Saturday, 30 November 2013

Movember–Divesting Ourselves

Well, that was Movember, and last night, we decided it was finally time to divest ourselves of our Movember Moustaches ……End of Movember 2013……. let’s just say it was emotional.
Movemeber Our Movember moustaches had become part of us, or perhaps we should say we had become part of them ….
Monkeys face revealledI divested first!  Oh Mon Dieu, my top lip felt so strange, all bare, empty and slightly breezy ….. and as for the face staring back at me, I could hardly recognise myself, but it was good to feel and look  like my old self again …..
Movember Monkey's Face revealedMy unveiling drew robust gasps from Darrell and Nigel, as they had grown accustomed to my face, as I had theirs.
Darrells Movember face revealledDarrell went next, he had been a martyr to a slight flaky rash throughout Movemeber, but he had taken it all on the lip, with minimal moans and the copious application of Vaseline,  so saying goodbye to his moustachioed appearance was really a mahooooosive relief to him.
Movemeber 2013 moustaches removedAnd finally, it was Nigel’s turn to divest, to be honest it was a just a humungous deliverance for Darrell and I, as we couldn’t adjust to Nigel with a hirsute appendage , it was just too disconcerting ….
Nigel a hero of our times Movember Nigel's face revealed
…… it gave him a gravitas that was so opposed to his buoyant and upbeat personality, that everything he did seemed to be weirdly “out of kilter ”  in moustachioed mode.
Bare faced cheekSo, we all now feel very much like our old selves again …… and ready to face the rigours of December …… ho, ho, ho!!!!!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Movemeber – Nom, Nom, Nom

As you know,  we are all robustly partial to a grande or vente of frothy coffee, especially when a certain coffee shop do their limited edition Egg Nog Latte during the festive season, but it is all rather expensive …. especially on our wages, and so it has to be an occasional treat rather than a habitual habitat habit!
Dolce gusto. most excellent coffee…… ….. However, we had a bit of a debate, at times heated, but eventually came to the mutual decision to make a very considered purchase and invest in a posh coffee maker, so that we can have posh coffee on tap …. tout le temps!
Dolce Gusto nom nom nom Unfortunately,  Dolce Gusto haven’t yet “done” an aforementioned egg nog latte capsule, but we intend to put pen to paper to ask the powers that be to consider the option, however we VERY MUCH appreciate their vanilla latte…….
Dolce Gusto nescafe…… as well as the Latte Macchiato, Cappodemonte, Leonardo DiCaprio  Cappuccino, Chocochino (our bedtime milky num nums will never be the same again) and Caramel Latte Macchiato, all of which Nigel has a great deal of difficulty pronouncing, but he has learnt the colour of the tops off by heart……….
Dolce Gusto. wonderful coffee. ……… and has also become very adept at inserting the capsules
Dolce Gusto coffee maker….. with the resulting results always being tres nom, nom, nom and exceedingly frothy!
We have also acquired an en trend and de rigueur thermo mug each, so that when we get on the Banga bus each morning holding them, we not only look very sophisticated, but we could easily be mistaken for “proper” London office workers going about our daily commute!! Darrell says we are “…….so in the zone, it’s almost painful!!!”, what is he like?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Nigel’s Got A Doppelganger????

Oh Mon Dieu, I was in town yesterday and had to do a double take ….. I thought I had seen Nigel on a poster outside a “We Buy Any Gold” type shop …….. it almost gave me the ebby jebbies …..
050……. there was just something in the plaintiff eyes and humble stance!!!!
Nigel's long lost brother012 (2)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Darrell Considers Getting Some Tight Breeches!!!

Oh Monnnnnnnnn Dieu ……..
Dance Like jane Austen..I suspect there will be no doing with Darrell now he’s seen this poster! He has already begun to slip the word countenance into almost every sentence as well as walking with one hand behind his back in a very upright manner!Regency DancingHe says “Strictly is a trifle that holds very little interest for me …… a fad perhaps that has indeed had it’s day, foresooth …..!” What is he like???
Now, perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick here,  but surely Darrell should thinking about dancing more like Mr Darcy than Jane Austen???  I think I may have to have a quiet word, as I would hate Darrell to follow when “indeed” he should be leading ……
Celebritys Support Movember
….. the ensuing embarrassment would surely be far too much for him to countenance!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Movember–The Autumn Leaves

Nigel has declared Autumn as his “most romantic” season …….
001He says that the colours of the leaves, their smell and their rustlings give him the most mahoooooosive goosebumps, I quote, “It’s all so beautiful,  crispy, crunchy and musty !!!”  What is he like???
003He has also heard on the pipeline, phoneline grapevine that if you catch a falling leaf, in the act of falling,  it will bring you good luck and you can make a wish …..
Which in Nigel’s book is never a bad thing, especially with the start of the festive season being all but a few days away ……
010…… and to this end Nigel spent all yesterday break and lunch time trying to catch a said Autumn leaf ……. a mission, he found, that was not as easy as it first sounded!
020But, his due diligence eventually paid off and Nigel caught his leaf ….. and now for that all important wish …………..!!!!

Monday, 25 November 2013

MOVEMBER - Nothing Like Planning Ahead ….

The Cook Lady asked Nigel if he would like to help promote the kitchens Baguette of the Month campaign ……. as October’s Ham and Cheesy Coleslaw were met with a slightly lack lustre response!
Movember 2013 Doing My bitSo, this MOVEMBER we can confirm that Nigel will be steadfastly and mostly tucking into the BBQ Bacon and Chicken with robust gusto during the week ……. leading from the front, so’s to speak! 
Sorry Mr D ….. no corn beef baguettes are in the pipeline, which someone, close to us seems to remember as being your sandwich filling of choice, only with sliced bread and wrapped in the bread wrapper ….. so classy and romantic! Perhaps Nigel could sway Cook Lady to make a substitution at some juncture in the year in your honour!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Movember–Darrell Creates Dans Le Kitchen

Darrell always seems to have his nose in a cookery book these days ….. ever since his last stay with our friend Hugh who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill.
Movember pesto Not that either Nigel or I are complaining because we have been enjoying some most acceptable comestibles of late.
Movember CookingYesterday he decided to have a go at making his own pesto sauce , so there was much toasting of nuts ….
Movember Pesto Power …… and the blitzing thereof ……
movember proof of the pudding Movember Tasting session
Darrell is still a little reluctant and shy to cook in front of an audience yet, but will call Nigel to take the all important taste test as soon as he is happy with the results…….
Plaintiff Face Movember Moustache……. he knows the little fella will be nothing but robustly honest, especially where food and his stomach are concerned.
Scraping the bowl …… and Darrell knows he is on to a winner when Nigel asks if he can clean out the bowl and lick the spoon!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Movember …… He’s Noticed!!!!!

Oh dear ……Christmas Tree in BilbrookNigel’s noticed ……..
Christmas tree…yesterdays aforementioned plethora of festive village adornment and accoutrement!
Bilbrook Christmas Tree.bThey say that Christmas comes earlier each year …… well,  it certainly has this year ……. and I have had to tell Nigel in no uncertain terms that “No” he can’t hang his stocking up YET!!!!!! Mon Dieu!!!!!!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Movemeber – Village Developments Of A Festive Type Nature

It’s only really mid-November but yesterday, when Darrell got home, he noticed that there had been much robust activity of a festive preparation type nature dans our village while we had all been out at work …….
Bilbrook Lights 2013First,  he noticed something very new on the village green, the likes of which we had never seen before ….. to wit conical shaped constructions on top of several of the posts that stand on the edge of the aforementioned green, which looked suspiciously like Christmas Trees.
Bilbrook Lights.He also noticed that our hostelry of choice had also been festooned, as if by Santa’s Elves, with illuminated garlands ….. and the usual plethora of flashing reindeers, stars and Santa's sleigh. 
Bilbrook WoodmanAnd then ….. (and it certainly wasn’t there when we caught the bus in the morning), he saw that the village Christmas tree had been erected ……
Bilbrook Christmas Tree.…. and if you remember last year, we commentated that it looked decidedly lopsided, well this year it looks “…. outstandingly pert and straight as a die….!” according to Darrell!!
Christmas Trees everywhere BilbrookAnd finally, when he looked up Darrell noticed that all the village shops were sporting a bracketed Christmas tree, another new development, something, he mused,  that might also add a touch of seasonal class to the front Castle Greysquirrel, … his dreams!!!!!
Christmas tree wall brackets…… Oh Mon Dieu …. it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …..Nigel a hero of our timesI am now really hoping that this flurry of activity will go straight over Nigel’s little head for as long as possible …… our Christmas usually starts on December 1st when we don our gay apparel ….. a festively excited Nigel, mid November is not something I would particularly relish!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Movember–Moustaches Akimbo

Our Movember moustaches have been very much admired and we have received many requests for the pattern …..
Knitted Movember Moustaches So the PE Lady and The PE Lady’s Mum have produced a pattern that you are free to download ….. how robustly brilliant is that????
Knitted Movember Moustache Team WGHSNow as non-knitting persons , we are not able to correspond with any of queries of a knitting and purling type nature …… but from what we can gather all the K1 (or K2) F and B stuff is about making a stitch ……. good luck in your endeavours
knitting pattern jpeg

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

MOVEMBER– Nigel Makes A Considered Purchase!

The PE Lady called Nigel over the PE Block to tell him that she had baked Movember cakes and wondered if, perhaps, he would like to have first dibs!!!
Well, Nigel didn’t need asking twice, and three Movember Buns were duly selected and a generous donation made to help quell funds.
015And, as the PE Lady didn’t have a plate or a box to help Nigel carry them, she let him take the cakes back to the office on one of her silver salver trophies for netball!!!
However, Nigel was determined to bring the moustachioed cakes back home to Castle Greysquirrell for our tea, but they were exceeding tempting …..
….. and as the office ladies are known for their partiality for a bit of cake, Nigel felt that he had to guard them with his life and not take his eyes off them for one second.
But one of the aforementioned office ladies noticed how the responsibility was weighing very heavily on Nigel's shoulders and she gave him her sandwich box to put them in and out of temptations reach for the rest of the day!
035Finally, it was a great relief for Nigel to get home “cakeus intacticus” after a two bus journey home.
036We were so proud of the little fella, he had not only been kind enough to provide us with pertinent comestibles to the month but he had also displayed due diligence in delivering them to us undamaged.
038And were Nigel’s and the PE Lady’s efforts all worth it …….. ???
Oh Mon Dieu et mon droite …….. they certainly were!!!
044The PE Lady does make exceeding good Movember Cakes …… nom, nom, nom ….. 11.5 on our Richter Scale of Movember Noms!!!