticing, what he called the "designer" toothpaste and toothbrushes, thinking one might be a nice present for Darrell, a little something to match the ambiance of our new en-suite perhaps?

However, when Nigel noticed the price it was all little too expensive for his pocket and anyway the range of flavours, well, they just confused him ………. Apple and Aloe for the Explorer, Gin Tonic and Persimmon for the Challenger and Liquorice and Blackberry for the Daydreamer.  As far as Nigel was concerned toothpaste was toothpaste, no matter how glamorous the tube and coordinating toothbrush,  so for now Darrell would have to make do with good old Colgate.

…….. and the free samples from the bowl by the reception desk, as I had already asked Nigel to bring a couple home to put away for our weekends away and holidays.  What am I like?

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Our En-Suite Saga Saga Continues

Well, what did I say about a strong cup of tea and a couple of dunked Hob Nobs?  We have now found a most excellent plumber by the name of Mr Tom and a specialist of a fitting HardieBacker in the form of Mr Richard. The mood at The Towers is now much more buoyant.

Mr Tom has now removed the offending broken shower, and a Darrell and Nigel we dispatched to purchased a new one from the plumbers merchants down the road with a certain amount of renewed and fortified masculine swagger on Darrell’s part.
The wonky shower tray is out and pipework capped, if that’s the correct technical term.
……..And Nigel is relishing all the bits of manly debris that seems to be occupying several corners of The Towers which I have warned him not to touch just in case they are of any import unbeknownst to us

The aforesaid wonky shower tray is currently resting on Darrell and Nigel’s very floral bed at the moment ……………. which means there will have to be a little bunking up in my room for a little while

……. there may be a few arguments about who goes where, but for now I think we are all just happy that things are progressing in the right direction and that no more sobbing is heard coming from the other bathroom!

Monday, 28 January 2019

An En Suite Saga Saga

Oh my goodness, I fear The Towers is in the midst of what could quite an ongoing en suite sage. Please bear with us (but keep your clothes on if possible) as we go through every grisly stage over the next few days, weeks …… perhaps even months!!!!   Poor Darrell is feeling a very guilty for focusing on all the excitement of the frou frou last week, never considering what else could possibly be lurking behind our broken shower
First things first, we managed to find a tilerman of good repute to advise us re: the tiling……  but what he revealed, as he started to strip the tiles for his preparation made our hearts sink like leaden lead balloons, especially as we are very much strangers to the world of manly constructional pursuits. Our tile problems, it seems, were due to an ill fitting shower tray that had certain bounce to it, which in turn caused the grout to crack and water to seep behind …………..
This seepage has gradually turned the boards behind to mush (a slight exaggeration, but you know what we mean) and to add insult to injury, the boards really weren’t the best quality boards to use.
Now, not only do we still have to find a plumber to fit our new shower, we also need to get the shower tray re-set and stable ……. and then someone to remove all the boards and put up something more substantial …… that’s quite a bit to sort out!
With these unconsidered developments I could see that Darrell was trying very hard to maintain a stiff upper lip and keep it together,  but after Mr Tilerman left I am sure I heard several broken hearted sobs coming from the other bathroom.  What is he like?……. A strong cup of tea and a couple of hob nobs we’ll soon sort it out!

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Darrell’s Designer Dreams.

Goodness knows what else Darrell got up to when he went over to Topps Tiles, but this morning there was a parcel from Karndean flooring addressed to him which was opened with a great flurry of excitement.
Said parcel contained a single floor tile with which Darrell seemed extremely pleased with, judging from the way he was lovingly stroking it!
I have to say it was very Dame Kelly, if not more so, veering, it appeared, from my untutored eye, from distinct Kelly beige to a frighteningly flamboyant ivory.
The tile was placed in goodness knows how many positions in both the bathroom and en-suite accompanied by much artistic ummming and ahhing.
It was only when I interrupted him and asked exactly how we were going to pay for any grand scheme he may have running through his mind, because we certainly don’t have the kind of funds that Dame Kelly’s celebrity clients attract………
……. with that I may have punctured his inner interior designer bubble just a smidge, and the tile was quickly put away under his bed.  I admit I did feel a little bit mean!