Saturday, 31 July 2010


Sorry that todays post was so late ın beıng added...... all wıll be revealed ın the fullness of tıme .... I am ınadvertently tıed up elsewhere and have left Darrell ın charge of the blog .....
Monkey xxxxx


I’m not very au fait with the names of many flowers, but I know what I like and this is my very very most favourite.
I think it’s called a gerbil.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Dreams …..

Darrell and I often think about what we would do if we won the lottery and how we would spend the money.…….
Picture 285
We also like to pore over the free brochures that come with the Sunday papers like Healthy Living Direct and Easylife and dream of the wondrous things we could purchase if we were rich.
Picture 286
Darrell has set his heart on an electronic ear cleaner and some socks for tired feet.
Picture 304 Picture 306
And I would like to get Lucy a vibrant kaftan and some spoons for getting to the bottom of a Branston pickle jar for Auntie Jan ……
Picture 307 Picture 308
It must be wonderful to make the wishes of your loved ones come true …….
Picture 288

Thursday, 29 July 2010

New Jumpers Made By Brenda’s Lovely Mum.

Picture 386
My friends, Hugo and Dennis, are dead chuffed because Brenda, the  PE lady at works Mum has knit them a jumper each – and they have caused quite a stir …… Hugo and Dennis can’t stop looking each other wearing them and must have admired them from every angle possible!
Picture 388 Picture 390
I have asked Brenda if her mum could knit me and Darrell a jumper too, if she has the time.  I would really like a jumper in Wolves colours ready for the new season and Darrell wouldn’t mind a stripy one like Dennis.  I am going to get some wool next time I go on the Banga bus to town, I have never bought wool before …….  how EXCITING!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Poundland Motion Sensor Frogs

Picture 389
We have five of these Poundland frogs in my garden, all placed strategically in the flower beds.  They are BRILLIANT because when you walk past them, they croak!!
Picture 390
If Darrell and I run very quickly down the garden we can set them off croaking all at once, which makes next doors dog bark too.  I am sure I can identify each frog by their croak, as they are all have a slightly different pitch.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Little Frozen Refreshment

Picture 335
When it’s hot, there is nothing Darrell and I like better than an ice lolly or mini tub of ice cream.  I also love the rush of cold air that hits you when you first open the fridge
Picture 336
Darrell is very partial to a Fruit Pastilles lolly as he says they are very refreshing and help cleanse his palette after lunch.Picture 334 
I, on the other hand like a Feast, I love the combination of ice cream, chocolate and nuts, but ….. I don’t like it when it is a really hot day and the ice cream melts faster than I can eat it and it runs down the stick and then down my arm ………… I don’t know where I should lick first to stop getting into a sticky and unseemly mess!

Monday, 26 July 2010

National Fishing Month

A little something you didn’t know about me …… Picture 437
It’s National Fishing Month and I do enjoy a bit of fishing now and again, I don’t like to brag, but I have won a few trophies in my time for it, but as you can see I have not been diligent with the silver polish!
National Fishing Month 1
It’s a bit of a science, choosing the right rod to go with the right reel ……
National Fishing Month 2010 aNational fishing Month 2010
…….. then  deciding which float(s) to use …………
Floats for national Fishing Month
……. and don’t get me started on maggots …..
Though it is practice amongst some fisherman to warm their maggots between their lips on a cold day, it is not something I indulge in myself.
Tight Lines!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Listening to Paul O'Grady While I Do the Ironing ......

On Sunday evenings, after tea, I like to get my ironing done for the week ….. it’s not my favourite chore, but while I iron I like to listen to Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, he makes me chuckle out loud. Me and him just seem to think the same about a lot of things
I have often thought about writing to him to ask for a “proper” picture to put in my scrapbook and tell him how much I like his show, but I get all pen tied when I try to put pen to paper. Perhaps I should just send him a picture of me and hope he will do a swop …….. I will look up his address at the BBC when I have finished my ironing and my courage is up!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

In The Company of Chickens

I know this might sound very strange, but I never feel comfortable in the company of chickens.
Picture 441
I find them a little intimidating and tend to stay very very still when there are any around.

Click on screen to see just how still I sit when in the presence of a chicken!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

We’ve Had Fan Mail

Sorry, this is a LONG post!
Today has been the most exciting day ever, we’ve had a fan letter and a present.  How BRILLIANT is that?
Picture 480 Picture 481
When I arrived home, after nipping to the SPAR, I found a parcel on the mat addressed to “Monkey”  - I didn’t recognise the writing and on the back all it said was “Sender - Jan the Fan”
parcel Picture 483
Darrell and I were sooooooooo excited!
Picture 489
I opened it up very carefully, and inside was a letter and a small parcel that rattled when Darrell shook it.
Picture 491s
We read the letter first, it was from a “fan” called Jan,  who lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne (which is our very favourite accent!).
Picture 496
She says she is going to write to Paul O’Grady about us, how exciting – we love Paul O’Grady!!!! We might hear  our names on the radio, how BRILLIANT would that be?
Picture 492
Then, we opened up the little present. Jan The Fan said that we might need them to suck if we go on a long journey, or when we sleep in our tent in the garden.
Picture 498
Darrell was very taken with the sticker on the parcel and stuck it on his shirt.
Picture 499 Picture 502
Inside the parcel was a tiny tin of monkey mints, with pictures of monkeys on the lid. We were both overwhelmed by the kindness and we both welled up a little bit.Picture 508
Thank you Jan – we will treasure your letter and gift forever, you have made two monkeys very very happy XXXX
If you would like to pop over to our confectionary review page we have reviewed our mints ……

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shopping A La Russian!

Picture 270
No, I am not defecting, the Young Ladies invited me to their Russian Market, it was very exciting ….
Нет, я не побегу, девушка пригласила меня к себе на рынок России, было очень интересно ....
Picture 253
I was given some rubles and could purchase all manner of novelty items (but I am not altogether sure that they were genuine Russian novelty items)
Я получил несколько рублей и может купить всевозможные новинки пунктов (но я не совсем уверен, что они настоящие русские пунктов новизны)
Picture 259
My first purchase was two wooden cat embellishments (koshka) and a crocodile notebook for my mum.
Моя первая покупка была два деревянных украшений кот (кошка) и крокодила ноутбука для моей мамы.
Picture 260
And then two novelty pencil toppers (litso) for Aunty Jan and Lucy.
Picture 261 moscow
I got Darrell a little red duck …..
Я получил Даррелл маленькие красные утки ... ..
Picture 266
I also got him a monster and a badge, he was very spoiled.
Я также получил его чудовище, и значок, он был очень испорченный.
Picture 267 Picture 264
It was BRILLIANT, but Russian isn't the easiest language to get you teeth around!
Это было блестящее, но русский язык не самый простой язык, чтобы вы зубы вокруг!