Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Darrell Exposed!

I have discovered the secret to Darrell’s prolific moustache growing …….. under his bed!  I wasn’t prying, just merely doing a bit of light dusting …….
Picture 115 .
I knew there was more to Darrell’s moustaches than met the eye.
Picture 117
And when I confronted him, he was wearing a moustache that I have since discovered is called the “Rouge”, quite apt considering his shenanigans over the past four weeks!
Picture 121 a%20touch%20of%20frost
He didn’t deny it, I had got him banged to rights he said. He said he thought it would be a funny thing to do, when he saw the pack in Poundshop, especially as he knew that there was no way either of us could really grow a legitimate moustache.  Then he persuaded me to try one on for size. I think it makes me look a lot older, a bit like Inspector Frost
Picture 122
So, the mystery is over and since we haven’t managed to grow even the smallest whisker we are sending our donation to Tom the Brainy Scientist Person at 

Monday, 29 November 2010

We’ve Been Blessed in a Totally Hello Magazine Type Way …..

P G Tips Christmas Monkey
Look what we have found in our PG Tips …..
PG Tips Minkey Christmas 2010 a
It’s a little Monkey of our very own …… we LOVE him ….
Picture 072
Look at his little face , he is so cute.
Christmas PG Tips Monkey
He’s got a little Christmas reindeer jumper …..
PG Tips Monkey Christmas 2010
…… but he needs some pants.
Christmas PG Tips Monkey b Christmas PG Tips Monkey c
He has bought out Darrell’s maternal instincts.
Christmas PG Tips Monkey a
We’ve decided to call him Nigel.  We are totally overwhelmed with love.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Enough Vitamin C to Sink A Battleship

It’s lovely to have Darrell back home, but I have been fretting that he may have neglected his 5 a day in favour of seaside dainties such as candy floss, pick and mix and extra large portions of fish, chips and mushy peas in a tray ……washed down with a diet coke.
So I have taken it upon myself to provide him with a little extra supplement of vitamin C.  Obviously scurvy hasn’t set in during his hiatus, in fact it seems to have done wonders for his moustache …… hmmmmmm. http://uk.movember.com/

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gillian McKeith – I’m A Faking Celebrity?

Picture 095
I’ve really missed watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with Darrell, but he has been watching it in Portsmouth and he’ll be back later tonight so we can share the last week together.  We still love Stacey with her lovely smile and she is our favourite to win …. but we think that perhaps Sean might pip her to the post. (Cheryl Cole is a far distant memory for Darrell now!)
Gillian McKeith on the other hand is not a crush either of us are likely to develop!  However the question both Darrell and I would like Ant and Dec to ask her is:-  if she professes so vehemently about not know anything about the programme and has never even seen it before ……. how come she knew enough to smuggle in such a vast array of spices, herbs and flavourings? Hmmmm we thinks the lady doth protest a little too much and is a fake!
And “if you really are what you eat” …… we suggest she comes and lives with us (no not really!, only figuratively speaking), where she would certainly benefit from our five a day regime!

Homeward Bound from Darrell's Second £9.50 Sun Holiday In As Many Weeks - Stopping Off At Winchester.

Winchester Cross
I like a bit of history. 
Picture 229
It makes me feel full of awe and wonder……..
City Cross Winchester
…….. learning about stuff from the olden days.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho! Darrell’s Second Sun £.9.50 Holiday in as Many Weeks – Part 8 – Up the Spinnaker!

Picture 152
The end of my holiday is drawing nigh and with the festive season just a week away, I really should be with Monkey helping to start our Yuletide preparations, but,  no holiday to Portsmouth would be complete without a trip up the Spinnaker and so I have left the best till last.
Picture 190
It was  rather high and at first my vertigo was in danger of getting the better of me, but when Lucy said firmly “Darrell, what’s the worse that can happen?” I pulled myself together and then thought I would try this psychological tic-tac on Lucy herself next time we go anywhere near a boat, and the subject of sharks rears it's ugly head saying "Lucy, exactly how many sharks have attacked pleasure cruisers (in say Bournemouth) this year?"
Picture 182
I soon became quite bold …..and pushed myself to new limits …. (or heights!)
Picture 171
I couldn’t quite bring myself to walk across the glass floor .......
Picture 175
........ But I lay down and looked over the edge, without the slightest of collywobbles.
Picture 167
My only disappointment, and it’s only a teensy weensy one, is that there wasn’t a button badge for me to buy in the gift shop, I would have loved one to wear beside my Mudeford Quay one.
Picture 195
Fears conquered it's onwards and upwards as they say ….. perhaps the Eiffel or Blackpool Tower next?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho – Darrell’s Second Sun Holiday In As Many Weeks Part 7 – Awe and Wonder!

Picture 121
Look at the size of those lollies!
Picture 122
And look at the size of this grabber!!!! 
As the bald bloke with glasses on Masterchef would say “The amusements have just got bigger!”

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho - Darrell's Second £9.50 Sun Holiday In As Many Months - Part 6

Picture 118
I wish we had telescopes like this in Wolverhampton, you can see things that are really far away…….
Isle of Wight Ferry
……. like the Isle of Wight Ferry.  It would have been nice to go “abroad” for a day, but Lucy’s fear of sharks continues to hang heavy over us.
Picture 104
While I was on the beach this morning, pondering, I wondered if Paul McKenna could hypnotise Lucy out of her shark phobia.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho - Darrell's Second £9.50 Sun Holiday In As Many Months - Part 4

Braekfast Tea
I have taken it upon myself to take everyone a nice cup of coffee in bed each morning so that they can wake up slowly, ready for the rigours of a day out beside the seaside.
What a Mess
I have to admit that I’m not the tidiest or most organised person in the world.
Which is probably why I bought Bovril with us instead of Marmite ……. ooooops, not exactly Lucy’s favourite savoury breakfast spread of choice.
Peace and Pondering
While everyone is showering and getting ready to go out, I like to take myself down to the beach for a bit of a ponder. This morning I pondered about where the nearest shop that sells Marmite is in relation to our caravan.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Portsmouth Ho! Darrell’s Second Sun £9.50 Holiday In As Many Months – Part 3

Picture 142
The weather is BRILLIANT, it’s mid November and I’m sitting in my shirt sleeves having a mocha latte cappo something., I feel very decadent!
Picture 143 Picture 144
……. And they have dead posh ice creams in Southsea, where we spent much of today
Picture 145 Picture 147
Lucy and I decided to have a different ice cream each so that we could taste each others. I naturally went the whole hog and opted for the “waffle with sprinkles, choc twin with flake” whereas Lucy made a more refined choice and had  a “Bunnies Ears”. Lucy isn’t one for much unabandoned nomming, but I am sure I heard her having a very quiet one!
Picture 226

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Apple Crumble for Children In Need 2010

I hope you don’t mind me interrupting transmission of Darrell’s Portsmouth Ho adventures, but yesterday was Children In Need and the lovely girls what cook, made and sold apple crumbles to help raise some money.
Children In Need 1
I am very partial to an apple crumble so I made sure my name was on the top of the list and duly paid my £2.50 .
Picture 008
I went and checked production in the cookery room and it was like a military operation, first they peeled and chopped the apples.
Picture 010
Then they prepared the crumble, my favourite bit!
Children in Need 4
And I was there as they went into the oven, the smell was divine!  I knew I was in for a most satisfying tea when I got home.
Picture 015 
Every detail had been thought of and I got my crumble in a lovely carrier bag with my name on and some coloured sticky spots.
Picture 016
The crumble was still warm as I travelled home on the Banga bus, so my lap was all toasty. “Got your tea there have you Monkey?” asked George “It smells most pleasant and appealing”  I wonder what Mrs.George had got for his tea?
Picture 024
I liked the label on the packaging, with all the instructions and stuff, but I think someone had trouble spelling my name! But I didn’t really need the bit about being frozen or put in the fridge………
Picture 025 
……. because it didn’t last that long. I did think of saving a bit for Darrell ….. but I’m sure he’s having treats of his own.
Picture 027
I didn’t put anything on my crumble, I didn’t want anything to detract from my wonderful pudding ……… non, nom, nom, nom, nom! What a BRILLIANT Children in Need feast.  I will write a letter to the girls what cook over the weekend to thank them and compliment them on their culinary talents! Nom, nom.