Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Wonders Of Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup ………

Now. you may have wondered why Hugh’s country pile is so named Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup ……
IMG_0489Well …………………….
Mrs BuffHugh has a thing about chickens............
IMG_0521He says that they help keep his feet on the ground and their peaceful clucking helps relax him, far more than any massage from his personal masseuse Federico, even at £150 a go and with scented oils!!!
IMG_0859They are he says "Zee pet zat juste keeps on zee giving, no?" ……
Hugh's Eggs…… in the form of a most bountious supply of eggs, which Hugh insists that "his man that does" personally takes down to Notting Hill  once a week, so that Hugh can always have one or two coddled with his carefully sliced soldiers for breakfast every morning, without fail, as he reads The Stage from cover to cover.
IMG_0495We have to agree that after a few days, we are all now totally in love with Hugh's little herd…..
IMG_0494….. especially the tiny weeny weeny baby ones that Hugh said seemed to hatch as if to herald our glorious arrival .....
IMG_0498......... and of which Nigel insists on checking almost every five minutes, but very, very quietly, so as not to upset the broody hen.
IMG_0507Chickens must be the most romantic pets ever, and Nigel is now desperate to have some of our own Chez Castle Greysquirrel, eagerly suggesting that they could live in our empty shed at the bottom of the garden, if we do it up!
Hugh's 3It seems that Nigel now appreciates that chickens are not just for roasting for Sunday dinner or nuggets, in fact he has gone right off the thought of chicken when it comes to their comestible nature!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Nigel Learns To Tell The Time .........

It has to be said that Nigel is not that good at telling the time ...... he can do the o'clocks till 6, then he gets confused, when the hand, he says, ".....goes up the other way .........!"
So he decided that he might do a bit better learning to tell the time by the ways of the country!!!!!! So far he has been sat sitting for three and a half hours waiting for the hand to move ........ perhaps we should tell him ...... but to be honest it's given the chickens a rest from his constant egg checking ..... and Darrell and I have enjoyed several quiet and very acceptable mugs of tea!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Poor Hugh ........... Living The Showbiz Life Is NOT All It's Cracked Up To Be .........

We had sooooooooo looked forward to staying with Hugh at his Country Pile, Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup and spending some real quality time together, but when we got up this morning we could see that something was very wrong indeed as Hugh greeted us wearing mahooooosive sunglasses, sniffing deeply and looking very, very upset. 
He sat us down and tried as best he could, between huge sniffs and sobs, to tell us that despite having our visit clearly marked "Categorically Unavailable" in red ink and underlined in his diary, his PA had been forced to urgently and avoidably call him away, at the very last minute for crisis talks re:one of the shows he was involved in producing, directing and choreographing ........ and as such, between huge said sniffs, Hugh had to tell us  "......zat sadly, zee show 'ave to go on no?   I 'ave to leave you 'ere et returnez moi to Londres!"

Well, you can imagine the state we were in! To say that we were utterly and totally robustly devastated and gutted doesn't even begin to touch the emotion of it all, lets just say, a torrent of manly tears were shed (in truly showbiz type style). "I 'ave to go zis minute, zay are sending zee balloon for me as zee recompense .....  but I 'ave no appetite for its charms, ...... pahhhhhhhh!" Hugh flounced, in a way only Hugh could flounce while wearing a pink feather boa ......  "Zee showbiz life, it can be zee cruewwwwwelllll mistress no????" 

We had just five minutes to hurriedly light Hugh's birthday cake candles and sing a quick "Happy Birthday" and then .....................Hugh was gone ........ in a flurry of feathers and tears .....
....... and now wearing two pairs of sunglasses, one on top of the other .....
........ and although, on any another day we would all embraced how unbelievably romantic being picked up by hot air balloon was, at that moment it too held very little aforementioned charm for us as Hugh slowly disappeared over the glorious Worcester countryside...... heading towards London.
However, we were still staying ....... before he left Hugh had enough time to tell us "zat" all of Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup was at our disposal for as long as we "dezzzzired!, We were to treat it like "zee home from zee home" and avail ourselves to all "zee" food and drink he had especially bought in, but could now no longer sadly share with us .........
........ and, well ........ we reasoned it would look most rude not to!!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Fishgate Breakthrough?

While we are away in Worcester staying with Hugh, Lucy has been put on "high alert pond watch" re: our missing fish, and yesterday, we received (via text) what could be breakthrough news, as it seems that while she was doing the washing up, she glanced up and saw, from the window, a very large, black crow swoop down and land on the boards that we had put down as a temporarily measure to further protect our pond …… perhaps a gesture too late, seeing as the fish already seem to have bolted ...... but still!
She said that the said intruder appeared to be dipping some sort of avian comestible in the water to soften it and certainly cast a formidable shadow over the water!
We have now, after studying Lucy's attached photographs put this crow (or infidel as Nigel has called it) firmly in the frame as the main suspect to have, please pardon the expression, put the willies up our unaccounted for fish ……  We have told Lucy to continue her watch for any further developments ...... which we intend to full investigate upon our return home!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Hugh’s….. Erm …. Uniquely Unique Birthday Present From Us

Before we came away to stay with Hugh the issue of what to get him for his birthday had been a very pithy issue for us, because, as you know Hugh is the man with almost three of everything!!!!
However, after much debate, none too heated, we all decided that Hugh’s gift  should  be something of a comestible nature, because that’s what we do best ……
….. and would incorporate a vast amount of confectionary ….. well, it would be rude not too …….
…… because, although Hugh is very partial to confectionary he often has to abstain for up to two weeks before a TV appearance or photoshoot as …….  “zee camera ‘as zee nasty ‘a bit off putting on zee three stones on zee ‘ips!” according to Hugh!!!  But our stay with Hugh was a special time for us all, so what better reason to indulge!!!!
So, before we left for the sunny climes of Worcester, Darrell and Nigel got down and chocolaty and made Hugh a mahooooooosive Castle Greysquirrel Rocky Road Special ….. something we doubt very much Hugh partakes in round at “Simone Cowelles” or “Elt and Dave’s”on a Saturday Night!
I think things may have got a little out of hand when Nigel decided the mix could take a few more marshmallows and Maltesers ……. which was then followed by some very noisy sampling noises, as they made sure that their “creation” was par excellence! And the final touch? A very robust sprinkling of chocolate stars ………
…… what else would you expect for a Birthday Boy who lives the showbiz life dans Notting Hill!!!!   It looked very nom, nom, nom.   Obviously, a full review will follow ….. well, not to would look very remiss, wouldn’t it??????  We have now secreted this delicacy safe, decanted into a Tupperware box, in our room,  ready for Hugh's big day, we can hardly wait!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sooooo Excited We Became Uncharacteristically Remiss!

Eurovision was just too wonderful for words, BUT we got soooooooo excited and wrapped up in the occasion, especially being with Hugh, that our usual meticulous coverage you have witnessed in the past, disappeared like a great "poooouuuuffff" in one of Hugh's productions!  We were quite frankly rubbish!!!  And for that we have to apologise ..... after our mahooooosive build up, we offered you very little.
During the afternoon Hugh, aided and abetted by a very willing Darrell and Nigel created an homage to last years Eurovision winner Conchita and Rise Like A Phoenix ....... using the net curtains in the lounge window 
And I think from there on in, it set the tone for the rest of the evening!
As the countdown began the excitement was both hugely tangible and palpable ...... and once the show began .......
That was it, we just sat totally entranced ...... Darrell tweeted a tiny bit, but it was too much of a distraction ......  if he was twittering, no matter how insightful, he was aware that he could/would miss something ..... and missing anything was too awful to contemplate.

In the end, it was Sweden, who were always the bookies favourite, who were the victors ..... Italy were up there too, as we had predicted in third place and Hugh spotted Belgium as an outsider who came fourth.  The UK sadly only received five points, ending in 24th position out of 27!!!  Hmmmmmm

It was a wonderful night,as we said, perhaps not remembered on our blog for our glorious commentary, but dearly cherished by us, as an evening when great friends came together to share and embrace a very special time, for once, without the distractions of social media!!!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

To Quote Rod Stewart ….. Tonight’s The Night

We are now firmly ensconced with Hugh, chez Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup, and it’s all quite wonderful, we had a choice of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, we all had both!!!!!  ……. AND tonight is indeed is the night ……
On Thursday night we very much enjoyed the second Eurovision semi final …… and now after standing so firm to our conviction since March think that maybe Sweden could run away with it  (although we still very much like the romantic and manly qualities of Italy’s entry)…… but, what do we know?
Darrell, aided and abetted by Nigel, also used the time productively, although he has done his own running commentary on past Eurovision nights, he  wanted to work out how to send Tweets to the official BBC Eurovision Twitter Feed ……. make his comments more “official” as it were ………..and he managed it!!!!
He even had one of his comments favourited ……. which made him soooooo proud!
It would look a bit rude for Darrell to comment too much tonight, as we are, after all,  guests chez Hugh …… but if he does, Darrell has promised to make them poignant and apposite!!!  What is he like?????

Friday, 22 May 2015

What Do We Get Hugh For His Birthday …….??????

Since accepting Hugh’s very wonderful invitation to join him, chez “Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup”, to not only share in all that is Eurovision but also celebrate his birthday …….. we have been in very deep and robust thought …….
……… as we would very much like to give him the most perfect birthday present ever, ever, ever  ……
But what do you give someone who lives, to the full, the hectic and heady  romantic showbiz life dans Notting Hill?HughWe could all almost hear him saying “No, no, no, no, no, boyz, boyz, boyz, boyz, boyz,  zee only sing zat I could wish for on my birsday is ‘aving you all wis me …… we will be ‘aving all zee laughing and zee singing and all zee snacking no?”
…… and in that imagining, we all had a simultaneous Ulrika moment, which hit us like a bolt of lightening, the clue was in the aforementioned …… “all zee snacking” bit!!!!  We would create something  of a unique type  comestible nature …… incorporating all of Hugh’s favourite confectionary of choice ……….. something that would indeed come straight from our ‘earts!!!!
However, we can’t divulge just yet what this creation will be until after we have presented it to Hugh …… just in case he reads it here first!!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Off To Hugh’s Country Pile ………….. For Eurovision!

POND WATCH – still no sighting of any fish!!!!
You have found us packing …….. because …… drum roll please …..……….. we are Worcester bound.
Sensing our humungous disappointment at not being able to get tickets for real for this years Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, despite having got up at the crack of dawn on several occasions, Hugh decided that the next best thing to do would be to invite us down to his country pile, amidst the romantic rolling hills of Worcestershire (or as Hugh calls it, his back garden!)  
hillsHow wonderful is that? So, for the first time in our friendship we will all be together to watch our televisual highlight of the year, and enjoy a few days in said romantic rolling hills to embrace the pursuing of pursuits of a country type nature.
Hugh Notting Hill_thumb[8]Hugh’s gracious invitation is indeed the greatest of honours, as none of us have ever been privileged enough to be guests chez “Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup”, not even Darrell, because Hugh guards his privacy, when not in London with a robust ferocity (a bit like when Cliff Richard goes to Barbados). AND, to make the aforementioned invitation even more specialer ….. as if that wasn’t special enough, Hugh is celebrating his birthday while we are there ….. and just for us, he has cancelled his usual A Lister only, Elton John type celebrations for “zee quiet meal down zee local pub” with scratchings, if they have them!!!!
It’s going to be like being in The Archers ……… but if Darrell says “Tally-ho, old boy” once more, I don’t think I can be held responsible for my actions!!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

STOP PRESS ........Eurovision Semi Finals

We can’t believe it ……. we had a glorious night last night watching the semi finals of Eurovision …… with our money firmly on Moldova and Denmark to claim, in our opinion, their rightful place in the finals on Saturday. So imagine the shock that rocked our lounge when they failed …….. we just sat in silence for at least ten minutes when we heard the results, before Darrell got up and said he was putting the Horlicks on!!!  What an absolute shocker ….. Moldova and Denmark being out, not Darrell putting the Horlicks on!!!!!!
So, we still have Italy, who get an automatic entry to said finals ……. but now we must study the form yet again …….. we think Hungary could be the rank outsider and surprise everyone, but, we shall be watching very carefully on Thursday night for the second semi finals, because from our judgement so far, we are obviously not in tune to the rest of Europe!!!!

A New Outlet For Nigel’s Talents?

POND WATCH - Still no sightings of any fish in our pond!
With the Eurovision Song Contest, the televisual highlight of our year all but a few short days away, we really cannot predict how we (the UK) are going to fair with Electro Velvet (who no one has ever heard of before) and our song Still In Love With You, but, if past years are anything to go by and despite our usually un-crushable optimism, we are a touch pessimistic with regards to our chances of being crowned the victors of the coveted title!!
However, Nigel has already been giving some serious thought to our 2016 entry, after spotting a very interesting poster in one of the shop windows in the village …….
…… perhaps being inspired or indeed “facilitated” by the very romantic, yet manly sounding, Chuck Micallef, he could “source out his unique personal centres of inspiration” ……….
………. to go on to trying  to write/compose next years song, especially now that his mind isn’t constantly full of sauces and their rotation, and ……. thinking even further ahead, if the UK didn’t like his song, he could always offer it to another Eurovision country, where perhaps it might sound even better in a foreign language …… I am not sure just how musical Nigel actually is, but who am I to erm…….. rain on his parade?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Not The Best Trip Out Of Choice ………

Twenty four hours on there has still been no sign of Andy’s fish ….. so Lucy thought it might be a good idea to distract Nigel by taking him to a garden centre ……. at first all went well, as the aforementioned garden centre has a most excellent cafe and Nigel can always been distracted by milkshake and blueberry muffin and the odd novelty terracotta pot  …….
…….. but, unfortunately, Lucy had confused her garden centres and had completely forgotten that the one they were at had a water feature section (agggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!), and as you know, water is something that Nigel is intrinsically drawn too and before Lucy could suggest going to look at the Venus Flytraps instead or feign an oncoming headache, Nigel had spotted one of the features in the aforementioned water features section …….
…….. becoming totally hypnotised by a very large and very expensive faux cave with multifunctional waterfall features,  enthusing that this was the sort of thing that could “subtly” enhance a dull corner in Castle Greysquirrels’ grounds ……… leaving Lucy to slowly shake her head in quiet despair at Nigel’s erm…… lack of taste  ……. and knowing that the fish section was all but round the corner ……………. and before she knew it ……. Nigel had worked his way over to the giant tanks of fish …….
…….. and thoughts of how/why our beloved fish had mysteriously disappeared, with conspiracy theories abound, was it an alien abduction,  had we been  burgled solely for our fish, the perpetrators tunnelling under the castle to get to them,  after previously spotting them from a helicopter, while we were at work, or was there a humungous, hungry cat roaming wild in the neighbourhood???????????There had been quite enough emotion at home for Lucy to cope with, what with our leaving work and Lucy trying to study for  her hard exams ….. so quick action was now required …….and I am afraid Lucy resorted to musing  that they had left the Lemon Drizzle Cake and Rocky Road unsampled, and so go stale) in the cafe ……. what is she like?