Monday, 31 January 2011

We’ve Had Monkey Mail

We are so lucky and blessed, as we have so many lovely little things sent to us, it’s like we are famous, but not in a celebrity magazine, paparazzi type way. We can still go shopping in Wolverhampton and to a Wolves match without being stopped and having photographs taken.
Monkey Mail
Yesterday, we had a card and present from Jack and Tom, to say thank you for our Christmas card.
Picture 076Monkey Mail 2
Their card was really funny as it had a monkey’s face on with wibbly wobbly eyes and lots of orange feathers.  We are going to keep it forever in our special “Monkey Mail” box as it is a treasure.
Monkey sweets
The present was a cone of monkey face jellies, which were spookily, almost the same colour as Darrell’s jumper….
Monkey Jellies
….. but, which fortunately didn’t taste like it!
Monkey Jelly sweets
We shared them out between us and Jack and Tom, we have to tell you they were VERY nommy, in fact VERY nommy nommy! THANK YOU, you are very kind to think of us xxxxxx

Sunday, 30 January 2011

F & F at Tesco – Darrell Spots A New Trend.

Darrell has been looking at this years new fashion trends from F & F at Tesco.
Tesco F & F  baby T shirt £2.50
He has set his heart on this dickie bow t-shirt, a snip at £2.50, so he has left a voice mail message for Auntie Jan to see if she could possibly have a look for a couple next time she wants to take on a “shopping mission”.
Tesco Dickie Bow T-shirt
He thought our friend Hugh might like one too, because it’s the sort of thing that could  take a bit of embellishment, like a few Swarovski crystals here and there, some strategically placed sequins and a bit of ric rac braid.  Hugh is looking for a job playing piano in a swanky West End cocktail bar, in this shirt, once tweaked, he would certainly look the part.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Refreshing Drink of The Month – Capri-Sun.

Please note that although we are drawing your attention to this months, monthly drink of the month, it is not necessarily our monthly drink of choice of the month.Picture 027
When our friend Hugh popped in the other week I showed him that at “work” we have a monthly drink of the month.
Picture 031
And this month, the monthly drink of the month was Capri-Sun.
Capri-Sun Drink of the Month
Hugh wasn’t very impressed by the presentation “There is nothing about the display that draws me in and makes me want to try this months, monthly refreshing drink of the month” he said “There’s too much blue, not enough orange, and I don’t get the wings or stars.” I trust his judgement and opinion implicitly as I know that he mixes with arty people who know what they are talking about.
Picture 032
We also both agreed that drinks in (handy) pouches would never be our monthly refreshing drink of the month of choice, as they have a propensity to gush or dribble all over the place if you hold them too tight. Squeezing, no matter how tempting, is a real no go area, unless you actually want to be covered in sticky liquid, which is why Darrell and Nigel are never allowed them.  This never happened with Um Bongo …. which sadly you can’t get anymore ….

Friday, 28 January 2011

Stacey Solomon on Loose Women This Afternoon

Could Darrell’s eyes be any wider …..??
Stacey Solomon was on Loose Women this afternoon…….
Darrell recorded it and watched it over and over again, sighing, “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she lovely”.  He must have it bad as he couldn’t eat his tea at tea time, all he could manage was a hobnob and a very small glass of lemonade, and that was a struggle.  What is he like?

Now Taking Commissions

Artist Taking Commissions
Darrell offered to “do” my portrait yesterday afternoon, in the gap between Loose Women and the repeat of The Jeremy Kyle Show..
Drawing Monkeys
I have to admit the likeness was uncanny and he seems to have a natural gift.
Monkey Life Drawing
He takes ages choosing what colour crayon to use.
Monkey Life Drawings by Commission
And always puts them back in the correct place in the box.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Passport Photos

Passport Pictures
I’ve had my passport photos done, but I can’t decide which one I like best.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Darrell’s Scrapbook – An Homage to Stacey Solomon.

Stacey Solomon 4
Darrell has made a lovely little display on his window sill with the framed  pictures of Stacey Solomon that he had for Christmas and a big red heart that Auntie Jan gave him.
Stacey Solomon 3
He is very proud and dusts it every day.
Stacey Solomon 1
He has also decided to put together a scrapbook using all his magazine cuttings about Stacey.
Stacey Solomon 5 And I have to say he has made a beautiful job.
Stacey Solomon 6
I quite like sitting and watching him put it altogether, he hums a lot and is very particular where each picture goes.
Stacey Solomon
He says that this picture depicts how he sees himself and Stacey, “ I am a frog waiting to be kissed and turned into Stacey’s prince!” he sighed……

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nigel’s Burgeoning Wardrobe…… And / Or Career In Fashion.

We’ve had quite a few e-mails asking about Nigel’s growing wardrobe, all sent to him by our lovely followers, so we set up a little photo shoot so that everyone could see what a style icon he is becoming ….
cheeky Chimp T-shirt
Here, he is modelling his Cheeky Chimp look, as you can see, he is quite a natural in front of the camera.
Novelty Bow Tie T-shirt
This faux bow tie and tuxedo is our favourite ….smart but casual, neither over or under dressed.
Picture 007
Nigel tends to wear his “Cheeky Chocolate Chomper” shirt  for when we are all watching Notting Hill or Love Actually on the settee together with a bowl of Areo bubbles and a box of tissues for the sad bits.
Love Jumper
Moving on to knitwear ….. the ladies seem to like this look very much, Darrell says it brings out their motherly instincts -
Picture 006
….. which is quite good, because, to be honest, Nigel has a face that only a mother could love, but we pray hope that he will grow into it as he gets older, a bit like Rod Stewart.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Mr Kipling Rhubarb and Custard Pies

Mr Kipling Rubbarb and custard pies
When you get a text like this, especially from Tom the Scientist, who lives with the lovely Laura, you just can’t afford to ignore it! So Darrell, Nigel and I decided to see if Mr Kipling has indeed delivered a 9 nom, pastry encased culinary delight.
Mr Kipling Rhubard and Custard Pies
The blurb on the box said “ Rhubarb and custard pies …. with tangy rhubarb and apple and a dollop of creamy custard”. We very much like the word “dollop” – it implies that portion size of the custard inside the pie is generous …. and not just a smidgeon …..
r Kipling Rhubarb and Custard Pies 2
The packaging was rather garish but at the same time tantalisingly tempting……….. our eyes were already doing the eating …..
The lattice pastry lid also gave us an enticing glimpse of the custard and rhubarb that lay beneath … our excitement and anticipation were  tangible.
Rhubard and Custard Pies
Nigel just couldn’t wait ……
Rhubarb and custard pies by Mr Kipling
All we can say is …..
Nom Nom Nom
Nom, nom, nom, a million times nom!  We would have liked to have tried them warm, but we just couldn’t stop nomming to put even one in the oven….. so we now need to nip over to the village  Tesco Express to get a another box to try them again……
Note: we did have the presence of mind to realise that rhubarb may have an adverse effect on Nigel’s erm …. tummy …. so we limited his intake …. scrapping much of his rhubarb onto our own plates!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Darrell – Metrotextual Man?

There’s an “on trend” word to describe Darrell, but I’m not quite sure what it is. It starts with "metro”, and though we do have the metro tram that runs from Wolverhampton to Birmingham hourly, Darrell has never been on it and I can’t see the connection between this form of transport and Darrells sudden interest in his “beauty regime”
Metrosexual Darrell
His latest “procedures” have included a manicure ….
…. and a pedicure, the results of which I have to admit have been quite spectacular.
When Bottox goes wrong
But I am drawing the line at him having that bowtox stuff! It could so easily go horribly wrong and he has such a lovely face.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stop Press – News of Hugh

Hugh Grant Look a Like Notting Hill
Hugh has just sent Darrell and I a message to say that he had arrived safely in London, where he is now living with Marc, one of our very special followers.  They’ve shared a cup of coffee, chocolate, a selection of Danish and a fresh fruit salad. Both feel very full and blessed in new flat mate type way.

A Flying Visit From Our Friend Hugh

Picture 043
Yesterday, Hugh, our friend popped by on his way to London. As you can see he bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor Hugh Grant, which is made even spookier by the fact that he is just moving into a flat near Notting Hill!
Picture 034
He said it was only a flying visit and hoped I didn’t mind if he nipped in to see me at work, rather than at home. I was so pleased to see him and show him around, as he has never seen the Reprographics Dept. where Darrell and I help out when there is a “rush” on.  He was very impressed by the machines and helped me press a button or two, although he said that they were a scary to the uninitiated.
Picture 036
He loved the wonderful array of rainbow coloured copier paper that Darrell and I have at our disposal.....
Picture 037
...... and the trolley we use to take the photocopying to the various departments.
locked in the safe
But best of all he liked our safe where we keep our valuables, which he said was bigger than some of the flats he’d been looking at in London!
Picture 022
Before his left I treated him to a lemon curd tart and a Capri-Sun from the canteen,
Lemon Curd tart
..... where he amazed by the freshly baked daily biscuit selection that was on offer.Biscuit of Choice
It was brilliant to catch up with a special friend. Hugh said he was sorry that he'd missed Darrell,  but he'd  be in touch with us as soon as he’d settled into his new flat.  I thought that perhaps I'd dig out my old DVD of Notting Hill over the weekend and watch it with Darrell and Nigel with some popcorn and Maltesers  and we'd all think of Hugh settling in ..... humming "You say it best ........"

Friday, 21 January 2011

Too Much Holby City …..

I think Darrell is watching too much Holby City….. that at times his sense of humour is a little dubious …. and
Blood Bag
…… I need to curb his visits to Poundworld …
Blood Candy
….. especially when he is spending his pocket money on things like this!  What is he like?
Blood Type A
And when he suggested a “Confectionary Review” I think I scowled at him.
Emergency Blood bag
….. saying that I thought it would be in the worst possible taste, but, would think about it!