Saturday, 30 April 2011

It Was Such A Perfect Day

Picture 157
We had another post lined up for today, but please forgive us if we linger a little longer amongst the remnants of  cake and confetti left over from yesterday ……. we’re still a little full in the awe and wonder department.

Darrell a little more so, as to further compound the emotions of the day Stacey Solomon was a guest on Paul O’Grady Live last night. 
Buoyed up by all the romance, when viewers were asked to send in questions for Paul’s guests, Darrell emailed to ask if Stacey would marry him, but said he couldn’t promise her a balcony or a fly over ….. but Paul never read it out …….. perhaps Darrell  will get an email in a day or to, when she’s had time to think about it.
Picture 168
We’re also expecting a couple of photographs from Hugh, our friend who lives in Notting Hill and who now no longer dreams of the celebrity showbiz life, because he is actually  living it, as soon as we get them we’ll post them here, but he was telling us that he had told the world press about our blog …….. which was very kind of him!
Picture 160
Anyway ….. onwards and upwards …… time to put away our crisp white shirts and bunting …… and get back to reality ……

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding – Wasn’t It Fine?

Picture 158
We are just so very fortunate to live on this septic isle ….
Picture 159
The wedding …… all the pomp and circumstantial evidence, it was just too wonderful for words and we both admit to filling up so many times during the morning that our hankies were quite damp at the end of it all….
Picture 145
Auntie Jan has a very spooky Derek Acorah moment as she said she thought that the Queen would be wearing yellow as there was no one else in Westminster Abbey wearing it.  She thought that the invitation must have said, “You are cordially invited NOT to wear yellow ‘cos that colour has been bagsed already, by Her Maj”
Picture 149 !
And how lovely did Kate look? Even Darrell remarked that much as he adores Stacey Solomon, even she couldn’t have looked more beautiful than Kate did today.
Picture 151
When Harry turned to William at the alter and said “Wait till you see what’s coming”, that’s when we filled up for about the tenth time.  He looked at her so lovingly.
The Kiss Royal Wedding 2011
As for the kiss …… we both sighed ….. so romantic …
Picture 169
We have both decided that we would like to wear a military uniform at least once in our lives ….. even we would look handsome ….
Picture 170
But, we were glad we weren’t wearing uniforms when we tucked into our matrimonial Tesco profiterole stack as, though we ate them very carefully, cream squirted everywhere …..and so our lovely white shirts are now in the wash!
Picture 167
Wasn’t it good, wasn’t it fine, so much happiness, we had a brill time! …….. sniff!

Our Official Unofficial Royal Wedding Photos

Now that all the formalities of the day are over and the tele is just showing re-runs of today’s matrimonial events, we thought we would show you some more of our official unofficial wedding photo’s, this time reflecting our  more casual and reflective pronuptial mood.
Picture 114
Picture 115 Picture 118
Picture 119
Auntie Jan remarked that there was something a bit Elton John/David Furnish about these pictures, but we can’t see it!
 Picture 120

Our Official Royal Wedding Pictures!

Well, now it’s gone a bit quiet and while we, like everyone else in the country are waiting for the balcony scene at about 1.30pm, we thought we would share the first of our official royal wedding photos with you …..
1 Royal Wedding Official Photographs 
We have all felt the sense of occasion deeply ….
Picture 104
…… and sense that we have, in some small way,  been part of a very historical day.
Picture 105
It was ALL very beautiful and we were moved by all the pomp and circumstance. What a lovely couple!

10.30 am - In Position Waiting For the Royal Wedding to Start ….

Picture 111
Well, we scrub up pretty well don’t we?

They’re Going to The Abbey, And They’re Going To Get Married …..

We are so excited …. today’s the day!
Picture 100 Picture 101
Last night Darrell put up our royal wedding bunting as he didn’t want us to have a big rush in the morning …..
Hanging Out the Royal Wedding Bunting
I expect the Queen has decked her gardens at Buckingham Palace in a very similar fashion, but her bunting of choice probably came from a posh  London shop like Liberty, not the 99p Shop in Wolverhampton like ours.
Picture 091
Darrell was very careful with his bunting hanging, making sure it was all evenly spaced……
Picture 102
…… and I have to say he made a fantastic job of it, I even have to admit to filling up a little when I saw his efforts.
Wedding day Muffins
Darrell also prepared some nomtasic, gourmet, prenuptial blueberry muffins for our wedding morn’ breakfast,  after which we will get ourselves ready to watch the fairytale unfold before us. I think on the quiet Darrell quite fancies himself as a bit of a wedding planner, he has taken all this preparation very much to heart!
Picture 097
It’s going to be such a wonderful day …. we are so excited and deeply proud of our royal heritage, the Queen is our number one favourite person in the whole wide world.
Picture 093
The lemonade is on ice …… let’s get this party started ……
We hope to bring you  more pictures throughout the day to show you how our day has gone …..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hugh’s A Star In London Tonight!

Westminster Abbey Night before Royal Wedding
We are soooooooo jealous, Hugh (our best friend who lives in Notting Hill and dreams of a celebrity showbiz life) has only been right in the hub of all the pre-nuptualities tonight  outside Westminster Abbey, just how exciting is that?  It’s only off the Richter Scale in pre-marital celebration………!!
This is what Hugh wrote to us earlier today
“You make me smile so much, I could do with those sweets tonight boys as I am going to walk the royal wedding route soaking up the excitement and giving out little wedding party bags of homemade goodies and things of a royal nature to those who have braved the streets of London to see the drama unfold before their very eyes and so that their adventure to London will be a bit more special and a day to hold dear to their hearts big show biz wave” Hugh
Hotel pre Royal Wedding
He said he was mobbed!  In the bags were a cupcake, a card, a party blower, some sweets and some rice, a party hat and a friendship band, plus the blog address of this blog and an invitation to one of his famous showbiz friends Stephen’s show at the Queens Head in Chelsea tomorrow.  We are so proud of him ….. he really is living the dream!!!!
He even drove past the hotel where the big royal party was! (see pic above)

Fox’s Limited Edition Clearly British Celebration – A Prenuptial Confectionary Review

Fox's Clearly British Celebration
Look what Auntie Jan found for us, patriotic wedding sweeties of a boiled type nature from Fox’s (1p from every pack is donated to Help The Heroes)
Fox's Clearly British celebration Sweets
They come in raspberry, blueberry and cloudy lemonade flavours and we found them all quite refreshing on the palette. They will be a most welcome suckie sweet to suck  while we are waiting for all  the exciting wedding bits to begin! I daresay Fox’s have given the Queen a few for free to pop into her majestic handbag to calm her nerves and stave off any hunger pains before she gets to the wedding reception.
Fox's Gacier Fruits
Our only disappointment is that there isn’t actually a blue sweet in the pack, the sweets are pink, red and white.
Fox's Clearly British Celebration Sweeties
We surmise that this could be a health and safety issue, due to the harmful affects of artificial flavours and colourings. Heaven forbid if the Queen passed her free celebratory sweets along the regal pew in Westminster Abbey and they caused some of the royals to become hyperactive and excitable …..
Picture 066
Anyway we’ve  awarded Fox’s Clearly A British Celebration sweets 7 noms out of ten, mainly because of the lack of a true blue sweet!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wedding Preparation

Us excited ……..?  However did you guess?
Royal Wedding Preparation
We’ve been busy making matrimonial paperchains to festoon our lounge for the big day (as indeed the Queen and Prince Phillip must be doing too, but they, naturally, have their servants to lick their paperchains for them) While we were doing this Darrell came up with the brilliant idea of making  a paper crown for each of us, as befitting the celebratory circumstance!
Picture 059 Picture 071
We’ve made the badges …..
Royal Wedding paperchains Picture 072
…… and bought the tea towel…… from Aldi
Aldi Royal Wedding Tea Towel
And we have also sorted out our wedding outfit etiquette …. we have decided to wear a shirt and tie when watching the wedding service, but after, when the royal newly weds go back to the Palace, we will then change into our less formal yet smart t-shirts. We pride ourselves on our great sense of occasion, which we put down to reading Hello Magazine and now and again The Tattler
.Picture 061
We are almost ready …. as is our good mate Hugh (who lives in Notting Hill and dreams of a celebrity showbiz life), he has had his outfit made especially ……
Hughes Jacket
It’s very beautiful, and we are all a little envious. Darrell said he was endanger of out queening the Queen! Hugh is so outrageously flamboyant, but he can get away with it!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Monday Village Fair

Holy Cross Easter Monday Fair
Every year (except last year for some reason) our village has an Easter Monday Fair, they block the main street and fill it full of exciting stalls ……and all the money goes to the little church, how brilliant is that?
Easter Monday
It was REALLY crowded and I had to push a little to see things, but I felt a bit guilty,  as this was a sort of holy occasion and it was like I was putting myself before others.
Bilbrook Book Sta  Easter Monday Fayre
But I did manage to have a good look at the books …… but nothing caught my fancy. And I bought some tickets on the Bottle Tombola to see if I could win some bubble bath or tomato sauce,  but it wasn’t my lucky day!
Toy Stall Bilbrook Easter Monday Fayre
But I did find some interesting things on the old toy stall ……… and that’s where I spent most of my money…..
Holy Cross Easter Market Fire Engine
I would have liked to have had a little sit in the driving seat of the fire engine and perhaps rung the bell, but there a HUGE queue, so I just had a good look at the helmets and hoses.
Picture 129 
Before I left,  I stood and listened to the organ for a little while. The music was very romantic and evocative of bygone times. I dare say,  I had lived in the olden days, I might have found myself helping to “grind” an organ such as this.
Lady Wulfrun Organ
I can’t believe all these exciting things were all going on within a few yards of our house, and as it was a warm day, we had all the windows open so I could still hear the organ tutting out tunes like Tulips from Amsterdam, Crystal Chandeliers  and The Dambusters Theme as I showed Nigel the wonderful things I had found amongst the stalls…
.Bilbrook Easter Monday Fair
….. some building blocks and some wooden dominoes …. I wanted them for crafty purposes,  but it won’t do any harm to left him play with them for a while …they might even help him learn to spell his name .
Nigels spells his name