Monday, 31 August 2015

At Last ….. The Omens Bode Well!!

The other day I mentioned that Darrell was getting his trunks in a twist because he couldn’t find a holey stone on our beach of choice, and was beginning to feel that this was “an omen” …….!!
An omen for what, heaven only knows, but you know Darrell, he is a martyr to his spooky feelings,  and I firmly lay the blame on Derek Acorah!
Anyway, a stone has been found, and since it was so hard to find, both he and Nigel have agreed that any other searching will cease there ………… on a beach where to find just one holey stone has proved to be a mammoth task, and obvious that it does not yield them up willingly.
To mis-quote The Apprentice ….Darrell (and Nigel’s) quest to find a new holey stone has ended …….
jst the two of us…….. but our holiday continues!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Location, Location, Location …..

Though our hearts are firmly set on eventually moving to Evesham in the next year or so …… it would look most rude not to see what Greece has to offer ……….A villa with panoramic views of the sea is very, very tempting ……….
……. however, as we are very much strangers to the concrete mixer, the laying on of bricks and builders bum ……
I think we that perhaps we would prefer any prospective villa to be finished first!!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

We’ll Just Never Know …….

Part of our holiday enjoyment is spent looking at the various posters we see scattered around the town. Even though we generally don’t have a clue what they’re about …….. we still have fun putting our own interpretation on them!!!!!Wiz 3This one, spotted by Nigel, was no brainer to work out ……
wiz…… obviously being for The Wizard of Oz ……
wiz 4Now, we don’t know if it was a local AmDram production or perhaps a more professional affair featuring contestants from, perhaps, the Greek version of the X Factor or Greece’s Got Talent ……….
But the next one, well, …….. it will forever be a Greek mystery to us ……
…… however, our aforesaid “interpretations” had us laughing so much I feared that Darrell’s cocktail  might come streaming out through his nose!!!!  Not a good look …… but very, very happy memories and days!!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Most Romantic Name For A Supermarket EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!

It hasn’t taken us long to find our Grecian Supermarch√© of choice …..
……. it was the name that did it!
I mean, how romantic would it be to say that you’re just nipping over to “Zeus” for some sundry items, rather than you’re just popping to the “Village Tesco Express”, does anyone want anything?
We are all totally entranced.  But, it is also a very good supermarket, which we tend to frequent on our way back to the hotel, as a climax to our evening of cocktails, dining and promenading, to get a few things for the beach the following day.
It has tomatoes the size of large oranges …….
…… and “vegetable things” that are not even on included in our rigid 5 a day regime, which has made us feel a little lacking!
Nigel is very impressed by their mahooooosive melons ……
……. enticing, beautifying  breakfast cereal …….
……. and to complete our “romantic theme” …….. they even have romantic biscuits!!!!!!
We are saving all the Zeus carrier bags to take home with us … that  when we do go into The Village Tesco Express we can, at the self serve till, press the button for “own bags used” ……. to walk home with our shopping bagged in our “romantic” memories!!!!!!  What are we like?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Nigel Wants To Know ….. What’s The Story!!!

As you know, we very much enjoy mooching round the odd supermarket or two when we are in foreign climes …….
……. but there’s been no doing with Nigel since he’s seen this box on one of the bottom shelves in the supermarket where we sometimes pop in for our “beach time nibbles”!!!!
He has so many questions …….. are the stories about the puzzled looking, cute creature ……. is the aforementioned creature called Mat and is he 14??????
…….. and what part does “liquid” play in “Mats” nocturnal scenarios????  I think I should firmly steer Nigel towards the shelves of a comestible type nature in future, it keeps things much more simple!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Of Those Comforting Moments!

Before we left for Greek climes, I had to surgically surreptitiously remove the jar of Marmite that Nigel had “just popped” into our suitcase. It may be our savoury spread of choice, but on holiday we should embrace the new, and this in my opinion, was tantamount to insisting on a full English every morning and would look most rude, sat sitting on our breakfast table!!!
However, it is reassuring to know that, should there be some awful emergency, an ample supply is readily available! But I haven’t told Nigel!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Breakfast Sur La Greek

Following on from yesterday ….. at breakfast, at our hotel, we eat like kings!
And, our very, very, very favourite treat is the yoghurt, it is to die for!  It is so solid that you can stand your spoon upright in it and it will not move!! We drizzle it with Greek honey, and oh mon dieu!!!! Our table has become known as “zee nomming one”, by our fellow guests, as that is the only noise that comes from it when we are partaking!!! ……. Darrell has been known to go up for seconds, thirds and fourths and it is only through my intervention that he hasn’t had fifths!!! There is nothing we can compare it to in Britain, and if we could find it, we would buy it by the bucket load. So, until then Darrell is insisting that he has a year of pleasure to get in, before we can, perhaps, come to Greece again!!!!!
I like to indulge in the Greek cheeses and cold meats, with an egg and some bread, and a slice or two of tomato. They also are to die for, not only are they totally mahoooooooooooosive, but they taste nothing like the cherry ones we generally get from the village Tesco Express! With a tiny weeny pinch of salt ….. c’est tres magnifique!!!!
And Nigel? Well, he is working his way through everything, rest assured, nothing will remain unsampled ……and it goes without saying that no Marmite has been missed during this feasting!!!!

Monday, 24 August 2015

A Quick Voyage Round Our Hotel

We have to say we are perfectly happy with our hotel ……. it’s basic, but that suits us, because as you know, we are very basic, non demanding, sort of guys!
Our needs are few, just clean sheets and towels, an ample and sufficient breakfast ….. as most of our time is spent on the beach in the day and promenading and cocktailing in the evening and no lizards!
Our balcony does not yield any spectacular panoramic views, just the car park and a few non romantic roof tops ….. oh and a couple of mountains  ……… but,  it does come in very handy for drying our towels, trunks and Darrell’s socks after a day on said beach.
hotel 1 We also get a most excellent view of “the Flags of All Nations”, which never fails to remind us of The Eurovision Song Contest, the televisual highlight of our year!
hotel 3The pool is very acceptable and is a bit of a sun trap with its handy bar …..……. but its hygienic chlorine type whiff and faux blue water just cannot compare with the romance swimming unbridled in the salty, undulating, untiled, genuinely, blue sea …..
…….. surrounded by curious, real swimming fish!!!
There is also the opportunity for a little ping pong, but as of yet we have not availed ourselves …… there are too many other more tempting pleasures.
I have to admit that none of us are too over enamoured by the shower curtain in our bathroom, which we have now stopped using (the curtain, not the shower) ….. the shower tray is not that big, and once in, said shower curtain has a tendency to cling …..
…… which Darrell has described as feeing a little like being enveloped in  cold, clammy ectoplasm of a Derek Acorah type nature, which I think is a bit of an over, if not graphic, exaggeration!!!
In the dining room/lounge the art is very much Greek Myth meets Van Gogh …….
……. but we don’t think the Van Gogh’s are real, even though the paint feels and looks lumpy, because Darrell says he thinks Hugh has the real thing hanging in his bathroom in Notting Hill!!!!
It’s just sooooooo lovely being away from Castle Greysquirrel (W-ton)  and Snake Mountain (Evesham) for just a little while, to be in such foreign climes……
……. breathing in that wonderful, rich, warm, Greek aroma, that you can only ever smell in Greece….. on our aforementioned balcony, waiting for us all to get ready for a night out on the town ……..
……… to make memories that will keep us feeling all warm and fuzzy when we get back to our normal hum-drum lives!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

An Unexpected Siting Of Hugh’s Yacht?????

We couldn’t help but notice that yesterday there was a most mahooooosive yacht parked over at the next beach from us ……..
jst the two of usDarrell then excitedly spent the rest of the afternoon trying to Skype Hugh, as he was sure that Hugh had mentioned something about taking “zee bijoux little pootle around zee Med” if his people could get hold of “zee darrrrrrrrrrrrrrling little crew” who had manned his yacht for him last year ……….
linerI think Darrell rather hankered for a little pootle too ……. and ….. perhaps taking a few alfresco dives from where ever you dive off from on a yacht of that magnitude …….
…… but alas Darrell couldn’t get hold of Hugh ….. and to be honest, I wasn’t all that convinced it was Hugh’s yacht, because, even from such a distance, it looked decidedly un-pink and I couldn’t hear any party music blaring from its general direction!!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Darrell Is Starting To Fret …….

As you know, when we are on holiday Darrell always likes to try and find at least one holey stone on the beach, to take home as a memento ……….
He says that it’s a sign that “someone” is watching over us and that our being there is “meant to be”
But this year, it seems that finding any holey stone is proving to be an almost impossible quest and Darrell is starting to fret, because, over the last six years or so, on every holiday, he has never failed to go home without one, no matter how tiny!!!
Holey stoneAnd now he has Nigel at it! Yesterday, Nigel was gone for almost three hours in the baking sun, but still returned empty handed, well, except for a rapidly melting Cornetto of a Greek type nature!
In desperation Darrell has however noticed that the flower beds around our hotel are lined with holey bits of concrete …….. and has taken to wondering, if push came to shove, if they would count as a holey stone!
I have told him to have faith, and that he still has plenty of time to find one ……  and stressing that there is no way that I am risking being charged for excess baggage if we take an aforementioned block of concrete home, no matter how Greek or holey!  So Darrell (and Nigel’s) search, to find a new holey stone (in the manner of Sir Lord Alan Sugar) continues ………