Friday, 30 April 2010

Aren’t Calculators Brilliant!

Monkey with a Calculator
Calculators are dead good to add hard sums up with, but I’ve just learnt how to make words on mine – how BRILLIANT is that?
Bible spelt on a calculator Making Words on a calculator
I can spell BIBLE and BLOB …..
Picture 001 Spelling on a calculator
……. and GIGGLES and HELLO.  There are lots of other words you can make too – but I don’t do rude ones.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Marmite – Food from Heaven?

Marmite Cheese Hmm Hmm
Just when you think that life can’t get any better something happens and you realise that it can and does ……
Marmite Cheese Does Life Get any Better Marmite Cheese Hmm Hmm
Because someone has invented Marmite Cheese and it’s BRILLIANT.
Marmite Cheese - yum yum
It ticks all my foodie boxes, and look what’s coming next, Marmite cheese spread ……. I can't wait to spread it on my floury bap. I intend to badger the village Tesco Express until they get some on their shelves.
I love Marmite cashews, but they are quite expensive and I have to save hard to buy a packet and so far I have only found them in Sainsbury’s.
rice cakes Marmite Crisps Indidvidual pk FO 002 breadsticks2
I am also partial to Marmite rice cakes and crisps. However, I can take or leave Marmite breadsticks.  I wonder if I could get a job as a taster at the Marmite factory?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More Of A Hindrance Than A Help!

Tristan made a suprise visit to Wolverhampton yesterday, he said he had to pick up some new studs for his rugby boots and as he was passing, he offered to assist me while I am helping out in the Reprographics Department – but he was a bit of a hindrance really ….
Picture 010
I found him hiding under the toner shelf ……. first I spotted his head poking out …..
Picture 011
and then Molly’s head popped out too ......
Picture 013

They were trying to make me jump and had planned to leap out and yell "BOO" if I hadn't spotted Tristan first – what are they like? However, I did have to shoo them out after, as I had paperclips and elastic bands to count out and share amongst the staff, I didn't want to start an international incident if they weren't in pigeon holes by the end of the day!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

No Cash In My Attic!

Picture 031
It was a good job Angela Rippon and a full camera crew weren’t behind me me when I went up into the attic, because they would have found absolutely nothing to take to auction!
It was quite a struggle to get up there.
Picture 035
And after all my struggling to get up the ladder all I found was an old computer steering wheel thing
 Picture 042Picture 045
An old empty trunk and a child's wicker chair.
Picture 038 Picture 040
No objets d’arts anywhere.
Picture 046
Angela would have been so disappointed, the BBC would have wasted TV license payers money and I have no money to take my family to Alton Towers!  As Doris Day has been known to say or sing "Kay Sir Ra Sir Ra" .......

Monday, 26 April 2010

Pondering ……..

Today I am lost in my thoughts.
I like marmite on my toast in the morning,  but I also a mug of Bovril at Wolves on a match day ……… but which is better?
Hi Angie - to answer your question ..... vegemite - ugggghhhhhhhh - I find it has a strange glutinous texture and there is something about the flavour, I bought it once just to try - yewwwwwy -

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cyril Gets A Postcard

Picture 208
Tristan has gone back to Wales as he has heavy rugby commitments, but he likes to keep in touch with Cyril by postcard.
Picture 219
This is his latest one.
Picture 210
Cyril isn’t very good with joined up writing, if he used as much concentration on his reading and writing as he does on Jeremy Kyle there would be no need for him to ask me to help him read it.
Picture 214
Tristan has very good writing because he is posh and applies himself
Picture 218
Cyril hasn’t been to the seaside yet, perhaps in the summer ….. he is hoping that one day Jeremy Kyle will do a seaside special!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Magic Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with a swirl
I am feeling a tiny bit nauseous at the moment as I have just drunk five mugs of hot chocolate – but I have had so much fun …..
Hot Chocolate Whirl Hot Choc hearts
I found this BRILLIANT set of stencils that puts lovely patterns on your hot chocolate or coffee – I’m not sure about putting them on a cup of tea though ….
Hot Chocolate with Stars Musical Hot Choc
I’ve put a swirl, hearts, stars and musical notes on my drinks – the musical one made me hum “I’m drinking up my hot chocolate” in my head, to the tune of White Christmas
Smiley face hot chocolate
But my favourite of all was the smiley face!  Now I must go and lie down for a  little while.

Friday, 23 April 2010


Looking at a snail
I love snails.  I am not sure if mini beast is a nice name for them because there isn’t anything beastly about them. 
It must be nice to have a shell on your back that you can curl up into when you are bored.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spumming Volcanoes

Picture 008
All the excitement of my Icelandic presents, reminded me of another gift I received recently …… some indoor fireworks.  I wondered if there was one that could be likened to a miniature volcanic eruption.
Picture 002
Picture 003
Picture 004
The answer was no!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Treasures from Iceland

 Icelandic Sweeties
Yesterday I was so full of the wonder of my piece of volcano (and pumice stone), that I forgot to mention my other Icelandic gift from the Young Ladies at school. …….
Sweeties from Iceland Toggur
They also bought me a big bag of Icelandic toffees, how BRILLIANT is that?
Sharing sweeties 1
I have to admit, I did check the packet for dust and ash, but as it was a sealed bag, there was no real risk of volcanic contamination.
Close up of sweeties
I have shared them out between all my friends so they too can enjoy a flavour of Iceland…….
Sharing sweeties
…… which is mainly liquorice.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Icelandic Treasures Beyond My Wildest Dreams.

Icelandic Treasures 
I have been a little tense over the Easter holidays because some of the Young Ladies at school have been to Iceland as part of their Geographic studies, mum said she had included for terrorist activity in the risk assessment but had underplayed the possibility of a volcanic eruption !
lava close up
But, they have returned safely ……. and look what they have bought back for me…….. some lava from the volcano, (I won’t even attempt to name it).  I am filled with such awe and wonder, this has got to be the best present I have ever received.
A bit of volcano
I just can’t stop looking at it, I am so lucky……. but I hope the removal of this small and seemingly insignificant piece of rock hasn’t in away accelerated or exasperated the events of the past week or so.
Can't stop looking at my piece of lava
 ...... And it may be my overactive imagination but I am convinced it’s still a little bit warm………