Sunday, 30 June 2013

A No Nom Nom Situation! ….

008It seems that our local hostelry  is partaking in a “Burger Festival” where apparently burgers will be in “abundance” in the coming month !!!!!!
going all cosmopolitanOn seeing the new posters going up Nigel was well up for it,  asking when we could book a table …..  that was until I pointed out to him that Skippy would be on the menu,  and then …..  he very rapidly lost his appetite for eating at the table of a more exotic type nature ….  and I have to admit,  it turned my stomach a little queasy too!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Nigel Ponders

Nigel MonkeyIf sunflower oil is made from sunflowers, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Accustoming Ourselves To American Type Vittles–Comparing And Contrasting!!!

Darrell came home in a state of absolute flux yesterday because he’d found “Twinkies” in Ye Olde Fashioned Sweetie Shoppe in town!
Twinkie.Twinkie's are American comestibles or “vittles'” as they like to call them that we have only ever dreamt of tasting …. and had planned on sampling  them profusely on our Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday to Last Vegas ….but now,  we had an actual one in our kitchen, it was a profound moment of Hello Magazine type poignancy!
cutting a TwinkieThere was a hushed silence as Darrell cut the aforementioned Twinkie into three (very) equal pieces ……..
our first twinkie bar….. and much awe and wonder as we all gazed at the cross section of aforementioned, aforementioned Twinkie.cream inside a TwinkieTo be Frank (Earnest and Jeffrey!!!) ….. we had expected more cream filling….
Twinkie…… but when Darrell carved dissected delicately cut the Twinkie up a little more, it yielded a little more,  and then the nomming commenced….
scoring our twinkie….. followed by the scoring …..
041Now, we have to be honest …. much as we enjoyed our first Twinkie and awarded it a most acceptable 8 out of 10 on our Richter Scale of noms ….. we have to admit that the filling, in our estimation isn’t a patch on the creamy filling in a British Tunnocks Tea Cake …..
tunnocks-tea-cakesSo, we are planning on taking a couple of boxes over to Las Vegas for our hosts at the Luxor Hotel to compare and contrast!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oh Nigel!

Poor Nigel,  I found him poring over the dictionary in a complete state of flux saying that he had “discovered” a new word that wasn’t in it …but because it wasn’t in the dictionary,  he didn’t have a clue what it meant!!!!!
Look it up in the dictionaryWhen I asked him what the word was he said “urniture”!  He said he had seen it on a wall on his way to work and it had aroused his word curiosity.
I hated to be the one to burst Nigel’s bubble ….but I know the wall, it’s the entrance to an antique restorers  …. and as gently as I could,  I had to tell him that he wasn’t the intrepid discoverer of a new word after all,   the word should have been “furniture” …. but the “F” had dropped off, what is he like!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Put It Back Nigel!

It is taking us all our time to stop Nigel from bringing every single hub cap he finds on his way to work or on his way back home …..
hub capSo far this week we have had to make him take and put back five in exactly the same place as he has found them ….. what do we do with him?  We need to find him a sensible “something” to collect!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Confectionary Review–Cadbury’s New Summer Limited Edition Strawberries And Creme.

There seems to have been a whole smorgasbord of new confectionary comestibles in the shops at the moment ….. and it would look most rude if we didn’t try just a few of them!
Darrell was very excited when he stumbled upon yet another new bar from Cadbury’s, this time a summer,  limited edition Strawberries and Creme combo….
summer edition strawberries and cream cadbury's….. he was so excited, that he could not resist the tiniest of nibbles in the corner, before bringing it to our testing table for our considered opinion!
Dairy Milk Strawberries and cremeThe packaging certainly evoked the feeling of summer time and our seasonal pudding of 5 a day choice, strawberries and cream.
cadbury's special summer edition strawberries and creamIt promised much …. but would it deliver?
bitten chocolate
Cabury's. strawberries and cream.
There was only one way to find out …..
happy nom nom nomCadbury's. new strawberries and cream
Oh my life ……..
Strawberries and cream. Cadburys…… nom nom nom nom nom ….. it ticked all my boxes!
New. summer edition cadbury's strawberries and cream barSummer Edition. Cabury's, Strawberries and cream.
And …. it made Darrell and Nigel go all dreamy …..
strawberries and cream. cadbury's. summer edition..nigel's best sucking face
It certainly delivered ….so I guess Cadbury’s have another success on their hands,  because we awarded Strawberries and Creme 11.5 noms out of ten on our Richter Scale of noms.  We loved it so much in fact that we sent Darrell out immediately for another one, just to make sure we had got the score right!
nom. nom. nom
What are we like?

Monday, 24 June 2013

XXXX A Mahoooosive Thank You From Darrell XXXX

Birthday Thank YouNow Darrell has composed himself …. greetings 1…. he would like to thank everyone ….
Bday greetings 2….. who took the time to wish him a Happy Birthday through Facebook
Picture5…. especially Lynda who called him handsome!
Picture6…. it was all soooooo totally, totally unexpected …… and per usual, for Darrell, very emotional …… XXXXX THANK YOU XXXXX

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Almost Too Much Raw Emotional Birthday Joy For Darrell To Handle ….

Neither Nigel or I,  or even Darrell himself thought anyone could top our ticket to see the Rolling Stones as a present ….. but someone did … which blew poor Darrell completely out of the water when he went to check out his Facebook page ….A birthday greeting from John Lee Bird.......Firstly, Darrell was totally overcome in a Hello Magazine way by all the kind people who had left him a birthday message (of that, more tomorrow) ….
A birthday Greeting from John Lee BirdBut there, discreetly nestled amongst all the messages was one from The Artist To The Stars …. John Lee Bird …… not only that …. he had only gone and captured Darrell in a totally unique piece of art ….
10137_10151725543599414_1384694208_nOMG ….. you’ll never know just how MAHOOOOOOOOOOSIVE this is and exactly what it means to Darrell (and us)  ….. because the aforementioned Artist To The Stars John Lee Bird turns down more requests from very famous people to portray them than we have ever had Marmite on toast,  in our entire lives!
Capturesd in A picture by John Lee BirdSo you can imagine the state Darrell was in, flux doesn’t even cover it  …….. his eyes glazed over completely and he was rendered totally speechless for over an hour. Even more worrying was that he could only very occasionally take a gulp of breath, and went a very worrying shade of blue ……….. before finally taking in a almighty intake of air, thus resuming a more normal breathing pattern and skin hue …..
Artist John Lee Bird…… this was just TOO MAHOOOOOSIVE for Darrell to handle ………
John Lee Bird Artist….. WHAT A BIRTHDAY!  When composure and normality reign once more over Castle Greysquirrell … Nigel and I will print off Darrell’s portrait and get it framed for him, but for the now we cannot get any where near it as Darrell will not leave the computer!!!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Happy Birthday Darrell … As Per Yesterday!

005Yesterday we had the  most mahoooosive glitch in our blogging system and were forced to post, fascinating though was, one of Nigel’s ponderings …… when it was, of all days Darrell’s birthday!!! Totally, totally unbelievable!!!
Darrell's BirthdayHowever, we are now able to share the joy with you …… all be it a day late ….
strawberry flavour pencilsAfter he had opened his card from us …we let Darrell open what he thought were his main presents, some of his favourite facial wipes for his strict cleanse and tone routine, some Jammie Dodgers, his current biscuit of choice and some strawberry flavour pencils, especially chosen by Nigel as they are his confectionery of choice at the moment and on special offer at our village Tesco Express, what is he like?
Blessed in a hello magazine type wayThen, with all the unwrapping done, we dropped our birthday bombshell on Darrell ….. we told him that we had also secured him a ticket to see The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park! We knew how much he wanted to see them before they were really too old to play anymore….but the cost of a ticket was a little too prohibitive for him on his Confidential Shredder Operative wages! ….. Lets just say, at this Darrell released unbridled emotion, and leave it at that!
Birthday wishOnce he had gained his composure, it was time to light the candle of birthday light on Darrell’s birthday cake and for him to make a wish ….. “I really don’t need a wish after all this” he sighed “I am so blessed in a Hello Magazine type way …. I shall make my wish for someone else ……” and then sniffed a little more and blew the candle out.
blowing Out Birthday candlesIt really was a morning wrought with raw birthday emotion ….
birthday cake…… but there was still more to come ……. to be continued……

Friday, 21 June 2013

Nigel Ponders ….

Do stairs go up ……………Nigel Monkey…… or down?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Beyond A Joke!

I think Nigel’s fascination for all things of a building site type nature may have gone a little too far …. and could now be regarded as bordering on the obsessional!
lost workmans gloveslost work gloves
Fortunately,  I was with him when he spotted a pair of abandoned work gloves on the way to work …. one of my looks and a robustly stern “No”,  was enough to prevent him from picking them up and squirrelling them way ….
Skulking by the shedskulking in the garden
However, I had noticed that over the past few days he had been skulking, quite furtively,  at the bottom of the garden …. and disappearing for hours in the shed ……
skulking in garden shed….. call it instinct,  but I had a strange Derek Acorah feeling that he was up to something ……
discovered in the garden shed….. I am not proud of it, but I decided that I ought to follow and sneak up on him …. and see what held so much fascination for him in the shed, as I was sure it wasn’t plant pots and compost ……
guilty face…… Poor Nigel, when he saw me,  he nearly jumped out of his skin ….. and his guilty little face said it all …
guilt written all over his face….. because, goodness knows where he had got them from or how he’d snook them past Darrell and I without rousing our suspicions,  …. but not only had he procured a “no smoking” sign ……
roadworks lamp…… but also an old road lamp ………….. Oh Nigel,  …. what are we going to do with him ….. I fear a midnight knock on the door any day now,  with Castle Greysquirrel being torn apart brick by brick by the Roadwork's Police trying to recover other similar stolen paraphernalia!!!!