Monday, 5 December 2016

Nigel’s Monday Mornings

On Monday mornings Nigel usually goes with Iris and Bertie to the library for “Music, Rhythm and Rhyme”, always meeting first at The Brew Bear for a cup of tea and a slice lemon drizzle cake.
singing in the libraryI understand there is much full bodied and robust singing (especially from Nigel) and that he is getting quite adept at ringing his bells, shaking his maracas, and banging on the drum, but sometimes, he gets a little too enthusiastic and has to be reminded that it’s the children who should really chose the songs and sit at the front for story! 
However, the bestest bit of all, for all of them, is the switching on of the bubble machine at the end of the session, where everyone is invited to go over and “pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles”, it’s always a magical library based moment.
IMG_9242Afterwards, if you are not quite ready to go home, you can always stay and do a bit of colouring.  Bertie isn’t quite ready for such activity yet, so generally has a bottle, while Nigel and Iris do said colouring.
IMG_9243After each Music Rhythm and Rhyme session you can get your special card stamped. When your card is full you can choose a dvd free for a week.  Nigel always makes sure his card is stamped. At the moment he is very keen on Peppa Pig, though he strenuously denies that they are anything other than for sharing with Iris when she comes round, but I think he doth protest too much!!!! What is he like?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Question Of Festive Hygiene

It may be the festive season with Darrell is up to his eyeballs in all manner of baubles and delicately draped tinsel, but he has still managed to weave his magic in matters of hygienic type nature.
Christmas toilet tissueIn the bathroom, the obvious comes, this year from M & S. There was a choice of silver stars or polar bears,  Nigel would have preferred the polar bears naturally, but Darrell pointed out that the stars went much better with the festive ambience he was trying to create. 
IMG_9321However, to appease Nigel’s need to have a few things that are “just Christmas and just for fun”  Darrell did let go a little and purchased a Santa hand wash dispenser for said bathroom…….
snowman handwash in the kitchen….. and a snowman one for the kitchen with Nigel in mind,  awwwwwww bless him.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

We’ve Made Our Festive Beds So We Are Jolly Well Going To Lie In Them.

After last year and the introduction of another new tradition, Christmas, just wouldn’t be Christmas now without our festive bedding.
Santa Christmas BeddingIt’s something that in the past we haven’t really dabbled with, but now, with Darrell knowing all things of a festive “trending” nature, it would just be rude for Santa, on Christmas Eve, to find us wanting in the duvet department.
festive beddingBut, after making up our Christmassy beds, Darrell got a bit flouncy with me in an American Tango type way, saying he didn’t think he was ready for the grand reveal, as there were a million and one other little things he needed to do to give our bedrooms that “certain feeling of festive anticipation”.
Christmas Nordic style bedding Well, I am sorry, but I was having none of it, we don’t need a festive prima donna in our midst, so I told him very firmly to “JUST CHILL” and get under the covers with me and Nigel and have five minutes.

Friday, 2 December 2016

A Most Romantic Barge

Please excuse the quality of the photos today, the light was the sort of light what you would write poetry about, mean, moody and a brooding fiery red but not the stuff of illustrative monkey shots.
We live across the river from the marina, where there is always something going on, barges come in and out for repair all the time, but yesterday Darrell and Nigel spotted something just a little bit more exciting ……
Ice Cream Barge.……. a shop barge, a floating emporium that sells ice cream and  slushes and cold drinks!  Just how romantic is that?  They think it is called Elizabeth, perhaps after our own beloved Queen, but the view is a little obscured.
ice cream barge 1One thing is for sure, if it was ever parked on our side of the river we would almost certainly make several considered purchases of a chilled type nature. How romantic would it be to buy your provisions from a floating shop on a river bank, tripping down the steps  your whicker basket resting on your arm?ice Cream barge…….. it makes the Ikea shopping trolley and the mystique of the village Tesco Express of our past pale in comparison .
IMG_9273Before we moved, we never gave much thought to barges, but we are all adding a night or two on one, gazing through misty portholes to our bucket lists, well, it would look rude not to now.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Oh my goodness me, can you believe it’s December, already?  Where has a year gone? It only seems like yesterday that we were donning our gay apparel last year, yet here we are again!
Christmas MugsAt the start of the New Year we resolved that we would to be living in Evesham by Christmas, we did it, with six months to spare. This also gave Darrell plenty of time to plan his nouveau de rigueur festive d├ęcor, which considering that we donated almost all of our festive frippery to our local (as was) charity shop back in Wolverhampton, the boy dun gud!
jewelled Christmas TreeHis Christmas tree has to be his greatest triumph. There was much debate, most quite heated, when it came to said tree, should we go for a classical feel, with a traditional style tree or should we try something completely different.  In the end, Darrell won after producing a detailed series of mood boards and a very persuasive argument, after which, how could we say no?
Jewelled Christmas Tree with Chandalier glass dropsWhite Branch Christmas Tree with jewelled glass chandalier drops
He bought a bare twig tree with incorporated lights, which he then adorned with strings of real glass drops from old chandeliers that he found on eBay or in the local charity shops, and then added a few small turqoiuse, cerise and purple baubles to add a soupcon of colour.
baubled branchesIn the kitchen area he has also fashioned another advant garde display  using foraged branches he had already earmarked on one of our walks into town.
Festive shelves 2Our festive shelves also look pretty good too, Nigel and I are both impressed, but Darrell, ever the perfectionist, says he isn’t quite finished yet ……
festive shelves…….. and that when he goes to Birmingham to see Rod Stewart at the weekend he will be looking for a few more choice items to complete “the look”. What is he like?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Someone Explain To Nigel Please!

There is a rather nice looking beauty salon at the top of Evesham High Street. To be honest, considering Darrell’s very rigorous cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, I am surprised he hasn’t ventured in yet, even if just to pick up a price list of treatments.
ritual milk wrapIt was in fact Nigel who noticed the board outside first. Nigel mused that it all sounded rather lovely in a pleasure and pain type way, being rubbed with coconuts and then enveloped in a milky wrap, perhaps you could even eat it!
aroma spaOr, there was an ocean wrap, Nigel’s fertile imagination went into overdrive,  wondering if it might involve being rubbed down with seashells, a conch perhaps and then wrapped in seaweed, if so, he hoped they really checked it thoroughly for crabs, no one likes an unexpected nip when they are trying to wallow in luxury.
colon therapyHowever, at the bottom, he saw something that he hadn’t heard of, Darrell does go on and on about his cellulite, but Nigel had never heard him ever mention his colon …… and there were no clues on the board as to what this kind of therapy might involve.  Do I tell him?

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Darrell And Nigel, Budding Entrepreneurs?

Just below the kitchen window we have a perfect view of two fishing decks …….
watching the fishermen……. and yesterday I noticed that Darrell and Nigel were having what looked like a very deep and meaningful conversation while watching a couple of fishermen.
Fishing on the Avon 1Fishing on the avon
Now, when those two are in said deep meaningful conversation I know there may be reason to worry.  Then, I heard the words “bacon” and “sausage” and then a little while later “you ask him”.  With that I girded my loins (or lions).
A budding enterpriseIt seems that the pair of them have been planning a little entrepreneurial enterprise by offering bacon and/or sausage butties and a cup of tea, cooked local and fresh!  Nigel was to be the runner and nip down to the river bank  and casually enquire if they, perhaps, fancied said butties  or drink. He would then take their order, scamper back up the bank, back to the flat, where Darrell would be waiting to slam on the frying pan and rustle up a teabag or two!  But before they did, they needed to ask if I had any spare bacon and sausage going, oh and some bread!
IMG_9102What are they like?  Fortuitously, as it happened we didn’t, and none was scheduled on our next Tesco order, but I fear that I cannot assuage this idea without a long and bitter fight!

Monday, 28 November 2016

A Fortuitous Find or Not Quite Sure?

There’s a charity shop up the road, which is a bit of a quandary to Darrell. When things haven’t sold after a week or two, or there is some damage …….
Booty……. the shop puts it outside, to the side of the shop in open boxes.
Never Know what you'll findDarrell can’t help having a look if he see them, but wonders if there is an “honesty box” element to it. Does the shop leave it there rather than just put it directly in the bin, for people to help themselves,  which Darrell has seen happen?
treasure galoreShould Darrell ever find something that takes his fancy he has decided that he should pop inside and make a donation, just walking off just doesn’t seems right.
We are not sure whether Nigel has noticed this phenomenon yet, but  Darrell is going mention it and advise Nigel that if he does mooch, he should certainly pay. Both Darrell and I, knowing Nigel as we do, have both thought that, with Christmas looming, Nigel might, if he hasn’t already, see these boxes as a useful source from which to get our Christmas presents!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Santa Comes To Town!

As you know, it is usually de riguer to only don our gay apparel on 1st December and not a second before, however yesterday we decided that we would break this time honoured tradition, and throw caution to the wind in honour of Santa, who was coming to town to switch the Evesham Christmas lights on……..
gay apparal ….. and to celebrate our first official Christmas as citizens of the town, it look most rude if a couple of us didn’t attend,  so I sent Darrell and Nigel to see what was happening.
looking for SantsThey got there early to get a good spot.
Here Comes Santa ClausAnd before they knew it, there he was, and as soon Nigel saw him he dashed past Darrell and pressed an envelope in Santa’s hand.  It seems that ever since we have moved Nigel has been worrying that Santa might still go to The Castle with our presents and then not know where we had gone, so just in case, Nigel had written him a letter to explain all, what is he like?
Santa's reindeerHe returned to Darrell, much relieved, and then confided that he had been a little surprised that Santa’s reindeer had been a bit whiffy  “I don’t know why,” he mused “but I thought they might smell more of cinnamon or gingerbread or even peppermint …….  but not poo!” and then pondered some more.
over and done with in a flashCandy Floss
However, not being one to dwell for too long, Nigel then dragged Darrell to  see what else was going on, there was Morris Dancing, festive music and a small market in the town square ……..
…….. and in the shopping centre Home Bargains and strange creatures to have your picture taken with.
Evesham High Steet Christmas TreeEvesham's Christmas Tree
Nigel and Darrell stayed in town until the Great Christmas Light Switch On, and enjoyed the fireworks after. They returned home a little chilly but happy, agreeing that although Christmas may have started a little earlier than usual for us (but then again, we are now living on Evesham time), perhaps it all boded well for a very promising Advent and Christmas Season!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Adjusting To Bijoux Apartment Life.

There are a few things that we have had to get used to since downsizing from a castle in Wolverhampton to a bijoux riverside apartment in Evesham, which mainly concern the getting in and out of!flats front doorThe first “barrier” is the main communal portal ……… which leads, to the left to our flat …..
front door without letterbox…… which is without a knocker, bell or a letter box!
Bijoux Flat Intercomflat intercom
If we have a visitor(s) they have to select the correct button from a choice of six at the side of the main door.  If they choose the correct one, it should then buzz the intercom in our hall. One of us then picks up the reciever to ask whether they are “friend or foe”, before pressing the open button allowing  them over the first threshold.
bijoux flat door spyholefront door spy hole
However, should we have any concerns that said visitor may be using a false name or disguised voice in order to gain entry, we also have a spy hole in our front door, so we can give them the once over or see who’s visting next door ……security door chain
When we are all perfectly happy the chain can be taken off …….keys in lock…… and the door unlocked, simples!
Having a front door without a letter box we now have to collect our correspondence from a locker in the communal passage way, this too has taken a little to get used to, but we all agree its a very, very romantic to get our letters, even if they are bills.
communal back doorWe have a shared door into the communal gardens, though we think it’s only us and next door that actually use it.
noticebordAnd we also have a communal noticeboard! So far we haven’t put anything on it, but it can only be a matter of time before we notice a bulb has gone in the main hall or meter cupboard to bring to the caretakers attention.
upstairsThere are two landings above us, but to be honest we don’t really need to go up there, unless, in due course, we find the urge to be neighbourly and pop up to borrow a cup of sugar or the odd drop of milk
view from upstairsThe view is quite, quite lovely, you really can see when any of the fishermen catch anything, or, if you had any binoculars, what they have got  in their lunchbox.
squirrelAnd, as I discovered yesterday, if you go right to the very top you can be almost at one with the squirrels.  For the moment I am keeping this bit of information to myself, if Nigel catches wind of it, he’ll just keep making excuses to go upstairs. I also don’t think I had better let it be known that I already have some nuts put away ready for the fast approaching festive season!