Sunday, 31 March 2013

A VERY Happy Easter Morn …..

When Nigel woke up this morning and saw what the Easter Bunny had left him it was truly an awesome awe and wonder moment to be beholden to …..
Easter Morning…. His little face was a picture ….. he didn’t say anything for ages …. he just looked and then blinked hard to make sure he was seeing right   …. and then had a little sniff or two ….
Easter awe and WonderIt was all very magical ….. Nigel got the chocolate bunny he had asked for and a surprise Easter Egg tree that was beyond his wildest dreams!
Easter Egg Tree.We all shared the moment with him …..
037……. the snow of the past week was all but a distant memory …… and Nigel,  no longer seasonally confused,  had finally felt safe enough to divest himself of his woolly hat ……
052……. and the promise of the breaking spring swelled in our hearts ….
Easter Eggs from USAWe also had another Eastertide surprise for Nigel, a package that we had kept well hidden,  which we strongly suspected had come all the way from romantic Florida from Christopher, Dianne and Doug …..
Easter Cards  …… Our spooky Derek Acorah feelings and suspicions were indeed correct, the parcel contained a lovely Easter card ……
044…… and a beautifully wrapped and be-ribboned present for each of us
047Reese peanut butter eggs
We let Nigel open his first ….. it only contained two mahoooosive Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs …….. OMG and nom, nom, nom …….
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggas….. Darrell’s and my parcel revealed the same ….. we were all totally and robustly overwhelmed as we ADORE Reese’s peanut butter confectionary comestibles almost as much as we adore Marmite, but as they are quite expensive they are a rare treat ….. and as we have never ever seen peanut butter eggs before it was almost too much joy for us to cope with.  THANK YOU sooooooo much Christopher, Dianne and Doug …. we can vouchsafe that these Easter dainties will not be gobbled up quickly …. but will be nibbled delicately and slowly and savoured in a most romantic type nature.
Easter Morning 2013…… And a salutary lesson learned,   Darrell and I will never, ever doubt Nigel’s unstinting faith in the Easter Bunny again … xxxxx HAPPY EASTER xxxxx

Saturday, 30 March 2013

‘Twas The Day/Night Before Easter

Nigel really has been unable think of anything else other than the coming of the Easter Bunny …..
Holy Cross Easter Monday Fair…. and because of that he didn’t want to wander very far from home,  except to double check, for the umpteenth time that the Easter Monday Fair at the church across the road was still going ahead on Monday, weather permitting ….
The Night Before Easter…. and then all he wanted to do was go to bed straight after his tea,  even though it was only 6 o’clock ….. as he wanted the Easter Bunny to be rest assured that it was alright for him to hop on by as Nigel was now very fast asleep. I told Nigel the real story of Easter out of my head and then.......... 
Waiting for the Easter Bunny............ he made me check one more time that everything he had left out for the Easter Bunny was set out properly and would be found by the aforementioned Easter Bunny easily  …..
Presents for the Easter Bunny…… the mahooosive iceberg lettuce, Nigel’s Easter egg pail for his “hoped for” goodies and his letter …..
Lettuce for the Easter Bunny…… Yes, it was all there.  Night night Nigel …… sweet chocolaty dreams and don’t let the Easter bed bugs bite!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Nigel’s Letter To The Easter Bunny …

009Nigel still continues to be seasonally confused ……and as such decided “use” this state of confusion to write a letter to the Easter Bunny ….. to hedge his bets on seasonally appropriate chocolatey comestible type gifts!
007Nigel is still having trouble with which way his b’s and d’s go …. but is now getting his e’s mostly the right way round ….. so his letter a creditable effort, considering he didn’t have any help, though I thought his Easter Bunny had a slightly sinister expression about him!
Easter Bunny LetterI am not sure on where he is planning to leave his letter for the aforementioned Easter Bunny or if there will be any accompanying comestibles to go with it a la Santa …..  a lettuce leaf or a hot cross bun perhaps??? 
Letter to easter Bunny.And, no doubt, Nigel is now planning on leaving something hanging by his bedside to accommodate his hoped for choclately present ….. but quite what,  I just don’t know…..!!  What is he like??????

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Let The Festivities Begin ……

With the Easter Holidays almost upon us and then no work for the next two weeks  Darrell and Nigel decided that it was time to deck the halls of Castle Greysquirrel, of a  festive type nature,  starting with the bathroom facilities and appropriately seasonal and spring type toilet paper ……
Easter toilet roll….. even though Nigel is still very seasonally confused and challenged by the recent snow  ….. and is currently refusing to divest himself of his woolly hat and jumper just in case it snows again ….
seasonal tiolet tissue springTo (miss) quote badly the Barry White song ….. “It may (still) be winter outside, but in their hearts it’s spring”
Seasonal toilet roll EasterWhat is they like ……????

Easter Goodies Akimbo In Nigel’s Beloved Kitchen

Easter Cup cakesNigel told me that The Cook Lady had pulled out all the stops this year by way of her Easter comestibles and dragged me (not that I needed much dragging) along to see them for myself…..
WGHS Easter….. and as I was a “personal friend” of her No. 1 Sauce Rotation and Ice Cream Spatula Operative, to wit Nigel,  the aforementioned Cook Lady allowed me to purchase a considered comestible of choice before the “hoards descended”, a bit like an exclusive VIP viewing ……
017Nigel was sooooo proud as he told me that he had been allowed ….. after the scrupulous washing of his hands and donning of a hair net  to carefully position several chocolate eggs in strategic positions on several of the cupcake nests, for which The Cook Lady said she would award him a certificate for “Festive Egg Placement”
018I decided that I would avail myself of a mahoooosive lemony cupcake …. as I very much admired the generous proportion of buttercream that they afforded……
hocolate Easter Nests….. and Nigel obviously choose one of “his” nests …..
Easter chocolate nests…… followed by several chocolate covered cookies “Well…. ” he said “…. it would have looked most rude not too  ….. after all the effort The Cook Lady had put into them!"  What is he like?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hot Cross Buns

It’s GOT to be Easter …… ‘cos we’ve got hot cross buns for our holiday breakfast brunch repast ….
Tesco Hot Cross BunsNom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom
032To miss quote the late lamented Perry Como robustly ……. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter …..”

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What Are They Like?

Please Miss…….
Please Sir….. can we have some more!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Something For Nigel To Care For …..

Aunty Jan came round with a present for Nigel,  “Something,” she said “ ….. for Nigel to care for and nuture” ….. with a little help from Darrell if he wasn’t too indisposed being on trend and de rigueur! Grass head Bear..At first I feared that it may be an animal of some description ….. but breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was a Baby Bear Grass Head ……..
Baby Bear Grass Head…… something for Nigel to grow and wonder at. Darrell carefully read and relayed the instructions to an overawed Nigel …… Growing A Grass head.1. Open the can ….
Growing a Grass head2. Fill can with water …….
Grass head bear3. Leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes …..
Solar powered waving queen and grass headand finally  …… 4. Place in a position with a sunny disposition, to wit our kitchen window sill ….. to watch and wait with all due diligence.
Grass head Bear.While watching and waiting with all due diligence Nigel observed that it was quite a strange looking teddy and had it not been for its eyes and nose it could have easily been mistaken for a large poo …… OMG, what is he like!!!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Seasonal Confusion Ensues For Poor Nigel …..

Forecast More Snow WolverhamtonPoor Nigel, the unseasonal flurries of snow has sent him into a state of festive flux and Easter confusion ……
Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg…… he was just beginning to start to feel the tingle of Easter expectation  …..
Easter 2013 Bilbrook Easter Monday….. and now his worrying robustly as to whether the Easter Bunny will have to deliver our Easter eggs in Father Christmas’s sleigh….
Easter Conundrum…. and will our Easter Egg Hunt eggs will go all soggy in the snow if the itinerant weather continues unabated and akimbo  ……and don’t get me started about him fretting about all the poor daffodils and crocuses being frozen under the snow!! What is he like?

Saturday, 23 March 2013

It’s Snowing Robustly ….. In March !!!

039There was cause for much robust excitement yesterday morning when Darrell and Nigel got up and saw that it had been snowing during the night ……. snow hits midlands ….. as had been predicted by numerous weather forecasters (but not Derek Acorah … he doesn’t make predictions of a weather type nature ….. yet).
016The aforementioned snow put a whole new complexion on Darrell and Nigel’s preparations for getting to work ……
snow in March….. with wrapping up warm being order of the day.
March Snow WolverhamptonHowever, once out in the snow it soon became very apparent to them both that the snow wasn’t of the romantic Christmas type variety …..
Snow hits Midlands Wolverhampton…but was rather wet and slushy and not the sort to linger and frolic in …. so they hurried to the bus stop, desperate to get to work where, hopefully, the boiler would be stoked up and pumped to the max! WGHSWhen they finally got in they made a bee line for the coffee machine in the kitchen …..
033…damp of foot and cold of nose, seeking its warm chocolaty comforts ..
Shared Coffee…… to help warm up their cockles, before a hard days work, bless them!