Sunday, 16 December 2018

It’s Really, Really, Really, Feels Like Christmas Now

Yesterday afternoon proved to be emotional, very, very emotional …….. so emotional I can hardly describe and just thinking about it again I’m filling up.
To wit, we had tickets for our beloved Iris’s Christmas Nativity Play “Hey Ewe” in which Iris was playing Mary.  We’d helped her with her lines every day on the way back from school, she’d sung us little snippets from some of the songs she would be singing and she had described the tea towel she would be wearing on her head with unbridled joy.
IMG_9987And now, finally, the day for the first “official” performance had come, and we were to be found on the second row. We were so proud. Iris gave us a little wave and a shy smile when she saw us and with that Darrell was gone!
And when Iris spoke her first line “Are we nearly there yet?” I could feel Darrell building up to a full blown sob, so I quickly jabbed him in the ribs and gave him a look that said “Don’t you dare” to which he cleared his throat and held himself together until it was all over and we were no longer within earshot of the school and then he let it all go and had a good blart.  What is he like?
When he’d then composed himself he sighed and said that he though Iris had given a measured performance, her tiredness in having to walk all the way to Bethlehem was convincing and her pride in everyone coming to see her new baby tender and heart melting.  Nigel, in turn, said he liked the sharks best and had hoped it was alright when he had joined in enthusiastically, as Baby Shark is his most favourite song at the moment.
Obviously we have ordered a copy of the DVD for play over and over again and will download a few choice photos from the school website, although I have to say, the pictures will be in our heads forever. It was a lovely afternoon, and finally, it really does feel like Christmas.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Well, Here We Are Again

It only seems like yesterday when we were last gathered round to write our festive cards …….
Writing Christmas Cards 1
……. yet, here we are yet again.  A little older, a little wiser, and Nigel’s writing not that much improved.
writing Christmas Cards
It’s an evening of not a little emotion as we all think of our much loved family and friends and what they mean to us. We try to tell them throughout the year but Christmas is that special time when “ ….it pores out of all our orifices” as Nigel so succinctly put it.  I am not too sure about his choice of words, it sound a little unsavoury, but I do know exactly what he means. 
Christmas Cards 2018
It’s an evening we all cherish, but it does leave us a tad exhausted as the last enveloped is licked and stamp applied, goodness only knows how our beloved Queen must feel after writing all her cards to the Commonwealth and beyond, let along her own rather large family. However it’s  does give us the perfect excuse to go to bed on one of Darrell’s pungent potent festive cocktails as a night cap …… as Annie Lennox is oft heard to warble “Sweet dreams are made of these!”

Friday, 14 December 2018

Following Festive Traditions and Superstitions

We very much look forward to the local free magazines popping through our letterbox, and as such the festive edition of The Grapevine has proved to be a most riveting read. There was an article on healthy hair, always a subject  of special interest  to Darrell, one on caring for your poinsettia for me and for Nigel, one about wasps nests, particularly as he found one towards the end of the summer which was rapidly cordoned off by pest control once the alarm was raised.
But the most interesting article for all of us was on Christmas Traditions and Superstitions, heaven forbid that any of one of us does something in all innocence that could then have a diverse affect on the festive season and/or coming New Year.
According to the writer putting candles in a tree to ward off evil spirits is always a good idea. This is second nature to us as we always hang a lantern up on Christmas Eve to remember our loved one who can no longer share Christmas with us, so we can tick that box without even thinking.
However, on Christmas Eve, we must also be aware that we shouldn’t spin or sew, grind grain or leave any dishes unwashed, including, I suspect, the glasses used for  one of Darrell’s promised potent Yuletide cocktails. 
We also very much hold to a rigid 5 a day regime, so eating an apple at midnight,  with the promise of keeping us in rude health all the year round holds no problems ……. alarms may have to be set to do this as we are usually fast asleep by then, however it will have to be a hurried eat as we also don’t want to risk Santa seeing/hearing us on the most magical night of the year.
However, we do have a problem with the first one to venture downstairs on Christmas morning having to take a broom to sweep away trouble from the front to the back door, as we don’t actually have any stairs, a broom or a back door, so we might have to give that one a miss and be prepared for any consequences!
Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day is not recommended, as is giving them as a present …… unless you want to see that person walk out of your life ….. and it’s best to finish the day with a bath to ward off toothaches and fevers in the coming year.
It also sounds a tiny bit complicated but Darrell has promised to come up with a spreadsheet to help prevent us from falling foul of any festive faux pas that could come back and bite us on the bum ….. bless him.   Happy Days!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Oh Nigel–What Are You Like?

Oh Nigel ………you’ve got to love him ……..
snack stop Christmas dinner flavour
……. but yesterday I had to sit him down to explain that ……….
……. a Christmas Dinner flavour Snack Stop ………
Walkers Pigs in Blankets
….. a packet of Walkers Pigs in Blankets crisps ……
Chocolate sprouts
…… and a net of chocolate sprouts did not a balanced and nutritious mid week, Yuletide festive lunch make!
What is he like?

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Nigel Is In Want Of A Dum Dum

When Nigel collected Young Master Bertie from nursery yesterday he was given a letter of great import and interest, more so for Nigel, I think, rather than Bertie.
It appears that The Dummy Elves will be visiting nursery to collect well sucked dummies that are now ready to be given up by their owners ………
……. in exchange for a small gift and certificate. Now, there is nothing Nigel loves more than an important certificate to put towards his CV, just in case he ever needs to seek gainful employment again.
I felt that I should perhaps point out to Nigel, that, to the best of my knowledge, he has never availed himself of a dummy (though I cannot vouch for the short time in his life before he came to us)  and therefore did not actually have one to give up …….
I really should have known better …….  reasoning that as Bertie had more than one dum dum to give up it made sense to share things out a bit  ……. and if there was any doubt that this was a genuine offering Nigel was now practising with his share of the deal in order to look suitably convincing and distraught  when The Elves arrived.  What is he like? Sometimes I despair!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Nigel Finally Bags His Mistletoe

I dare not actually ask him how he got it, but Nigel has finally bagged a little of the mistletoe he has had his eye on for weeks to deck our halls.
I have a feeling that it may have involved the beseeching of a kind and willing passer-by to reach some down ….. in the sprit of Christmas goodwill to all men and Nigel  …… I dread to think …….
…… but the little fella returned home brandishing its green branches in triumphant mood………
……. jokingly demanding his yuletide kiss!  Needless to say I declined………… robustly
However, Nigel’s thought and efforts were much appreciated, and it the mistletoe much admired ……..
……. with Darrell, our self appointed “Directeur du décor de Noël” promising Nigel that said festive parasite will be artfully woven within the seasonal ornamentation he is currently in the midst of …. heaven help me!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Finally, At Last ……..

It’s finally happened, after years of pining for his beloved Motor World Christmas Nativity window Nigel has finally found a window in Evesham that has once more captured all the awe and wonder he has soooooooo missed.
Gummy Gumdrops, our confectionary emporium of choice, has come up trumps, in spades!
Mr Gumdrops had told us a while back that plans for something very special were a foot, but nothing could have prepared us, especially Nigel for the spectacle that was finally unveiled.
Before us was a complete animated and illuminated Christmas village,  complete with Santa flying in his sleigh, a Ferris Wheel, merry go round, skating rink, shops and houses, and train line complete with tunnel, it has absolutely everything and is truly magical.
Nigel on first seeing it was in turn both mesmerised and very, very tearful …….. it a moment charged with emotion.  Christmas had finally come “home” for the little fella.
It is a place for Nigel to loose himself for hours on end, and the fact that it is in a sweet shop window is just an added pleasure. It has to be said that the car spares, spray paint, roof racks, anti freeze and tree shaped air fresheners of Motor World never had much thrall for Nigel. Mr Gumdrops has done good, very good!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Iris’s Toy Nativity

Following on from yesterday, it has to be said that Iris and Nigel are really immersing themselves into Iris’s role as Mary in the school nativity ………
Toy Nativity
…… especially Iris’s recreation of the staging and character positions in her bedroom using her soft toys.
Toy Nativity 2
Mrs Bunny and Jesse make up two of the three wise men, knitted teddy in Superman costume a most excellent Joseph and Belle a very attentive Mary/mother to Emma Rabbit as Jesus, wrapped in Iris’s gingham school hair scrunchie and lying on a scourer sponge for a mattress as she didn’t have any real hay.
Toy Nativity 1
I believe Beastie is the “found wanting” Hotel Manager, as Iris told me that there wasn’t a room in the hotel so they had to use a barn instead which they had to fill with hay.
Toy Nativity 3
I have to say hearing Iris’s own innocent telling of the story brings a tear to my eye. I think my favourite bit of re-construction was one of Iris’s new slippers becoming a stand in for the donkeys cart. It really is the stuff that Christmas memories are truly made of ……. sniff

Saturday, 8 December 2018

We Are So Proud …..

We are sooooooooo unbelievably proud, Iris has been chosen to be Mary in the school nativity. When we heard the news, let’s just say it was very emotionally charged and manly tissues were required to dab manly eyes.
Nativity 2
Now, although Darrell has the greatest thespian leanings of all of us, he has differed to Nigel to help coach Iris with her motive and the learning of her lines as he really has to concentrate on The Towers festive decor and menus……..
Nativity 1
……. saying that Nigel’s own unique perception and interpretation of the role could bring something very special out  in Iris’s portrayal of Mary”.  What on earth is he like?
nativity 3
Needless to say Nigel is taking his role extremely seriously. He is word perfect himself, as is Iris, “ ……. its the subtle intonation and understated actions” he says they are currently working on!
Nativity 4
Oh dear, I just hope that after all this Iris doesn’t produce a diva-esque “rider” before her performance ……. demanding a basket of cute puppies to pet, crystal bowls filled with pink Smarties and white rose petals to be scattered on the already ironed carpets in her dressing room.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Our Verdict On A New Festive Delicacy

As you know we all like to adhere to a stringent 5 day regime and as so are always up to try something a little bit different as regards to our fruit and veg intake……….
walkers sprout crisps
So you can imagine the palpable and tangible excitement that thronged The Towers when Darrell came home jubilantly holding aloft a festive variety bag of crisps ……. including a sprout flavour.
We would have been very remiss if we hadn’t sampled them there and then. He who dares wins!  Hmmmmmm, to be honest what immediately assailed our nostrils as we opened an individual bag was the overwhelming and authentic, aromatic whiff of sprouts, let’s just say they were erm ….. pungent!
They were also a paler shade of green ………
……. and yes, they did taste unmistakably of sprouts, but what was alarming was the sprout aftertaste that lingered for far longer than any of us would have preferred it too.
As to a sprouts renowned flatulence generating properties, well, a gentleman never tells …… let’s just say that what goes on off in The Towers stays in The Towers, and thank goodness for Glade!
Our verdict on said crisps, an undoubtedly acquired taste, not for the faint hearted. I seriously doubt that Darrell will making another considered purchase.