Friday, 23 June 2017

An Unusual Vegetable Patch

Nigel has noticed, what he thinks may be a patch of a vegetable type nature, outside one of the supermarkets on our way to Tom The Scientists and The Lovely Laura’s.
Plants 1His considered hypothesis comes mainly from a sign directly above the raised patch. plantsHowever, not being a great horticulturalist and only dipping into Gardeners World by accident rather than intent, Nigel doesn’t have a clue as to what sort of “crops” might be growing, only that they have red stems and firm ribs down the leaf centres.  We wondered, over one of our tea time debates, if, perhaps, as a vegetable, it is more about the leaf rather than what lies beneath?  All suggestions greatly received as it might lighten the burden of Nigel’s ponderings.plants 4It does say that the compost has been supplied by Severn Waste Services, but Nigel has noticed that possibly some of the supermarkets customers and passers-by  have also been adding to said compost …… although what nutritional value “fag ends” might add to the growth of  the mystery plants is also an enigma and one has to wonder if they have any effect on the flavour?  Poor Nigel, this discovery has had his head banging with far too many conundrums and none of them solved!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Piercing Curious ……….

Sometimes, I think Nigel, though curious and interested in all that’s going on around him, has a little too much time on his hands for looking in the local shop windows and pondering.
IMG_2447It now seems that piercings are the prime subject for his said ponderings.
IMG_2446I have  said that it’s all a mystery to me and that I would prefer it to remain that way.  I have told Darrell not to encourage him in any which way shape or form …….. and, if what he finds out for himself gives him nightmares, he only has himself to blame!  Nigel isn’t very keen on needles which in this case may very well be a blessing. He always gets in a bit of a state whenever we book a holiday abroad in case he has to have any vaccinations, so I don’t think I need worry that he might be tempted to partake in a piercing session, as he’d need a needle to knock him out before he could go through with it!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Nigel Explores The Delights of Evesham’s M & S Food Hall Café

While I am still exploring and embracing the delights of Evesham’s many coffee shops in the town centre,  Nigel has offered to help my reviewing by volunteering to avail himself of the pleasures of some of the establishments that are a little way out of town and which may not have quite the atmosphere that makes me want to linger of my cake and partake in a little people watching.
M & S Cafe 2So yesterday he took himself off to the M & S Food Hall Café on the small retail park near the station, after having a bit of a mooch round B M Bargains, Next and Poundstretcher.
M & S Cafe 3He said that it was obviously not my sort of place, with none of the said ambiance he knows I like. He said it was a bit like a hanger, echoey and utilitarian,  where all the large aluminium pipes and bare riveted joists in the world couldn’t pass off as industrial chic (a critic that I thought sounded more Darrell than Nigel). Seating was basic, with a few sofas and it was clean.
M & S CafeThe cakes were not displayed on large glass cake stands under romantic domes and handled with tongs or a cake slice, but it would have been rude not to sample their gluten free lemon and pistachio sponge, filled with lemon curd and finished with a lemon curd buttercream and nibbed pistachios with a pot of tea for one ……..
IMG_1509“It went down a treat” he said and he didn’t even miss the gluten cake, which he thought he might.  Not for me …… but definitely OK for him …… and he now has his eyes firmly fixed on the café in the Tesco over the road for his next review! What is he like?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Window Nigel Missed ……..

Nigel is the undisputed champion Evesham window spotter of The Towers, but I think he must have missed this one in the Fruit Shop window,  as I am sure I would have heard about nothing else ……..
scarecrow 1It’s a very cute scarecrow, so I had better alert him to it as soon as I get home.
scarecrow 2It has also reminded me to look up the dates of our beloved Pattingham Scarecrow Festival this year, it will mean a return to The Homeland so I will also need to check to see if Lucy is willing to put us up for a weekend while we attend!

Monday, 19 June 2017

A German Marzipan Praline Review

A little while ago our Germanic friends Ze Monkeys sent a most wondrous parcel filled with Teutonic confectionary for us to review.  We decided that rather than launch straight in and sample all of it’s delights within a few days of its arrival, we would show a little restraint and dip in  at measured intervals so as to prolong the pleasures that lay within for as long as possible.
IMG_2727Today is such an interval and we are going to review the Marzipan Pralines.  Now before we do, it has to be said that we absolutely adore marzipan.  It’s something that we wouldn’t partake in on a daily basis, but just now and again, so in reviewing one of our very favourite confectionarys of choice it will be hard to be unbiased, but we will try.
IMG_2730The packaging looked very posh and each portion was of a generous size.
As something of marzipan aficionados we sort of knew what to expect when Darrell cut up the chocolates for us to explore their centres.
IMG_2733And on the tasting. what can I say? As we started to sample the chocolates a contented silence descended on the room, our enjoyment was both tangible and palpable, said Marzipan Pralines with Bittersweet Chocolate certainly delivered, in buckets and spades, and perhaps even the odd rake or two.
IMG_2735When we could finally be drawn away from our pleasures, we all agreed, these sweetmeats were all we had hoped …….. and put as simply as Darrell could express our views in equation form  ……….
eq……. the score on our Richter Scale of Marzipan noms was quite  impressive!
IMG_2734……. including a plate of empty wrappers!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Marmite May Be Brain Food …… Study Says!

I always knew there was something special in it ………..
marmite 3It seems that after experiments, it was found that volunteers (no one asked us) who ate a daily spoonful of the Marmite, our savoury spread of choice, appeared to have higher levels of a vital neuron chemical associated with a healthy brain.  Now I like Marmite, but I do hope they didn’t make the volunteers literally eat a spoonful of it in one go, that would even make me gag in a most undignified manner.  I am assuming it was given to them either spread on toast or a Ryvita  or added, perhaps like I do in gravy or spag bol.
marmite 2It’s something to do with the high levels of vitamin B12 in the Marmite, but it’s all a bit complicated for the likes of me, however, I expect Mr D, our regular font of all knowledge will undoubtedly be cognisant with the machinations of neurotransmitters and gamma-amino-butyric acid. I just know it’s nom nom nom and there’s not a lot wrong with any of our brains, it’s also probably the reason why Nigel muses and ponders as much as he does ………bless him!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Towers Sees It’s First Ever Volcanic Eruption, If Only A Very Mediocre One!

Nigel always has a bit of a hope, that after a wearying day of taking care of Iris and Bertie the charity shop on the corner of the last leg home has perhaps left something of an interesting type nature in a box by its bins, which, despite them not being able to sell it,  could perhaps still inspire or be of use to him, lightening the rest of his walk with a frisson of excitement.IMG_2040Well, yesterday he was in luck…….
IMG_2587…….. when he spotted and then availed himself of a “Volcano Eruption Kit”, which he justified, in its taking, of preventing it from falling into the wrong hands and possibly used for nefarious ends. He had also probably insured that Evesham’s tectonic plates remained intact and that it’s streets would not be turned into rivers of spuming lava!
Instead…. he bought it back to The Towers ……… and Darrell!!!!!  On inspection, all that appeared to be missing from said kit was a bottle of red colouring (for extra visual dramatic effect), a pair of plastic gloves and one of the lenses from the safely goggles and the only extra that was not included was 50 somethings of vinegar!
After several very careful readings of the instructions and checking with me as to what exactly our insurance policy covered, Darrell and Nigel were ready to go ……..
…….. Nigel was in charge of pouring the enclosed bicarbonate of soda into to the rather disappointingly proportioned volcano and the Darrell was to add the somethings of vinegar.
IMG_2597At first, it appeared to be all rather anticlimactic …… with just a couple of weak bubbles coming forth from the top. So much promise, it seemed, was destined to become just a bit of a charity shop reject squib…….IMG_2600…. until Nigel decided to throw caution to the wind and add an extra dollop of the aforementioned bicarbonate of soda …… IMG_2601IMG_2603
………. it had a slightly more desired effect, it began to froth and flow a little more robustly …….
…….. but , it has to be said, that the earth ………
IMG_2607………. let alone The Towers, failed to move!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Something To Ponder

Darrell found two old Fortune Cookies at the back of one of our kitchen cupboards when he was having a tidy up.  It was obvious that they were both broken, but it still had Nigel and him pondering as to whether opening up a crushed fortune cookie packet still counted as an omen of said sage fortune ……..
IMG_2699In the end, there was only one way to find out …….IMG_2700 ……. Darrell’s, it has to be said, was very poignant, as it is always something that his best friend and mentor Hugh is oft heard to say during their what’s on en-trend and de rigour discussions via Skype.
IMG_2701Nigel’s too was also very true and food for thought …….
IMG_2702 So in the end Darrell and Nigel were of the same opinion, that it didn’t matter whether a fortune cookie was crushed or not, if the message secreted within made you think, then it still applied!  What are they like? 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Nom Nom Nom

This summer we shall mostly be eating Dirty Wedges ………..
Dirty Wedges…… perhaps not purely for their nutritional value, although potatoes are an important part of our rigorous five a day regime, but mainly because the name makes us all break into a fit of the giggles every time Nigel asks me or Darrell what’s for tea!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Pipped To Cake And Coffee By Nigel

As you know, I very much enjoy visiting any new establishment that pops up in Evesham to sample their latte or cappuccino and slice of whatever of their cake takes my fancy, but yesterday, Nigel beat me to it ……..
IMG_2490He noticed that, seemingly out of nowhere, the Orto Lounge had just popped up and it was, he said “Buzzing”.  He knew that I would have liked to have experienced it myself too, but all the sunglassed people outside and large, welcoming,  open frontage, just lured him in he said,  he was helpless to resist, he didn’t have the strength to wait for me to go with him ……..what is he like?
But that aside, let’s just say, he was very much impressed by the décor …….. he thought it was very, very, very Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill.
IMG_2481They even had some of the same paintings as Hugh, but Nigel thought that they were probably fakes copies, while Hugh’s undoubtedly were the real thing.
IMG_2480There was also a wall of very lovely mirrors that he knew would make Darrell absolutely swoon and stroke longingly when he visited.
IMG_2488This, Nigel decided, was somewhere that would suit us all very much, and was a place to take friends after a mooch round the many sights and charity shops of Evesham.
IMG_2477And the menu? Well, Nigel said it was all very nom nom nom, with lovely vegetarian options rather than the quiche, which Hugh always moans about, and it was all rather reasonable………
IMG_2483Nigel decided to sample a iced coffee and a slice of Rocky Road with salted caramel and chocolate topping as the whole ambience of the place made him feel very sophisticated in an Evesham type way.
IMG_2485I am sorry that he couldn’t wait for me to sample the delights of The Lounge with him, but I can quite understand him being swept away, and I have suggested that when we do go together we should partake in a little lunch, to which there was no argument at all!