Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ……. No. 5

Following on from yesterday Nigel has found even MORE star studded entertainment that could possibly be of interest to us.
Unfortunately, we have missed out on  An Evening With Julian Lloyd Webber, which is why Nigel needs his notebook about his person at all times
However, we haven’t missed out on Chas and Dave …… if we should so wish to avail ourselves of tickets!!!
….. And Darrell could possibly be interested in “A Night Of Queen”. But poor Nigel got a bit confused and wondered if this event was perhaps connected to the “Haunted Evesham” boards he had seen when he first arrived ….. seeing as Freddie Mercury is sadly no longer with us. I think I need to explain tribute bands to him on his return …… and not let him continue to think that the evening is something akin to a Derek Acorah séance but of a musical type nature, with Freddie channelling through Mr Acorah, that would just be tooooooo weird!!!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ….. No 4

Why, has Evesham got a monument  to a whale? …… A pithy question Nigel was determined answer, as to be honest, Evesham is an awful long way from the sea and any said whales!
IMG_1247The monument is next to the river, so Nigel imagined that, perhaps, once in historical times, a whale may have lost it’s bearings and found its way, somehow, up the River Avon to Evesham.
IMG_1242However, on reading ……..
IMG_1237…… its history became clear. 
IMG_1244….. a romantic tale, but not sadly for the deceased whales, I am afraid.
IMG_1249There is much more to Evesham than meets the eye  ….. and Nigel is proving to be an intrepid and informative explorer on our behalf.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ……. No.3

Nigel has discovered that the Evesham night life scene  is rife with star studded entertainment opportunities with which to fill our evenings, if we so choose!
IMG_1232He says there are posters and boards up everywhere, advertising some most excellent aforementioned star studded entertainment opportunities, and that he needs to make sure he has his notebook on him when he is out and about, to write down anything that may be of interest to us, to make sure that we don’t miss anything, we may later regret!!!!!!!!! …….. (missing)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Rediscovering Old Pleasures

Darrell has rediscovered the pleasures of Revels as his evening confectionary of choice while he is watching the tele ….. with Ru Paul’s Drag Race being his very, very very favourite most programme at the moment as he says it sooooooo reminds him of Hugh!!!!!!
He says that said Revel’s offer the element of confectionary surprise, as you never quite know what you are getting next ….. as the sizes are very much the same, except for the Maltesers and chocolate counters of course.
He has also confessed that he likes to pop more than one, two, three or even four in his mouth at the same time to create, what he likes to call a Revel Fusion ……
……. which helps make his least favourite, the coffee ones, much more interesting!!!!!
What is he like?????????

Friday, 26 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ….. No 2

Nigel has found that Evesham has only got a Coronation Street, our very favourite soap of choice! How absolutely brilliant is that?
IMG_1234It would be sooooooo romantic and just sooooooo perfect and fate, if, when we eventually start looking properly for a new house, we actually found one in said street. Imagine a letterhead saying Monkey, Darrell and Nigel, Coronation Street, Evesham (our future house name obviously to be decided). It would almost be as impressive as Hugh’s Notting Hill address! Needless to say Nigel has been sent to see if there are any for sale signs up ……… just to get a potential feel!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ……. No. 1

Well, with Nigel now firmly ensconced at Snake Mountain it would be rude for him not to explore the pleasures of Evesham, on a local, tourist and potential resident type nature, so, what did he find out yesterday?
IMG_1621Only …..Evesham has got ghost walks and ghost hunts …… OMG (oh my ghosts!!!!), how brilliant is that?
IMG_1620It goes without saying that Nigel has been dispatched, forthwith, on our behalf, to get further import ……. prices, dates, places etc. If Evesham is rife with ghosts then naturally we need to know and investigate  in a style reminiscent of our hero Derek Acorah!  What a wonderful and very exciting  discovery, Nigel has done well!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Spooky???? ......... I Don't Think So Darrell

Darrell was looking at the pictures I took of him the other day shirking feigning his disappointment  in not being able to go in the garden to do some much needed hoeing and weeding due to a very inclement downfall  ……
…….. and he asked if I had noticed anything strange when I was taking said photos, as he is now convinced that they reveal clear and unequivocal evidence that he was in fact surrounded by spooky Derek Acorah type orbs, which, more than likely accounts for his strange feeling of foreboding as he was reaching for his fork and weed bucket  ……. what, what, what ……. is he like!!!!?????

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Your Challenge Nigel, If You Are Prepared To Take It …….

With our regular visits to Evesham about to begin, we decided it was time to set Nigel the ultimate of ultimate challenges ……
IMG_1581…… getting to Evesham all by himself, as it isn’t really necessary for us always be there at the same time!!!!!
IMG_1579It was a mission, on it’s first undertaking, not for the faint hearted, as it not only involved one bus and also three trains, but Nigel, without hesitation, was up for it!
IMG_1582So yesterday, tickets duly purchased, Darrell prepared Nigel a mahooooosive pile of sandwiches for sustenance on his most epic journey and a flask of coffee………
IMG_1585……. and then Nigel was on his way, telephone in one pocket to keep us up to date on his progress, tickets in another and carrier bag full of aforementioned sandwiches and coffee, clutched firmly in his hand.
IMG_1587Well, the first leg, catching the bus into Wolverhampton was no bother, as it was a journey Nigel did every day when we were at work, however, he did text that he kept finding himself patting his pocket where his train tickets were, just in case.
Arriving at Wolverhampton Station there was no time to pose on the platform, Nigel’s first train was in, so it was a case of just getting on …..
IMG_1594…… but not getting too settled, as he had to get off at the next stop, but he said, it didn’t stop him checking the rolling screen just to be super certain that he was heading in the right direction…..
IMG_1596….. which indeed he was.
IMG_1599However, Smethwick Galton Bridge, is not the easiest station to find your way around, especially as it involved taking a lift to get to next platform for Nigel’s next connecting train…..
IMG_1600….. followed by more double checking to see that there were no delays and he was in the right place at the right time.
IMG_1602Nigel’s next port of call was Worcester, Foregate Street (and NOT Worcester Shrub Hill as Darrell had stressed about a million and one times)
….. and there was a little wait, Nigel decided that it was probably an opportune time to avail himself of his mahoooooosive pile of sandwiches, which were beginning to burn a hole in his carrier bag!
IMG_1606And then, when he was safely on the train bound for the aforementioned Worcester Foregate Street, he decided it would be OK to drink his flask, as he had positioned himself near to the “facilities”, just in case.
IMG_1608There was a little time to watch the world go hurtling by before Nigel’s next stop.
IMG_1613But there was no time for a breather when he got there, as the train to Evesham was in and Nigel had to run, which although stressful, was also a little romantic, as people, Nigel said, are always running for trains in films, in a romantically urgent sort of way!
And finally, in just under two hours, Nigel had arrived at his destination, he had made it ….. and at the other end of his text messages Darrell and I  were feeling very robustly proud!
There was light refreshment available for all four footed passengers, but Nigel would have to wait until he reached the warm welcome of Tom, The Lovely Laura and Baby Iris at Snake Mountain………….

Monday, 22 June 2015

Darrell… !!!!!!!

Darrell bought Nigel a present ……..
IMG_1215……. the sort of present that I certainly do not approve of …….
IMG_1217Hundelort ….. and telling me that he’d bought Nigel some “Flask Hundelort ” in an effort to pull the wool from under my feet didn’t fool me either!
IMG_1218Naturally, Nigel thinks that it was absolutely hilarious ….. especially as I keep treading on/in the flaming stuff ……..
IMG_1220Let's just say it is moist and squidgy on the foot, and just leave it there! I hope this schoolboy pranksterish humour doesn’t continue for too long ….. or said hundelort might just be erm….. mistakenly picked up as the real thing and disposed of in an appropriate type nature!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

Darrell is not the keenest of gardeners ……..
……. so it isn’t entirely coincidental that this happens just as Darrell says he was just thinking he would just nip out to do a spot of  hoeing ……
…….. followed by a crest fallen “Oh dear ….. fancy that, it’s raining!“ that wouldn’t fool anyone, least of all me!!!!!!
What is he like!!!?????

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Would You Believe It? It’s Carnival Time Again!!!!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we last sat on the wall outside Castle Greysquirrel to watch the carnival parade pass through the village?  Well, I say we, I really mean Darrell and Nigel, as I had to nip into town for some urgent few sundry items!
Anyway, Darrell and Nigel got into prim their usual position on said wall, as soon as they heard the band approaching in the distance, ready with their  pile of pennies for the “chuggers” and their collecting tins.
The parade was a little held up for a while outside The Woodman, the only hostelry in the village, so Darrell and Nigel were truly able to embrace the band, who played with robust gusto as they marched on the spot right outside the Castle. Darrell said it was emotional, as the heady combination of marching, drums and trumpets, not to mention uniforms, always have that effect on him!
Then, after a while the floats followed………
Nigel observed that a seaside theme and pirates …….
…… was very much in evidence this year ……
However, Nigel’s very favourite float was The Thunderbirds one ……
……. which is where most of his pennies went.
While Darrell was very taken by the Frozen one……. to much humming of Let It Go!The highlight however was when their friend Earl, dressed as one of the Adams Family, saw them, called over and then posed for a photograph, so the rest of their pennies went in his tin!
And, before they knew it, all the excitement was over for yet another year ……
…… but if the coming year goes as quickly as this one …… the carnival will be upon us yet again …….
……. in the blink of an eye ….. and will then, probably, be our last before, perhaps, we move to Evesham …. however, we hear on the grapevine that Evesham has a carnival too, if not several, so it’s a win win situation for us!!!!!