Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Day 2017

Our first Pancake Day in Evesham …….. and to ring in the changes and start new traditions, we had pancakes for breakfast instead of tea.
Pancake Day 2017I thought I had made an ample sufficiency …….
Pancake Day 2017.……. but after agreeing to make another ten on top of the ten I had already made I decided it was best to say “….that’s it!” Nigel looked as is he had the pancake sweats and Darrell had a look of regret on his face. I said that I thought we’d all eaten enough to store in our bodies, though I am not sure where, like camels store water until Easter ….. I dread to think what the scales will say when Darrell goes to his next weigh in!  Oh well, it’s done now …….Happy Pancake Day!

Monday, 27 February 2017

German Confectionary Review No. 3–Milka Kuhflecken.

Our understanding of the German language continues to gather apace, we now know that Kuhflecken means Happy Cow, and should we ever travel to Teutonic lands, we shall endeavour to mention it in all conversation, be it relevant and irrelevant!  What are we like ……… but almost German!!!
Milka KuhfleckenSo today, Nigel selected the bar of Milka Kuhflecken from our box of German confectionary delights, a wonderful gift from our overseas friends Ze Monkeys.
Milka Cow Patterned ChocolateWe have enjoyed Milka chocolate before, if not this actual variety, and knew that we were in for a treat, a smooth, creamy quality chocolate, comforting and in this case with the extra novelty of having a random cow pattern incorporated, made up of white and milk chocolate …… let’s just say it delivered and delivered again, must robustly.
Milka Happy Cow ChocolateIn fact, it made us so mellow and relaxed we adjourned to the settee to really unwind and enjoy all it’s pleasures in full, with a bit of afternoon Judge Rinder (our all time Judge of Judicial Choice) and awarded it an unprecedented and without   jurisprudence 649 out of 650 on our Richter Scale of German Happy Cow Noms ………
richter scale of noms……. believe us, that’s a quite unbelievable score!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Doris's Aftermath!

You may remember a while back when I told you about a bet Darrell and I had as to the date when a fence down the road might finally give up and topple over …..  http://mumsmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/there-she-goes.html
falling down fence aWell, with Storm Doris having now passed over, I wondered how said fence had faired  in the tempest tossed storms of the past week and whether we were any nearer to Darrell creating his much promised “Keel Over” cocktail to celebrate. Darrell bet it would go over around 14th February and I predicted mid March.
wonky fence bets on[12]Falling down fence
I think it’s safe to say that Darrell has lost his bet  ….. but I have another three weeks or so to go …… then it’ll be bottoms up for me …… as well as the fence!!!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Nigel Claims His Reward ……..

As you know Buongiorno Cafe is our Italian Cafe of choice in Evesham, I think we must its pleasure at least once a week.
loyalty Cardfree teacake and hot drink
And, after each visit Nigel always makes sure his loyalty card is well and truly stamped because when it is full he gets a free hot drink and teacake.
Buorgiorno Cafe EveshamEach treat is eight weeks in the making, and yesterday Nigel went to claim his “reward”, determined to enjoy every single crumb, currant and slurp.
Gigantic Bite in TeacakeLet’s just say it did not disappoint, and his next card is already safe in his wallet, ready for the stamp collecting to begin again.  Happy, Happy Evesham Days.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hurricane Storm Doris Hits!

Hurricane Doris hit the UK yesterday …… inside The Towers we were as snug as a bugs under a rug as the storm raged outside, but naturally curiosity got the better of Nigel, wanting to go outside to feel what being in the eye of a needle in a storm was like …….
storm doris 9…….. but there was no way I was going to let him go out alone, so I made Darrell go with him, while I checked our insurance policy!
storm doris 3The river was tempest tossed, although Darrell said it was hard to capture.  There were  crests on the waves and the barges and other boats were certainly doing a lot of bobbing.
storm doris 8There were also some very seasick looking ducks being tossed up and down, if they could have paddled over to Darrell and Nigel against the wind and tide, they certainly wouldn’t have been in the mood eat any bread.
storm doris 4Nigel and Darrell had been wearing bobble hats when they left the flat, but in the end had to give up trying to keep them on.
storm doris 6.....Darrell said it would have been almost romantic, had he been able to catch his breath and stop worrying about his hair ……  and …. worrying about Nigel being blown by a ferocious gust into the swell.storm doris 11But Nigel was wary anyway, and stayed well away from the waters edge and from under wildly bending branches
storm doris 10….. but noted that if you were one of those people who whimsically liked to collect kindling for your fire, there would be plenty to gather once Hurricane Doris had passed over.
I was glad to see them come back, windswept and out of puff, but in one piece. I said it might be best to batten down the hatches and watch the rest of the storm from the window, with Nigel keeping an eye out for “our” squirrels as their tree, opposite us was really taking a bashing, and prayed that all the boats in the marina were securely moored.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Most Perfect Place To Live ……

Darrell reckons Evesham has pretty much EVERYTHING that anyone could ever want …….
Wrestling.……. what is he like?

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nigel And More Romantic Notions

Nigel is now more desperate for a boat than ever before ……..
Romantic Fishing Boat.….. after he spotted two gentlemen yesterday fishing from a boat in the marina …..
romantic fishing boat……. and he reckons it’s the most romantic sight of a fishing type nature he has seen across the way so far. Oh ……Heaven help us!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

German Confectionary Review No.2 Bahlsen ABC Russisch Brot.

For our Germanic delectation today Nigel selected the packet of ABC Russisch Brot, which our German Freunde Ze Monkeys kindly explained meant Russian Bread …… we were intrigued …….
ABC Russian Bread….. and even more so when Ze Monkeys added, in their note, that they were neither Russian or bread, so intrigue, piled up on confectionary intrigue!
ABC Russian Bread. aThe contents of the bag were more than generous, and as pre-warned, didn’t look Russian or like bread. They looked more like a very light and glossy biscuit, and we anticipated that they would have a gingery taste about them.
ABC Russian Bread 1The texture was indeed very light and crispy and the flavour ….. was not at all gingery but more of  a rich, dark comforting treacle, and they certainly did not disappoint. They were very, very moreish, and quickly disappeared in a flurry of very happy nomming.
German Russian Bread…… but not before we tried to spell out “nom” with them ….. sadly the only proper word we could make was “nice” with a kiss, which was rather feeble considering our very positive reaction to them, but then Nigel pointed out that as they are German they were probably only made to spell German words, and we don’t know any!
And our score? As I said, we were very, very  impressed, and so for ABC Russisch Brot we would like to score them a robust 125 furlongs out of 130, on our now, almost world famous, Richter Scale of Noms.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Nigel, Still With His Bargain Hunt Ambitions ……

Nigel has spotted some antique tools at the local Antique Centre, one of his favourite haunts at the moment …….
antique toolsThey are, he said, a bargain!  You might be able to buy new tools in Poundland for the same price …….. but, from our experience, they don’t last that long ……. and more importantly, mused Nigel, new tools are devoid of any gravitas or mystic …… or that certain tool shed smell.
Giant wooden malletThese tools says Nigel are most probably centuries old and so have a lovely patina about them.  What wonderful romantic rustic tales could they could tell of craftsmen and their trusty apprentices fashioning things of wood?  He said if he was on Bargain Hunt, he would try and put a bundle together to sell at auction but I know he has an eye on the mallet for himself for driving in the pegs for the tent he had for Christmas. I think I need to suggest he looks for something a little smaller, even if it is from Poundland ……. said mallet could do some serious damage in the wrong hands.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Always Something Going On

There is always something interesting to read about on the notice boards scattered round Evesham.NoticeboardIn the Garden of England and surrounding fertile areas cross fertilisation, sprouting, forking, rooting up and pollinating are very much a way of life. If we had a garden of our own, a daily mulching and drilling would be de rigeuer, and seed swapping  a definite date on our horticultural calendar ………Seed swap……. but alas, this is not a pleasure we can take part in, being without a garden, unless ……. I apply for an allotment????
ClementiBut, there are always plenty of intellectual talks we could go to  …… an evening learning about Clementi, “Born in Rome and Died in Evesham”. Sadly, I am found ignorant and wanting, but I am sure Mr D can enlighten us.  Perhaps this might be a little too heady and heavy for us at the moment, however, I will keep looking, because there is bound to be something that will eventually fire our imaginations and broaden our horizons, beyond the odd confectionary or cake review.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Tea-Spot of the Week – Word of Mouth Café , Evesham

Yesterday afternoon I thought I would pop  into Word of Mouth Café, somewhere I have passed by many, many times, but never ventured in ……
Evesham Word of MOuthEvesham Abbey
…… it’s right by the Abbey and so is in a very picturesque part of town.
Word Of Mouth Cafe EveshamMain Street Evesham
It did not disappoint…….
Cakes Today Word of MouthWord of MOuth Cake Selection.
…….. with a very full and robust choice of cake.
Word of Mouth Cake selectionI have to admit, I did linger for quite a while at the said cake counter, because when it comes to choosing cake I can’t be hurried. I like to take my time with important decisions.
Word of Mouth EveshamIn the end I opted for the date,oat and raspberry slice. It was almost too wonderful for words. I would describe it as a slice of pure comfort, moist and rich, I ate it very, very slowly so as to savour all its loveliness in its entirety.
Word of Mouth Evesham. This is definitely a place to bring Hugh when he pays a State Visit, as it specializes in food for allergy sufferers, vegans, vegetarians as well us meat eaters, and as far as I could see, there wasn’t a quiche in sight, which would please Hugh immensley …. as he would say “Not all vegitareans eat quiche, darling!”Vegan food of the dayAnd I know that Darrell and Nigel, would always be up for a “Guest Sausage Roll”
MenuThere were books all around the café and after a little mooching I discovered that they have an Honesty Book Shop where you can borrow a book and bring it back, swap one of your books for one of theirs or just buy one, with all the money received being sent to Uganda to help pay for a young boys school fees. There were a couple of titles I quite fancied, so that’s a no brainer.
Word of Mouth Word of Mouth Book Club
The café is very homely and cosy, but sadly it’s not really big enough for us to wheel in a double buggy when we are on Baby Patrol, however in the warmer weather it would be a most excellent spot for sitting outside ……… and perhaps …… do a little people watching!
morris dancers

Friday, 17 February 2017

Nigel’s Bargain Hunt Aspirations

When we are home just chilling, we all very much enjoy watching Bargain Hunt with our mid morning coffee and chocolate covered Hob Nob. I also think that Nigel quite fancies that he could be rather good on it, if, they could find a red or blue jacket that would fit him ……
Evesham Anitque centre…….. as he has taken to having a mooch round a couple of Evesham’s antiques centres after Music, Rhythm and Rhyme at the library on a Friday afternoon.
vesham Antique CentreHe reckons that if he could get this very desirable majolica plate of crusteans for £35 (currently marked up at £45), he could almost double his money if he went to auction, no problem!
crustancean antique  Majolica plate
However, he also thinks that it could add a certain something to the ambience of  our lounge. I am not so sure, I think it could turn into the stuff of nightmares! I can imagine, one evening, with lights dimmed, and a little too much cheese for supper,  Nigel and Darrell scaring themselves witless thinking that they seen a tentacle or feeler move!!!
lobster on a plateIt is definitely an acquired taste and perhaps more suited to the walls of an en-trend  fish restaurant rather than our bijoux riverside apartment!