Monday, 29 September 2014

Last Night ……

DSC00830Last night we took our last, long lingering walk into town for our “last night”.
We tried to keep it up beat and embrace each ebbing moment, but there was sadness in our hearts ……
……. Greece has been more than we ever hope AND more …… not a day has gone by without us thanking Darrell and saying the boy done good!
I went to take a last, long, lingering look at the two Greek Houses I had set my heart on and would be torn between if buying a holiday home, dependant naturally if I won the lottery ….
…… pondering on how wonderful it would be to have a house with a long shady drive, with a shady branched arch and fragrant, exotic blossoms, which all together looked so casually romantic, even with a ladder left lying there!
While Nigel and Darrell played a game of giant chess ‘neath equally romantic pine trees  ……
…… which they played like draughts, because they can’t actually play chess, what are they like?
And as predicted, there were drippy, snotty tears when we had our last coffee with Achim in his bar ….. he offered us a complimentary ouzo, but we knew, if we did, it would just get toooooooo emotional!
Our last port of call was to the supermarket for some choice Greek confectionary to take back for the ladies at work in the offices and the kitchen ……
…… and so to bed ……..
Much as we really want to see Castle Greysquirrel again …………………
……. why is the last day of a holiday…………..
……. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……
……… sooooooooooooooo ……
………. sad?

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Greece Will Always Have Us Behind Them

Following one of our lazy afternoon sun lounger debates. we have all come to the decision that because we can’t vote for ourselves in the Eurovision Song Contest, the ultimate highlight of our televisual year ………………
……. we shall be giving our deux points, without fail to Greece …… and will  be sat sitting on the sofa at Castle Greysquirrel, each proudly waving a Greek flag aloft,  nibbling on Greek, bite size comestibles   ….. and all our robustly happy Greek memories flooding back!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Status, Our Most Favourite Cafe Bar Ever, Ever, Ever.

As our time in Greece is rapidly ebbing away we are making sure that we embrace every single second in our most favourite cafe bar, Status.  We stumbled on it by accident when Darrell and I really, really desperately fancied a coffee ……
…… we walked into Status as it looked quiet, not knowing what to expect but within seconds we were hooked.
It was just like we had stumbled into someone’s sitting room and the Dad of the family coming over to welcome us into said sitting room, in fact we wondered it that was what we had actually done by accident  ….. because all the family were there, and all nodded and smiled at us as we sat down at a table.
When “The Dad” Achim came over all smiley and asked us where we came from, he called us Yam Yams, which made us laugh ….. and he also knew about West Brom …. but we were too polite to tell him that they were Wolves (our) arch enemies and that we don’t ever talk about them!!!!
And then when he bought our coffee over  in odd, proper mugs, with the spoon still sitting in them we loved him instantly and decided that from then on we wanted to watch English rugby in Greek with Achim and be part of his family and pop in whenever we are passing day or night, and Achim too has always greeted us with great affection.
The decor makes us go all warm and fuzzy, Achim still has his Easter Egg tree up, he said his wife made it, and that she likes making things ….. and we said that we very much liked it too. ….. and we all know now that whenever we see an Easter Egg tree our hearts will always flutter and return for a second or two to Achim, his family, Status and Greece.
We really wish we had somewhere like Status with Achim in our village …..  it is so romantically Greek and friendly …… we would never leave…… and I predict now there will be tears when the time comes to say goodbye!

Friday, 26 September 2014

OMD …… We Didn’t Even Know You Could Get Ketchup Flavour Pringles!!!

OMD …… this morning Darrell went on another of his usual early morning saunters, before it gets too hot to walk, to find us some acceptable comestibles to partake of on the beach, but what he came back with just made us gasp ….. especially considering the joys of yesterday …….
Can you believe that he found ketchup flavour Pringles …… OMD, we didn’t even know they did them ……
It goes without saying that we didn’t stand on ceremony and tucked into them straight away with a robust vigour ……
Just as we thought Greece couldn’t get any better, it goes and does!!!!! And our verdict? 19 out of 10 on our Richter Scale of Ketchup flavoured crisp noms!
And believe me, when we get home there will be questions asked in Parliament as to why we can’t get Ketchup flavoured Pringles in Wolverhampton!!! It has to be part of our civil rights or something!!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Greek Crisp Heaven

Apart, obviously from Marmite, our next most favourite crisp of choice is indisputably of the tomato ketchup type variety, however they are sometimes a little hard to find, so we will hold our hands up and confess that at times we have been guilty of stockpiling them when we have found them in abundance, especially if they are also on special offer.So imagine our robust and unbridled joy when Darrell came back from his early morning saunter to the “local” supermarket and came back, triumphant, brandishing a very large bag of Greek tomato ketchup crisps for our comestible mid morning beach treat!
Oh mon dieu, just how brilliant is that? Ketchup flavour crisps ….. nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!!!
Greece just keeps on getting better and better and better for us ……
……. clear blue skies, warm, turquoise seas, a beach almost to ourselves  and now a jumbo bag of ketchup crisps ….. we are sooooooooo blessed in a humble Greek Hello Magazine type way!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

OMD …… Now Nigel Finds A Holey Stone!!

Two holey stones on an unyielding Greek beach was just too much for Darrell to ever have hoped for ………… but yesterday Nigel gave out a strange sort of yelp while trying to bury his feet …
OMD ……  he had found a tiny stone, with an equally tiny hole in it, which could have been so easy to miss ….. and he wasn’t even really looking, holey stones not really being his thing……..
……. but he knew it was something very special because of all the romance and mysticism Darrell attached to finding one ……
….. and so promptly gave his said treasure to Darrell, knowing exactly what it would mean to him…… musing that “Finding three stones on this same  beach could be a spooky omen of a Derek Acorah type nature, like three coins in the fountain ….. perhaps ………… perhaps, we are destined to return to Greece one day ……..”  What is he like?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Our Greek Message In A Bottle

Our Greek Odyssey is slowly drawing nigh, Castle Greysquirrel beckons, and as is our custom whenever we are on holiday, we like to send a message in a bottle out to sea, because it always seems to be such a romantic thing to do…….
…… and this holiday is no exception ….
…… but this year we decided to use a very, very small bottle, hoping that  its lightness would help to afford it safe passage ‘ere the tempest tossed seas.
We also thought that we would keep our message short and sweet …… and to the point.
Then we each held it in turn for a moment or two to wish it a safe and glorious journey to exotic climes where someone might spot it and retrieve it, their hearts filled with romantic curiosity.
We then handed the bottle to Nigel, giving him the honour of throwing it into the turquoise of turquoisest sea ……
…… who waited patiently for a suitably appropriate wave to carry it out across, we hope, the oceans!  Farewell little bottle, bon voyage et bonne chance!