Monday, 28 February 2011

What Can I Say?

My mate Hugh, who lives in Notting Hill, with dreams of seeing his name in lights one day, has blown my mind …. look what he has sent me ….. only a snowboard ….. I can’t believe it …. I had to text him straight away to say thank you.
Picture 148
He said he thought it would just make my Czech ski holiday complete and that he’d used a bit of money from his wages, as a small thank you for helping him find his new flat and sussing out his flatmates.
Picture 150
I feel cooler than the coolest cool dude that ever hit the slopes……
Picture 147
I also feel blessed in a very Ski Sunday type way.Picture 155
I am not sure if I need to prepare my board by waxing it and stuff  before I go …. I need to research that bit on the internet. I can’t thank Hugh enough and promised him that I will send him lots of pictures of me on the piste.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Final Czech

Passport and EHIC Card
Passport and EHIC Card ……Czech
Picture 116
Czech Currency …… Czech
After shave and deodorant ……Czech
Factor 8
Factor 8 …….Czech
Deep Heat Spray
Deep Heat ……. Czech
Picture 122
I think that’s it ….. I think I’ve got everything …..
Picture 124
I think!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Present From Our 100th Follower

Thank you Anne for your lovely present for Nigel……
Picture 129
…. a little knitted leisure suit …. it’s just what he need for after his bath and before bedtime. Thank you so much, we are all very touched in a hand knitted garment, Kirsty Allsopp sort of way. xxxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

What’s In Our Window Box ?

Winter Flowering Pansies 1
Do you remember in the summer when we were growing “leaves” in our window box as a boost to our 5 a day regime, well we ate them all …..
Winter Flowering Pansies
So, now we’re growing winter flowering pansies, which, it seems, you can eat too.  We’ve done a bit of research on the internet and found this recipe to make an “elegant hors d’oeuvre”:- you just  spread some cream cheese on a plain cracker (round or square) and top it with a whole pansy. Nom, Nom?
Hmmmmmmm, We are not too sure …..

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sometimes It’s Best, To Say Nothing At All!

 Picture 085
So many questions ………………
Picture 086
…….. that perhaps I don’t really want the answer to!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

To Quote Pocket Pop Princess Kylie, (But Not Very Accurately) - “I’m So Very Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky”

Preparations for my ski trip are going very well,  my case is almost packed, but I was worrying about finding a suitable hat, I just couldn’t decide what to get….
Ski hat 2
And yesterday I had all but decided to go to town on the Banga bus to get one,  when the postman dropped off a small parcel….
Ski Hat 3
I recognised the writing immediately, it was from our friend  Hugh, who went to flat share with follower Marc in Notting Hill a few weeks ago. Inside was the most beautiful hat,  but then, Hugh and Marc do have the most exquisite taste, it fits me perfectly and  I am so thrilled.
Picture 037 
Also in the parcel were some specially made braces that I can use to attach my gloves  to my jacket, I love that they are red and spotty and match the scarf I had for Christmas,  I feel very blessed in a Ski Sunday type way.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Picture 095
The likeness is a little spooky, is it not?

Monday, 21 February 2011

New PJ’s For Monkey – With A Bit of Darrell Does Crafting!

Picture 120
With Monkey going skiing soon I wanted to do a little something for him so he knows that he will be in mine and Nigel’s heart, as we are going to miss him unbelievably.
Picture 121
I noticed that he needed some new pyjamas, so I nipped into town and found him a pair of plain white ones ….
Don't let the bed bugs bit
…… because I thought I could put transfer on them that would make them more personal and special …..
Picture 160
This is what I put on, because it’s what Monkey always says to me and Nigel before turning off the light at bedtime.
Sleep Tight Pyjamas
Sleep tight Monkey …..

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Darrell Introduces Me To Hair Products …

Picture 085
Darrell’s knowledge of male grooming products is astonishing,  last night he has persuaded me to put on a bonnet de douche and try a revitalizing hair mask.
Herbal Essences
I have to admit to being a little sceptical at first, but it was very relaxing being pampered, being enveloped in wondrous fragrances and discussing, at length, the benefits of spritzing my dry roots
….. as well as just chilling out together and having a laugh.
And after I was amazed at just how shiny, bouncy and manageable my hair was in a just out of the salon type way.  I thanked Darrell for a wonderful evening and said that perhaps next time I would like try a face pack with him.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Let’s Get Cooking – With Nigel.

Child's Cooking Set
It’s lovely watching Nigel play and Darrell is very patient with him.
Let's Get Cooking
I found him this little cooking set in the papershop’s 30p each or 4 for a £1 box.  I thought it would help stimulate his language.
Let's Get Cooking 1
He seemed keener on using the faux food and cooking pots for hats than pretending to cook, but he did say his first word “Peas”.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Keith Richards – Cool Bedtime Reading

What Would Keith Richard Do
This week my bedtime book of choice is “What Would Keith Richards Do?”
Picture 111

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Garden Ornaments

Garden Ornaments
It’s a matter of taste! We’re quackers about ours!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

But Which Is Best?

I very much appreciate a Sunday roast on a Friday , especially when priced at 2 for £10  …..
Picture 102
However, a 12inch XXL burger is also very tempting and acceptable at 2 for £15  ……
12 inch XXL burger
…… but which is best?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A New Coat From Hugh

I can’t believe the kindness of our friends. Look what Hugh (the one that has just moved into Notting Hill) has sent me, a wonderful woolly duffle coat for my ski trip, I felt myself filling up as I opened his parcel and tried it on.
Notting Hill
He bought it with his first weeks wages playing piano in a swanky West End cocktail bar. He really should have spent it on himself,  buying something like a sequined jacket or candelabra, and not on me.
Picture 083
He also sent a letter and card. He said that his repertoire is mainly light jazz and show tunes, but he will always play a request if asked.   It’s only on a Sunday evening, so he will have plenty of time for going to auditions etc.   We are thrilled for him, it’s one step nearer the show biz life he craves.  Darrell and I are “all talk” about auditioning for X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent but Hugh is really driven in a Pineapple Studios type way.
Hugh Notting Hill
One day, I am sure, we will see his name in lights.

Monday, 14 February 2011

XXX Happy Valentine’s Day Darrell XXX

After all the excitement, trauma and angst over the past few weeks, Darrell’s reply from Stacey Solomon finally arrived,  the timing couldn’t have been more perfect …..
Stacey Solomon 1
.….. and  I knew that Darrell needed to be on his own when he opened it, so I kept out of the way, until I heard him call me.
Stacey Solomon 2 
His first instinct was to just rip it open,  but he also wanted to savour the anticipation …. and the tingle of excitement …. of not knowing what he would find inside.
Stacey Solomon 3
Stacey had sent the bag he had made her back, signed  “To Darrell, Thank you for all your love and support.  All my love, Stacey xxx”
Stacey Solomon 6
Two huge tears welled up in Darrell’s eyes and trickled down his nose.
Stacey Solomon 5
Stacey’s dad had taken her picture holding Darrell’s bag and then used some transfer paper, just like Darrell had, to put it on the bag.
They have gone to so much trouble “ sighed Darrell “Just for me.” It was a very emotional moment.
Stacey Solomon 4
….. Darrell sat for half an hour or so, alone on his bed, lost in his thoughts, occasionally sighing “Just for me…. just for me…… just for me …….”
Stacey Solomon 7
When he was composed, I went up and we looked at his bag together.
Stacey Solomon 8
“She is even prettier in a real photograph, taken by her Dad, than she is on the tele and I didn’t think that would ever be possible. “ he said “ And she has lovely nail varnish on”
Stacey Solomon 10
I don’t think the daft puppy dog smile will ever leave Darrell’s face ……. what a day BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT day.
Stacey Solomon 9
“Thank you Stacey” and “Thank you Stacey’s Dad”, for making one little monkey, VERY, VERY HAPPY xxxxxxxxxx