Tuesday, 19 March 2019

That’s It, We’re Sorted

What can I say? Mr Glen returned this morning and worked his tile laying magic, all our shower room woes are now in the dim and distant past and The Towers returned to normality, whatever, to quote Prince Charles, normality is.
The rooms are a bit pongy from the glue at the moment but that will soon go I am sure. When Mr Glen left us and we could have a proper look, let’s just say it was emotional, all we could do was gaze at and stroke the floor lovingly, particularly Darrell.
Mr Glen dun gud, as has Darrell with his most excellent choice of Balin Stone Karndean tile.
Darrell is keen to get the frou frou done now, as, he says, both rooms are screaming for an infusement of strong colour and texture …….. is that even a word?
However, he also added that he couldn’t help but notice that against the freshness of the new flooring the paintwork looked tired and wanting. It looks OK to me, but there again what do I know?  He says there’s no hurry, it can wait until after Easter, especially as we have a busy few weeks ahead…… and as he’s had a bit of a brainwave for his and Nigel’s bedroom he might as well get all the paint, masking tape and turps he’ll need in one go.  I am not asking ……. I’m just so happy I’d agree to almost anything at the moment!

Monday, 18 March 2019

Getting Laid

There has been much tangible and palpable excitement thronging Chez Towers as we have been thoroughly and professionally screed by Mr Glen. 
When I say “we” what I really mean is the floors of the bathroom and en-suite shower room.  After all the anguish of our en-suite saga saga we are “almost” there.
With all that wet cement topping around I didn’t want to risk Nigel then desperately wanting to use the erm ….. facilities (which were both out of bounds for four hours), so as soon as Mr Glen left I whisked both him and Darrell up to town for a leisurely Chai Latte and several slices of lemon drizzle cake and tiffin and kept them hostage there until I was sure that it all had time to set.
Darrell has been like a dog with two bones, two tails or whatever dogs like to have two of, he is almost beside himself to see his tile dream finally come to fruition after all these months.  I can see him champing at the bit to now get both the rooms “frou-ed” up  and a steely determination in his eyes to be the first one to use the special cleaner Mr Glen gave us.  Tomorrow, we will finally get laid ……. of a floor type nature and the Towers will be complete again.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Three Amigos Ride Again

Nigel is back with us after his self imposed Exmouth exile and it goes without saying that one of the first things he wanted to do was partake in the pleasures of our finally completed, renovated shower cubicle.
He said that he was a little nervous when he first got in as he knows how stressful the past few weeks have been for us, confessing that he was really frightened to press the start button just in case he found it had gone wrong again. 
However, Darrell put him at ease, telling him that we’d now registered the shower online and should be amply covered by the guarantee for the next two years at least.
We celebrated Nigel’s joyous return a special spag bol as cooked by Darrell, followed by a mahooooosive pile of pancakes to make up for us all missing out last Tuesday on Pancake Day. Pancake Day without Nigel just isn’t Pancake Day, watching to see how many he can get through before finally admitting he simply can’t manage another morsel is the stuff of dreams.
I also had a small present for the little fella to say I was sorry for being a little terse with him over the hot tub debacle and to tell him that I’d really, really missed him.
It was a charity shop find, a small, ceramic swan (possibly Sylvac) to remind him not only of his beloved Evesham swans ………. but also of The Twitchers who had taken  him under their wing so to speak while he was away …..  It’s soooooooo good to have him back!

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Returning To The Bosom ……

Nigel is coming home ……. returning to the bosom of his family ………
……  and in turn bidding a fond farewell to Exmouth, Manor Hotel and the party of Twitchers.
He says he will miss gazing out to the beautiful sea view from his room …….
…….. especially at night when the myriad of multicoloured lights along the prom made it all look soooooooo very romantic …….
……. but absence has made the heart grow fonder, and though he had a yen for the sea, Nigel admitted that he had soon found himself pining for the familiarity of our view of the river, the marina and his beloved swans.
One more sleep and he’d be home, his self imposed exile in Exmouth over ……..
……. and the prospect of being able to avail himself of a functioning hot shower ……in a newly tiled, de rigueur cubicle ……. with a waste that didn’t leak everywhere  ……. well, that was just the icing on the cake. All mention of hot tubs was forgiven and forgotten and the subject banished from any of our debates, heated or otherwise  ……. forever! 

Monday, 11 March 2019

The End Of Our En-Suite Saga Saga ……

What can I say? It’s been emotional ……but it appears that our en-suite saga saga is finally over.  The leaking waste leaks no longer, the doors and bottom panel have been refitted and, in turn, I felt it would be a good time to assemble and put up the new shower caddies that have been put away, unopened, in the cupboard for far too long.
And yes, Darrell and I have both availed ourselves of all it’s en-suite delights.  I have to admit though to not being able to fully surrender and luxuriate in its pleasures,  it’s been a long rollercoaster ride and I am still a little wary that something might just bite me on the bum if I finally allow myself to chill. However, Darrell dived right on in there and announced that his David Beckham “Homme” had never felt or smelt quite so invigorating!  What is he like?
When he’d done with all his pampering Darrell started to put all the decorative frou frou back in its rightful place, although he says, in time, he wants to make one or two subtle changes …….
…… which was when I asked him if he still had the floor tile he had ordered and so loving caressed all those weeks ago  …..
……. as I had made the momentous decision ……. since the flooring had taken such a pounding in having so many people working in such a confined space it really should be replaced ….. and while we were at it ….. the main bathroom might as well be done at the same time as it owed us nothing.  It then became emotional.  Darrell’s tile was bought out from under his bed and tenderly stroked yet again, a phone call was made, swiftly followed by Darrell ripping up the original flooring with great gusto.
I am just praying that all bodes well for this next development.  I could very well be tempted to a self imposed exile in Exmouth like Nigel, but as I have made it this far, what’s an added  bit of screeing and laying ……… ??????

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A More Romantic Name?

I think The Twitchers have finally got to Nigel…… he says that although we have grown used to calling The Towers “The Towers” and though it rather suits our little riverside abode, it isn’t really that  atmospheric or romantic  …….Exmouth’s Seagull House on the hand says it all ……. instantly conjuring up the caws of the gulls, the smell of the sea air, the lap of the waves and the feeling of sand between your toes.
Perhaps now we are more established and settled in Evesham we could consider a more personal and descriptive name for The Towers ……. possibly with some sort of reference to his beloved swans or Canada geese ….. I  have said I will think about it, especially as I am feeling so guilty about him being in “exile” …….. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

…… Yearning For Darrell’s Spag Bol Special

Darrell has Skyped Nigel to keep him informed as to the further trials and tribulations of our continuing en-suite saga saga.  Whilst I am overjoyed to have a functioning shower it still remains off piste until we can arrange a suitable time for Tom the Plumber to fit it, but let’s just say Mr Tom is a VERY busy person and in VERY high demand ……however, we are now soooooo close to completion Darrell says he can almost smell his much neglected David Beckham shower gel.
Nigel was philosophical, saying that while there remained the slightest chance of undertones of an en-suite trauma pervading The Towers he was more than happy to stay in Exmouth for a few more days especially as The Manor was taking care of him so well, although he was avoiding the party of Twitchers, saying that though he can look very interested to be polite, there were only so many ruddy shelducks, warblers and tits he could now feign enthusiasm for.
He also said that he’d almost managed to work his way through The Manor’s daily special board but what he really, really fancied was of one of Darrell’s spag bol specials.  I am really missing the little fella too ……I am much more calmer now thanks to Darrell’s brown paper bags and chamomile tea, hopefully one more visit from Tom and I can start to make it all up to both him and Darrell.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Nigel Makes A Wise Financial Decision.

Whilst in Exmouth Nigel has decided that perhaps he shouldn’t be too hasty in making any rash decisions of a “wealth management” type nature.
Mr Crook might be the most magnificent, if not the best Wealth Management person to consult on matters of financial import …….
…… it’s just that his name doesn’t exactly instil much confidence in Nigel as far as his £21.67p life savings are concerned, thinking that it may perhaps be wiser to leave them in the Post Office for just a little bit longer before investing heavily!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Our En Suite Saga Saga Never Fails To Continue ……..

Well, the good news is that the faulty shower was replaced, no questions asked ………
…… and last night the new one was expertly fitted by Mr Tom the Plumber, who has told us that we really need to drop the formalities and just call him Tom, because after all his visits, endless cups of tea ……and mopping up tears we feel almost like family.
However ……… there is a sting in this tale …….. there has been yet another unexpected problem …….
……… to wit, the waste pipe now appears to have sprung a leak!  Tom has told Darrell where to go to get new one, along with a photo sent to his phone of the offending part as a reference and said to call him as soon as we’ve got it!
I am trying to be calm and philosophical. Darrell has reassured me that after this ….. nothing else could possibly go wrong ….. but to be on the safe side, he will leave me some of his brown paper bags to breath into just in case I have a bit of a wobble while he is out shopping for said new waste.  What would I do without him?  After this is all over I really owe him something “nice”.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Nigel Enjoys The Historic Pleasures Of Exmouth

Nigel says his hotel in Exmouth are just perfect …….. I believe he has his own en-suite, but I suspect that due of the fraught situation chez Le Towers he is trying to stay off piste as far as that subject is concerned.
He says that the Manor Hotel is steeped in ancient Exmouth history dating back to the 1700’s, making it the towns oldest remaining hostelry, and so well qualified for being haunted by wild and marauding Cornish pirates, or even perhaps Franz Liszt, the famous composer, who once stayed there, although Nigel says that when he asked on reception, no one, to the best of their knowledge had ever heard a mysterious and ethereal pianist  playing in the middle of the night.  What is he like?
He has been made to feel very welcome, especially by the party of birdwatchers who frequent the bar in the evening planning their next “twitch”.  He says he has been polite but declined their very kind offer to take him out with them as, sadly, he hadn’t bought his deer stalker and binoculars with him.
Nigel is more than happy to stroll along the beach, popping into the odd tea shop for a piece of Tiffin and chai latte and then mooch round the many charity shops ……
…………… and taking in the wonderful sea views from his room …… much as he loves “our” river back in Evesham, it is the sea, he says that will always truly hold his heart ……….
…… Darrell hoped that this last comment didn’t mean that Nigel was becoming in some way possessed in an Derek Acorah type nature by the spirits of said earlier wild and marauding Cornish pirates especially when he is staying somewhere sooooooo historical.  I  told Darrell that he could stop thinking like that immediately …… it was more likely that the surfeit of sea air was just making Nigel extra whimsical and romantic and was therefore nothing to do with any sort of demonic possessional activity.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Nigel Avails Himself Of A Few Days In Exmouth

Nigel, bless him has taken himself off for a few days, he said he had a sudden yen for the sea.
I think it may also have a lot to do with the somewhat tense atmosphere currently permeating The Towers ….. yes, we have a new shower …… but Tom (the Plumber not the Scientist)  failed to turn up as promised or even call at the weekend to install it, leaving us in a state of limbo not knowing whether to in turn call him for fear of nagging or looking needy!
I think after our en-suite saga is finally over I may also need to take a few days by the sea in order to recover.
Nigel says that Exmouth is beautifully peaceful, and almost deserted  at this time of year, he has filled his lungs with the bracing sea air and found having the beach almost all to himself most cathartic …….
…… and that he has been channelling his new found inner peace, of a  Derek Acorah type nature, to both Darrell and especially me, bless him.  I feel sooooooooo guilty!
He said he wasn’t really planning on doing much, other than keeping his head down until he feels the coast is clear for him to return home, preferably to a fully functional shower room! He thinks he may have missed the opportunity to Sail with Santa or partake in a Festive Special and that although he very much embraces the odd robin or a Canada goose, a guided bird watching cruise isn't really his thing …..

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Nigel Makes An Ill Timed Faux Pas

With so much angst permeating The Towers at the moment poor Nigel’s attempt to lighten the mood fell like a lead balloon when he asked Darrell and I if we had ever considered a hot tub ………..
I have since apologised for my  erm, outburst …….and then went on to explain that under the terms of our lease I didn’t think we would be allowed one. Nigel took it all in good grace, but I can see that with all his natural exuberance and positive outlook on life  the little fella is struggling to avoid treading on eggshells, especially of an en-suite type nature. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Our En-Suite Saga Saga Hits Rock Bottom ……

A few days ago I was in such jubilant mood …… we had been grouted to within an inch of our lives  ……
…….and as such, my buoys, if you pardon the expression, were well and truly buoyant, I had even planned a bit of a surprise for Darrell  ….. but then fate decided, once more, to burst my en-suite bubble
With the final frontier within sight Tom the Plumber came round to fit the new shower only to discover that it was in fact faulty and we had water gushing and spuming from it in every direction ………..it would have to go back …….
I am afraid I didn’t cope too well with this new development, poor Darrell didn’t quite know what to say or do ……….. but to quote Sir Ronan Keeting “You say it best, when you say nothing at all!”  We sat in the shower cubicle doing just that, as I attempted to compose myself in between heartfelt sobs.
But, we now have a new replacement shower ……….

..... and Tom said that he will be back to fit it, along with the shower doors, at the weekend ……
…….. and then, fingers crossed, we “should” be done!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

We Know No More …..

Following on from yesterday, Darrell did go down to the river and under the bridge to investigate what was occurring with what has become affectionately known as Darrell’s barrage balloons ……..
……… but, to be honest, we are not really any further enlightened or any the wiser.
The river appears to be a little higher due to the rain we’ve been having  and to Darrell’s uneducated eye it wouldn’t take many more inches for the river to flow into the field.
So, after some debate, none heated, we think the barrage balloons may be some sort of flood prevention thing, as there is very something similar further down the river by the weir.
Darrell said he will continue to keep his eye on things and if he sees anyone in a hi-viz vest looking important, he will rush down and make some further inquiries……
…… because our dearest wish is for the river would be for a bridge, a very simple rope bridge would suffice. We can almost touch Iris’s school from where we are, but the only way to get round to it is a about a thirty minute walk ……. a bridge, that would be just heaven!  Darrell said he might even try to get a question asked in Parliament …. if he can find out who the Minister with Portfolio for Bridges is, what on earth is he like?