Thursday, 31 December 2009

Making Lucy A Bracelet

Monkey making bracelet
It feels really different to be in my ordinary clothes after weeks in a Santa suit!

I was a bit bored this afternoon so I made a bracelet for Lucy.  It was very fiddly and the beads kept on rolling off the table onto the floor.

Tonight I am seeing the New Year in with my family.  We are going for an Indian Buffet and then to Grandad Colin's.  We will exchange handmade gifts, which is all very exciting.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas is Over

Monkey with snowman
I think this is the last time I will wear my Santa suit until next year. Tomorrow I might hit the sales and see if I can find me a few new outfits to start the New Year off.
This poor snowman looks very sad at the thought of being stuck in a box in a dark attic until next December, so I have decided that “Snowmen aren’t just for Christmas” and Chris, as I have named him is going to stay in my mums craft room all year round …… but not too near the radiator!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Trying Out My Baking Stuff

Yesterday I said I was going to learn how to bake cakes and look what Lucy has found me ……
Monkey making cakes
Some monkey sized baking tins, so I can make a sponge sandwich
Monkey making cakes 1
….. some heart shaped cake cases and some diddy stars for teeny weeny cakes. I just practiced today ….. I need some flour, eggs and sugar before I can start baking for real ……..

Monday, 28 December 2009

Thank You Letters

I had a brilliant Christmas and life is gradually returning to normal.
Monkey Says Thank You 1
The most important job today is to write all my “Thank You” letters. I had a lovely set of cupcake and cookie gift cards that I am using to do this.  they are ever-so good as they have a recipe on the back to go with the picture on the card.
Monkey Says Thank You
I am saving one of each card for myself so I can try out the recipe.  This is going to be one of my New Years Resolutions – to learn how to make cakes.
After all my writing, I am looking forward to my tea tonight – as it’s turkey and chips, my festive favourite.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


I’ve Wii’ed a lot this Christmas!
Tom and Laura bought their Wii over for our festive entertainment.  I liked playing the Beatles best.
But I am a bit slow because of my stumpy hands.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Time For Friends

It’s going to be a brilliant Boxing Day as my two best friends have come to spend the day with me.
monkeys at the table
We’ve been mates since we were at infant school together in Mrs McSweeny’s class. She always said she couldn’t tell us apart!
monkeys watching the tele
We’re going to watch a re-run of the Queen’s Speech, the Sound of Music and eat Quality Street together.
Monkeys exchanging gifts
Then exchange small gifts under the tree.
Monkeys by the tree
We’ll probably reminisce of Christmas’s past…..
Monkeys on the stairs
……. and just enjoy being in each others company. Who could ask for anything more?

Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Morning – Santa’s Been!

Santa's been
I woke up at 5.30 and found Santa had been!
I can’t believe all my lovely presents, I had a new red pencil case, a notebook and some pens, just like I asked for and then I had some surprise presents which makes me extra doubly lucky. Santa left me a tape measure that fits on my belt and a tiny spirit level so I can always be sure all my pictures and stuff are put up straight as well as a lovely tube of crayons and a stapler that has coloured staples in.
Picture 544
THANK YOU SANTA XXXXXXXX I hope you got home safe and sound.
Picture 467
Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Auntie Jan Puts Up Paper Chains & It’s Christmas Eve!

Auntie Jan came yesterday afternoon and put up the paper chains that she had made for us as her “festive make” (this is a family tradition which will be revealed in my New Years Eve’s post).  She had punched holly leaves and berries in every single link!!! – our dining room looks gorgeous!


I love Christmas Eve, sometimes it’s more exciting than Christmas Day.  At six o’clock I will be going to the Christingle Service at Church. I love singing carols, my favourite is Come All Ye Faithful, I always belt it out!

When I get back from church,  I will light all the nightlights in the lanterns I have hung in one of the trees in the back garden, to remember all the people who aren’t with us anymore at Christmas like Granny Shelia.

lanterns in the tree
It doesn’t look much in the daylight, but it will look beautiful when it’s dark, and I will gaze a while and remember ….
Lanterns in the tree 1

tree lanterns Tree Lanterns 1
At Midnight, I will be going to Midnight Mass.  The church is only over the road. I love the way everything is very still and hushed at that time of night, with only the old church bell clanging.

knitted nativity

The Motor World Shop in the village has put this lovely knitted Nativity in its window and Chris in the knitting/come gift shop, always takes the bits out of the window and puts a crib and star there instead.
Shop Window Crib
Silent Night ………

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Paperchains & Christmas Tele

Aunty Jan showed me how to make paperchains, so I have made some for my bedroom, they were a bit fiddly and kept on getting tangled, but my room does look very festive now.
I have also been studying my TV magazine and have put a ring round all the programmes I would like to watch.
TV times
I won’t miss the Queen on Christmas Day because I love her and will record it to watch on Boxing day when my mates come round.  I won’t be watching anything with Bruce Forsyth in as he gives me the ebby-jebbies, I love Celebrity Come Dine With Me and Gordon Ramsey.  In fact I think I will try to cook more next year ……
I don’t like Eastenders at all, too much shouting and always a festive death!  However I am partial  to Coronation Street, although I don’t like Molly and Kevin carrying on and Gail Platt and her her simpering voice and fluttery eyelashes when she is trying to be seductive or understanding!

I am looking forward to The Pirates of the Caribbean, as that will remind my most fondly of my Brownie Weekend with Auntie Jan.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Santa’s Plate & Final Festive Preparations

My Mum found this brilliant plate in Poundland.  You can write on it, telling Santa what you would like him to leave you when he comes. He can read it while he is eating the chocolate hobnobs I am leaving him.
I haven’t really decided what I would like for Christmas yet ….. a new pencil case would be nice with some new pens, and perhaps a notebook ……….
Making pillow presents
It’s been my job this Christmas to do the “pillow presents” for Christmas Eve, they have to be small to fit in a little stocking.  For Lucy I found a little spotty purse and some chocolate money to put in it, a monkey zip pull, a princess picture frame and a funny vodoo  angel doll phone charm.  It was quite a squash to get it all in.
putting stocking on pillow
Lucy’s room looks lovely now.
Lucy's Bedroom
She has even got a snowman alarm clock to wake her on the festive morn and snowman towels to dry herself after her Yuletide shower.
Picture 535 Picture 534
Sweet festive dreams Lucy.

Monday, 21 December 2009

A Christmas Present For George

 Present for George
I have got George, the Banga bus driver, a little present for Christmas.  He is very kind, if I am a bit late in the morning he will take me to the top of the road for free and he will stop where you want to get off instead of just stopping at the bus stop.
Picture 012
I went to the cash machine to check how much money I had and then went to town and got George some fingerless mittens, because his hands must get quite cold while he is driving.
George is the only bus driver for our village so we must look after him.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow in Wolverhampton!!!!

One of the technicians at my Mum’s Work knew how disappointed I was that there was snow in London but not Wolverhampton!
snowmonkey 5
So he gave me some magic powder that when mixed with water made snow for me to play with.
 snow monkey2
It was wonderful and even cold to touch. It was good for throwing up into the air, but wouldn’t stick together to make snowballs.  It was sooooo much fun ……
snowmonkey 3
And I tried ever so hard not to get it all over the office carpet …..

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sprout Racing

I am so excited ……  we have got Tesco Sprout Racing Crackers to play with on Christmas Eve when Granddad Colin and Uncle Iain are coming for festive bangers and mash!
A couple of years ago one of the ladies in the office leant us hers to play with one afternoon and since then I have dreamed of having some jumping sprouts of my own

My mum made a little track, I am sure she will make another one for us this year.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Double Tut – 17th December

I opened two parcels today as there is now just one day to go in the office.
I had a lovely Christmas angel to put on my tree.
choc snowmen
And a net of chocolate Santa's, yum, yum, yum.
However, I have to admit that the ladies in the office and I are a little sweetied out
The pile of tins is bigger than me, and on Monday we all had bags of homemade chocolate fudge.  All the ladies in the office have said, at one point or another, “We feel blessed, in a Hello Magazine type way.”  and I am sure I heard my mum say “I feel sick, in a icky sort of way”!
inflatable snowman

Santa’s Grotto

As you may have gathered I love visiting Christmas Grottos.
IMG_1653 IMG_1652
This grotto is a cracker!
I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
I look so at home here, escorting this lovely lady to her ball in her swan like carriage.