Sunday, 30 November 2014

Yes, I Fell For Nigel’s Little Ploy!!

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that Nigel left his Do It Yourself Advent Calendar in a place, where he knew I would find it, looking all forlorn and empty …. and that I would then take pity upon Nigel and his aforementioned Advent Calendar’s state of emptiness
I know ….. I am a fool unto myself, and fell for his little ploy, hook line and sinker …….
…..  and went out to make a considered purchase of the little fella’s most favourite chews in the world and putting one in each pocket of his calendar for him …..
Fortuitously for me, there were 25 chews in the bag, which meant that there was one left over for me, nom, nom, nom!
Nigel’s little face was a picture when he saw it hanging resplendant in the kitchen, and despite kicking myself for falling for his ploy, he reaction was worth it.
However, I have had to tell him that spending every spare minute staring at the first pocket and it’s contents will not make the 1st December come round any quicker!!  What is he like?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Switching On Of The Village Christmas Lights

It goes without saying that Nigel had been robustly excited all day at the thought of the village Christmas Light Switching On, and could barely eat his tea for watching the clock,  and at 7 o’clock, on the dot, he was out of the door, to make sure he didn’t miss a thing, dragging Darrell behind him!
Now, it has to be said that …. it was dark …. and Darrell’s forte is definitely NOT photography of a night time type nature!
….. or movie making for that matter ….. because sadly, as the countdown began for the aforementioned, much anticipated switching on, his was still fumbling with buttons and zooms  ….. and missed the lot!!!!!!A little bit disappointing, but it didn’t burst Nigel’s bubble, because he was actually there in real life and he embraced it, on or off camera.
Santa was there too, having pitched his tent on the village green, son et lumiere.
….. which was really very romantic in a village type way.
The Salvation Army Band was also there playing carols and other festive songs, which all added to the pre Advent atmosphere.
IMG_0008And, did I hear you ask …. did MotorWorld pull off the best dressed Christmas shop window in the village? …… Well, we don’t know ……. because as close as Nigel got to the announcer, their microphone wasn’t good …. and Nigel couldn’t make out a thing they said ….. however, we shall enquire tomorrow and hopefully bring you the news as soon as we get it!
With the sound of carols thronging the air, Darrell and Nigel took a stroll along the main road in the village to admire the lights from all vantages……
……. then Nigel started wondering if we could light up Castle Greysquirrell this year, it was a job Andy always did and to be honest, Darrell and I are both strangers to the fairy light … so we are not saying anything!
IMG_0068…… But told Nigel we were indeed very lucky to have these lights on our very doorstep, not even Hugh can say that, and he lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill!  So, after all that, all that was left to do was go home, dream of the Christmas that is to come with a mug of very early snowman soup with an extra dollop of squirty cream on top ….. nom, nom, nom!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Nigel had an "emotional" night ...... all the lights, the music and the thought that the festive season is all but two days away ......

Filming at night is never easy, but we hope this just gives you a flavour of Nigel's very tangible and palpable excitement, as he embraces the music of the Salvation Army band and bops to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!

MotorWorlds Window Is Done!!!

With the switching of the village lights and the announcement of which village emporium has been awarded “The Best Christmas Shop Window” Shield this evening, MotorWorld has finally unveiled their 2014 Display …..
….. and Nigel, already wearing his new Christmas jumper (I tell you, there is no doing with him), like a star crossed fan was the stage door of a theatre was there to see.
The first thing you notice are the three faux Roman arches, resplendent in gold and cream. In the middle one stands a slender Christmas tree adorned in an ample sufficiency of tinsel, with faux presents piled decoratively around its base.
Under the right hand arch, standing next to an old Victorian lamp post, made of cardboard, painted and with a hint of snow,  there is a decidedly dodgy Santa and Rudolph ………
……. in my opinion, but what do I know,  the stuff of nightmares …….……. .
…….. but Nigel is totally entranced by it all.
And in the left hand arch, is Nigel’s beloved knitted nativity ……
“It’s perfect” he sighed, over, and over, and over, and over again!
And for good measure, MotorWorld have once more included the light up village pub, The Woodman, which is directly across the road ……
…… in fact, it’s hard to tell in these pictures if Nigel is standing in front of the model or the real thing!
“Victory is in the eye of the beholder!” declared Nigel “and Motorworld has it in the bag, it’s just toooooo wonderful!”

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Festive Fayre Akimbo

Festive menus are beginning to infiltrate our route to work, and though £8.49 is indeed a bargain, especially for three courses I am afraid this year we will have to pass, robustly tempting as it is and as much as we like to avail ourselves of a good offer ………
…….. because our festive arrangements are already firmly set in stone …… but, it’s bit early to disclose them just yet ….. especially as Darrell and I haven’t sat down and told Nigel, for fear that it may cause just a little festive angst and fretting if we tell him too soon, no matter how joyous!!!! So shhhhhh!However, what did catch Darrell’s eye was the “eat as much as you like breakfast”  that is currently available ….. quelle bonne bargain!!   There is only one draw back …… it starts at 9 o’clock ….. when we should all be at our desks or in Nigel’s case, his serving hatch …….. scuppered again!!!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Nigel Gets Festively Creative

Nigel took himself off to the Poundshop after his shift at work, he’s seen a Make It Yourself Advent Calendar and set his heart on making one for his bedroom……
….. and Darrell was on hand to lend a hand if he got stuck.  Fortunately, there was a plan to follow ….. and everything was self adhesive, so no glue or scissors were needed in it’s making, which is always a bonus, where those two are concerned.
As they worked, the rampant humming of “Chestnuts roasting” came from their general direction. Nigel worked very methodically and very carefully, but peeling the backing off all the bits proved fiddly and a little frustrating, especially when you only have stumpy little hands to do it with.There was only one moment of crisis, when Nigel thought he had lost an “8”, there was panic and almost tears, but fortuitously it was found amongst the aforementioned discarded backings.
In all it took them 1 hours and 35 minutes to complete their project (not that I was timing them!) ….
……. and most professional it looks too!
There is now just one question of great import to be answered……..
Who is going to fill it?  Don’t answer that, as I think it’s me …… but it will be sooooooo well worth it as I got said 1 hour and 35 minutes worth of peace!!!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Embracing The Early Morning

The early morning sky over Castle Greysquirrel this morning was truly stunning….
………. it was very red, moving into vibrant pinks and oranges against a background of purples and blues, it was very, very romantic.
And, whilst we would have normally been running around The Castle like people possessed, queuing for the shower, breakfasting and getting ready for work …….
… we took time to embrace the awe and wonder of the breaking day …….
It was emotional ……
…… even with Nigel pondering out aloud about shepherds and Turkish delight!!!!

Monday, 24 November 2014

A Pre-Theatre Dinner Appointment With The Geography Department

The Geography Department asked if Nigel and I would like to join them for a pre-theatre dinner, without the theatre. The Department was off to see Dirty Dancing, but they weren’t too sure if the show was mine or Nigel’s sort of thing, so asked us to join them just for the meal, knowing that for us the chance of a slap up Chinese meal was always a no brainer ……. Pre Theatre Dinner…… as was the opportunity of meeting up with everybody to discuss Geographical matters of great import …… especially with I’m A Celebrity presently coming from Australia!
Pre Threatre invitationNigel and I closely scrutinised  the menu before deciding to share the meal for two, so that we could try a little bit of everything.
sweet and sour porkLet’s just say our choice hit the spot, as we compared with everyone who was our jungle favourite celebrity was and how they were coping with their Australian habitat, the climate and the lack of food, other than witchetty grubs! Bannana FritterWe, on the other hand, were almost beaten by our banana fritter,
Nom nom nom…… before Nigel gave it one last valiant effort! And while the others went on to the theatre, we were really a little glad that we weren’t joining them ….. because all we wanted to do was get back to Castle Greysquirel and unbutton the tops of our trousers, as we were feeling rather full up!  What are we like?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

I Think I’ve Gone A Soppy!

There’s no such thing ever as raining on Nigel’s parade …….
……. it’s just the perfect time for him to get his rainbow brolly out
……. and bring a smile to everyone’s face!
Nigel is our own special little rainbow, how can there be clouds when he’s around?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

It’s Too Early ……… !!!!

Following on from Nigel discovery that the village Christmas Tree is now in situ   …….. there was no way that he wasn’t going to see the poster that was pinned to the bus stop,  while he was waiting for the bus to go work yesterday morning  …..
….. with the announcement of the “Grand Village” Christmas Light Switch On ……….
There is also no way that he won’t be there ….. no doubt clad in his Christmas jumper (presently, at his insistence, in the wash),  eagerly awaiting Santa’s visit and the announcement of the Best Dressed Christmas Window results …. Nigel’s vote going fairly and squarely to MotorWorld, followed by a carol or two with the Salvation Army and no doubt refreshments of a seasonal nature  ……
……. there really is going to be no doing with him all next week, and I lay the blame fully at the feet of the Parish Council!!!