Wednesday, 17 July 2019

A Trip To Rethyminmon

I may not be able to pronounce it, but I still managed to book a taxi to take me to the nearby big town of Rethyminmon and collect me again afterwards ........ 
I am soooooo proud, I almost feel like a local!
I know I could have caught the bus, but I am not quite that brave a first time foreign solo traveller just yet!
It has to be said Rethyminmon did not disappoint.  I arrived towards the end of siesta time, so I was able to take in the sights while it was reasonably quiet ........  if not still very, very hot.
I do love a quaint Greek alley way ..........
........ and town square ..........
...... and of course a Greek church.!  I would have loved to have gone in as is my way, but there was a mass/service going on and I didn't want to be responsible for turning all the heads in the congregation with a distracting creaking of the door, no matter how romantic and atmospheric said creaking. On this occasion I shall just have to light my candle elsewhere. 
I did a little mooching, but was very restrained in my purchases especially as I didn't think Darrell would thank me for a evil eyed dream catcher, no matter how tempting, as it would most probably upset the aesthetics of his carefully put together interior decor ...... although, bless him,  he would never tell me but just discretely hide it away after an acceptable amount of time on display had passed.
I decided that a Greek pick and mix would be a much safer option .......... it would also be a gift that keeps on giving as the flavour of each sweet would be a complete mystery until sucked, as I didn't have a clue what I was putting in my bag, I just went for colour!
And when the heat finally got the better of me the historic Venetian harbour was a wonderful place to enjoy a cool drink before I got my taxi home.
As I watched the sun setting with my shot of raki, coffee and complementary nibbles it was almost too, too, too romantic.
Darrell would have loved it .......... and I promise, I really am missing both him and Nigel ........
......... but I am also relishing being alone with my thoughts and drinking everything in own my time and in my own way .........  in pure unadulterated Cretan bliss.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

It's Those Little Holiday Touches ......

I do love and appreciate a bit of towel origami ...........
...... and The Sunlight Hotel has not disappointed, each day I return from my sunbed to be welcomed by fresh towels in the form of a  butterfly in full flight.
It's the sort of thing I am surprised Darrell hasn't introduced for our guests at The Towers, but there again, perhaps I had better not mute it, since we usually put a bath sheet out for said guests, I dread to think what sort of monstrosity he and Nigel would come up with .........
......... with that amount of towellage to work with.
I also cannot sing the praises of the air con highly enough, it's really has been well worth its weight in euros, especially now, at my age, when the prospect of an unrelenting week of sizzlingly hot torrid nights is a somewhat daunting prospect!!!!!!  

Monday, 15 July 2019

Impossibly Romantic

Georgioupolis is small and impossibly romantic, Darrell would just love it here .............. he would definitely embrace all it's starry eyed qualities.
From my sunbed on the beach I can see the tiny white chapel of Agios Nikolaos built on a small rocky islet, in the middle of the sea, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the protector of seafarers.
I know Darrell and Nigel would have scampered happily along the rocky causeway like young mountain goats, but I have to admit to being a little cautious where my knees are concerned, the left one in particular, and as such I have taken the decision, sorely tempted though I am, that it might be best to admire the chapel from a distance rather than risk said perilously uneven causeway  ........  especially after watching the comings and goings of much braver souls than I.
In the short while I have been here I have seen several weddings at the chapel ........
....... with brides equipped with trainers under their diaphanous wedding dresses. 
....... And in not wishing to risk any untoward catastrophe, the mystic of the little chapel will always remain with me.
As is tradition on all our Greek odysseys we always light a candle in a Greek church and as such I have lit one in my heart ...........
........ knowing that there is a church in the village I have yet to visit, where I can light one in "real life" I don't really do "God",  but if I did I would definitely, definitely be consecrated ordained as Greek Orthodox, because, in my opinion,  they really do do the best ever churches! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

A Bit of Victoria Hislop .......

For me, no Greek holiday would be a proper Greek holiday without a bit of Victoria Hislop ......... last year I read The Island which was so wonderful I didn't want to come to the end ........... and have been desperatly trying to find the Greek televisual dramatization with English subtitles, but sadly to no avail. 
This year I have Cartes Postales from Greece .......
......... I am afraid can't put it down.  I know I should make it last, but I will probably finish it by the end of tomorrow, however, there is a bookcase back at my hotel full of books left by other guests where I am sure I can find something else to take my fancy, if I do.

Of course  I am missing Darrell and Nigel terribly, but it's also such a huge luxury to be enveloped in my own little world for just a while without having someone begging me to help blow up their mahooooosive flamingo shaped rubber ring up and constantly musing as what Greek delicacy they fancy for their tea, bless them!  But, as it's now in my mind, ".....tonight Mathew, I think I am fancying a plate of Greek lamb chops, with perhaps an extra large piece Galaktoboureko and ice cream for my pudding!"  What am I like? ............    Happy Days!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Fufilling My Annual Greek Fantasy

One of my first "duties", once I had unpacked and settled into my hotel in Georgioupolis was to satisfy the mahooooooosive yearning I get every year as soon as one of our Greek odysseys comes to an end ..........
......... and that is to head for the nearest supermarket, in this case Anna's, for a huge pot of "proper" Greek yogurt and jar of the local honey .........
........ in order to partake in my much beloved Greek breakfast. Nothing comes close, not even one of Darrell's Sunday full English, to this pure, unadulterated pleasure, eaten on the balcony, in the early morning Greek sun while looking out on to the azure blue Sea of Crete.  The yogurt has to be soooooooo thick that my spoon stands up in it .......... what more could anyone want? Could a nom, get any more heavenly?

Monday, 8 July 2019

A Greek Odyssey Of My Own ........

This may come as a bit of a surprise to you all, especially when you find out ......

......  that I am in Greece, on the Isle of Crete to be exact ......... flying solo ........ yes,  I know, how exciting and shocking is that? 

I have to admit it felt a little strange at first to be in foreign climes without the Dynmic Duo, but after a day or so I've got used to it.
Anyway, to get you up to speed ....... it was always our intention to partake in yet another of our Greek Odyseys, but there always seemed to be something more pressing to sort out and so kept getting put back  ....... and then, just as Darrell was about to finally pour over the brouchures, he got a call from Hugh offering him an all expenses paid, opportunity of a lifetime as a runner on a pilot for a new Stars on Sunday/finding God reality TV show, which was about to start production ....... and there was a job for Nigel too, as Darrell's left hand man, if they wanted.  Well, what were two boys to do? 
There was a little angst on their part at leaving me behind .................. but what can I say? I got those aforementioned holiday brouchures out myself and booked me a few days in Georgioupolis, and other than not having anyone to rub my suncream on I really haven't looked back.

We Skype every night when they come off set and they are obviously having the time of their lives ....... 

........ however, it has to be said that they are missing their beloved (Greek) tomato ketchup crisps, so have told me to have a bag or two for them, what are they like?  Happy days all round me thinks.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Darrell Has Designs

Spending so much time recently with Hugh, Darrell's best friend and mentor was bound to rub off on on him, so it really came as no surprise when he announced that he was just going to Zhuzh up the spare bedroom, which was, he flounced looking " ..... un peu fatiguĂ©"
He had been, he said  "..... inspired by a vision of Caribbean Tide et Moutarde" ........ to be honest, at that, I just left him to it.
Said Caribbean Tide was duly purchased, a roller, tray and paintbrush commandeered from The Lovely Laura, a bonnet de douche donned with, I may say, not a little style ...........
........ and a "do not disturb" sign placed prominantly outside the room, Darrell would call us when he had finished. I joked that I had a feeling that this might turn out to be something akin to the painting of the Cistern Sistine Chapel, so if Darrell hadn't appeared within two days I would go in anyway.
It proved to be pretty exhausting work, Darrell being very much a stranger to an aforementioned roller, thank goodness there was only a small part of a feature wall to be painted.
However, I have to say, the boy done good ........

....... with just a lick of paint and a little added or rearranged frou frou, the room, to quote His Lordship has taken on a whole new vibrant energy.
It also seems that he may have fallen a little out of love with La Grand Doyen de Beige, Dame Kelly Hoppen ......
........ and become a little more enamoured by the flambouancy and va va voom of Sir Laurence Le Wellie Bo-when, bless him!

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

I'm Just Grumpy Old Man ........

I am afraid I am still feeling a bit grumpy........
....... as there is yet another word really sticks in my craw ...... and that word is "lush"! Agggh.  Darrell used it the other day to describe the new banana shampoo and conditioner he'd decided to give a try.  Admittedly his hair did have a very impressive silkly bounce and shine to it and the shower room smelt absolutley lovely when he'd finished ...... but coming out wrapped only in a towel to exclaim that said new shampoo and conditioner was "just lush" nearly had me heading for the hills.  I wonder if I am going through the menopause  having a mid life crisis?  

Monday, 1 July 2019

The Succulent or Cactus Debate.

The difference between cactus's and succulents has always been a bit of a bone of contention at The Towers, and after a quick Google in an effort to settle the argument  once and for all we have since learnt that cacti are succulents, belonging to a group of plants collectively known as succulents, but for a succulent to be considered a cactus it must have areoles ........ therefore, we are still none the wiser.

 And the reason for this debate is a Florists window recently spotted by Nigel .......
........ which has caused him no end amusement .and much tittering ........
....... whenever he passes it on the nursery/school run!  What are they like?

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

A Question Of The Heart

Poor Nigel,  ........... sometimes the things that arouse his insatiable curiosity are just a little too confusing for him to fathom out, especially when he takes them literally.
Yesterday he was giving himself a real headache worrying that if he was born with his own heart, how could it be possibly be older than him?
I am leaving this one for Darrell to explain to him ....... but, if they download any sort of app thing, as I am sure they undoubtedly will, I am not getting involved in answering any of their "probing" personal questions as to the health/age of my insides ...... that's for me to know and them to wonder!!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

I think I am in very grave danger of becoming a grumpy, old man ........ and that I may have to stop listening to political debate of any nature on the radio as there is something that is really, really getting on my nerves and thus spoiling my enjoyment ...........
......... in short, why oh why, oh why do all politicians have to answer every single question starting with "Look" or "Listen", aghhhhhhh!  I find myself only half listening to the question as I am already anticpating the reply and those flipping said words to be uttered ....... and then I don't listen to the answer properly as I am either too occupied counting how many actual answers have started with a look or listen during the interview or just simply getting more and more annoyed when another one rears its head.  Yes, ........I am definitely becoming a grumpy old man!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Frankie Dettori

The nursery run (before collecting Bertie) it has to be said, is rather long, boring and a little mind numbing, so in an effort to counteract this effect Nigel tries to take notice of everything around him in order to keep his mind stimulated and pondering.
Yesterday, he said that he couldn't help notice, on a betting shop poster, what lovely teeth the jockey Frankie Dettori had.
I didn't like to burst his bubble, but I did sort of mention that in all probability they weren't all said Mr Dettori's own teeth (although I could be very wrong), as being a jockey is quite a precarious occupation and he might have had one or two knocked out over the years through various tumbles and falls.
However, whoever his dentist was, they have done a most excellent job ....... which then gave Nigel further reason to ponder as to who Frankie Dettori's dentist was to have done such good work.  What is he like?