Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What Are They Like ……..

Darrell says Hugh has been practising for a “possible” debut foray into the Worcestershire Village Show Circuit ……..
…….. with a composition called ……. “What Lies Beneath”
…… and has made Darrell take pictures of it from every conceivable angle so that he can critique it and then tweak the “concept” for said debut!
Darrell has confessed that he was not too sure about Hugh’s creation, a veritable  cornucopia of home grown garden produce it may well be, but when all is said and done  “what lies beneath” is still rather ugly, misshapen and over grown courgette ………
IMG_4235……. and he had questioned in his mind  whether “these village judge type people” are quite ready for Hugh and his creations!
Fortunately, as it turned out, Hugh had had second thoughts too and wasn’t sure how his overt showbiz tendencies would go down at the local village fete either ……
…… so, with the summer sangria flowing,  in erm ……. great abundance, he decided that he and Darrell should make an exhibition of themselves instead ……..
……. with all the typical Hugh and Darrell dreams and aspirations …….. but, in the privacy of their own back yard, and for their eyes only!!!!
IMG_4272Heaven help me …….. what do they look like?????

Monday, 21 August 2017

Hugh Car Boots??????

Hugh has discovered zee car boot, we’ve been telling him for years, but sometimes it’s best to let Hugh to find out some things for himself ……..
IMG_4189Now discovered, he is now wondering whether it might be a good place to “off load” some of his old stage costumes, although naturally he thought Christies ought to be given the first option to auction them if they thought there was the interest.
IMG_4188Darrell made a couple of considered purchases, but was really much more interested in seeing what caught Hugh’s eye………
……. and then going through it all again when they got home, which proved to be so much fun ……. like the tea cosies he went mad for, so quaint and English he trilled, and interesting head wear,  although not a trend likely to catch on, as a wind whistling through your spout hole is never conducive to a warm head, noted Darrell.
IMG_4284It goes without saying that there were a few beaded tranklements, as Hugh is the first to admit, he is forever distracted by shiny things!
IMG_4285Hugh also found a couple of real hand knitted patchwork blankets for his beloved dogs, so countrified and gentile he sighed, and a world away from what they have in Notting Hill ………
pet bedHugh also bought a “few darling little plants” for the garden that he said would ask his “man that does” to identify when he got in on Wednesday morning as Hugh doesn’t really do plant names.
IMG_4288 …… and finally some plums …….
IMG_4286…… because …… Hugh is exceedingly partial to the odd plum or two!!!  What is he like?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Cocktail Cabinet Envy ……..

Darrell has always had a thing about Hugh’s “Cabinet de cocktail”
IMG_4160It stands in the hall and although generally it’s left unlocked, it has a key with a very large and exotic beaded tassel that is always kept in the keyhole, which is so romantic.  It’s the sort of cabinet that Darrell says you need to wear a velvet smoking jacket when you proffer drinks from within, he really has serious cocktail cabinet envy!
IMG_4162And when you open it up ……. it’s just too wonderful, as a very evocative red light comes on, which in turn is reflected in the mirrored inside. Darrell also says that “……it smells of the olden days!”  What is he like? 
IMG_4164There is a place for everything, shelves with brass fittings on the door for small glasses, a drawer for all your accruements and a posh ice bucket, to Darrell, it just shouts class, unlike the copper Moscow Mule mugs and Tikki glasses of The Towers, for Hugh it can only be cut glass that rings when you ping it! 
IMG_4165…….. and as for Hugh’s jelly bean jars ………please don’t get Darrell started!!!!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

At One With The Soil

Hugh was keen to show Darrell all the other fruits, apart from his grapes, that his garden had yielded, and although it was Hugh’s “man that does” who had actually done all the tilling, sowing and reaping, Hugh said that it still made him feel very at one with the soil, even if his diamant√© wellies with cute suede tassels had not actually been any where near said soil!
IMG_4086Naturally to Darrell, the idea of having your own home grown potatoes, onions etc. was incredibly romantic, especially when you have a man “that does” to “do” them for you ……..
IMG_4090……. and, in some small way, he hankered for a little soil of his own to perhaps plough, harrow and scatter himself  ……
IMG_4088…… until he was bought back down to earth when he complimented Hugh on his very uniform mushrooms, only for Hugh to tell him, with a bit of a cough, that they were actually part of his order from Tesco!
But the eggs were all Hugh’s, and that he hoped Darrell would avail himself of a box or two at the end of his visit, as there were only so many that Hugh could eat ….. even when, as he was, currently, on the showbiz hard boiled egg diet!
In the garden too Hugh’s trees were bowing under the weight of his apples ……. 
……. and pears.
IMG_4106But what Hugh particularly wanted to show Darrell were his courgettes, which he said, for some reason, had got slightly out of hand ……….
IMG_4108…… however, he didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t enter them in one of the local village shows at the weekend, if Darrell wouldn’t mind giving him a hand in getting them ready ………. I dread to think what on earth that entailed!

Friday, 18 August 2017

An Almost Too Romantic Fruit

Hugh doesn’t quite have a vineyard, but his pride and joy at the moment is his abundant grape infused encrusted patio …….
a1When he first saw it, Darrell admitted that he had thought Hugh had got “his man that does” to hang some grapes of an artificial flower arranging type nature to look a bit like one of Hugh’s stage sets ………
a2……. but, no, Hugh had managed to grow proper green and black grapes, which made it look all the more exotic and romantic, especially at night when it was all lit up by a million fairy lights. When dining alfresco Darrell said that it was like being in a foreign clime, especially when Hugh got his chiminea going, while playing his Best of Demis Roussos CD. a3Hugh wasn’t sure if there would be enough fruit to “tread the grape”,  but if there was, well it would have to be champagne, naturally Darling, …….another impossibly heady and romantic notion for Darrell, he had visions of Hugh, Nigel and himself, socks strewn with gay abandon outside a large barrel with said company treading the aforementioned grape with unbridled kindred spirit!
a4Whatever is he like, goodness only knows where Darrell gets his wild imagination and unusual turn of phrase from!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hugh Becomes A Dad Again …….

Darrell said that Hugh, his best friend and mentor who is currently on sabbatical from the glitz and glamour of his showbiz life, exchanging it for a summer of weekends on the Worcester Village Show circuit, was on the doorstep anxiously awaiting Darrell’s arrival as he had something very exciting to tell him ……..
IMG_4290Hugh had had a new baby, in the traditional of Elton John  ….. but in puppy form, as Hugh doesn’t really do baby babies …….
2……. her name is Hetty, a little Basset, just like Hugh’s other two dogs.
IMG_4083Hugh admitted to being a little tired, as all new fathers, especially as he had decided on this occasion not to get a Norland Nanny for Hetty, as he had for the other two, so he’d been up for the midnight wee, the three o’clock poo and then spent the night waking at the tiniest whimper and then watching Hetty breathe if she went quiet.
IMG_4128Darrell had to agree that Hetty was very, very, very cute, and he said he’d felt himself going a bit mumsie too, but in a fatherly type way, what is he like?
IMG_4085Nigel would have gone absolutely spare if he had seen Hetty, but it was important, said Hugh, that Hetty was kept calm, as he had just started to gently introduce her to Lottie and Picalil ……….
……. and les chickens!
IMG_4236It was emotional.  Darrell did wonder whether he should offer to give Hugh a break and do the midnight wee, but then decided that Hugh would only get up and go with him anyway!   Happy Days!