Saturday, 30 June 2012

Our £9.50 Sun Holiday To Weymouth

The weekend before we lost Andy, Darrell and Nigel had the most wonderful time in Weymouth on one of our now (in)famous Sun £9.50 holidays which we have decided that we would like to share with you ….
Weymouth Esplanade
The weather on the Saturday was glorious, so everyone agreed to get in the car to avail themselves of the pleasures of Weymouth,
greetings from weymouth
…….. which was made even more exciting as Weymouth is to be the venue for all sailing events for   the Olympic Games ....... how very exciting and great is that?
Sealife Tower Weymouth.Sealife Tower Weymouthweymouth sealife tower
Both Darrell and Nigel would have greatly enjoyed traversing up the Sea Life Tower (Darrell’s height induced nosebleeds permitting)  but unfortunately (or fortuitously) it wasn’t quite finished, however Darrell mused that it would have “….. afforded brilliant panoramic vistas along the Jurassic coast, as well as giving a bird’s eye view of all the bobbing about in boats that the Olympians would be participating in in less than a couple of weeks time.
While Nigel went for a wee Darrell enjoyed the sights and gentle brouhaha of the harbour……weymouth quay..
Weymouth 2

….. and then enjoyed it a little more while Nigel went to fetch a Strawberry Mivvy (for Darrell) and 99 with two flakes, sprinkles, nuts and juice for himself from the ice cream van ….. what is he like?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Our Village Under Flood!

Yesterday morning had a very spooky Derek Acorah type feeling to it, though it was about ten o’clock in the morning it was almost dark, there were ominous rumblings in the sky and suddenly as we were watching Jeremy Kyle the satellite link cut out ......that’s when we knew it was serious!
garden in a storm
Then the rains came ……
….. and Nigel being Nigel thought it was his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one ….. and since it was a rare occurance of a metrological type nature we indulged him and let him “express himself” in the deluge!
…… by letting him sit under the “waterfall” under the kitchen window
Blibrook 28.06.12 Floods
Then we thought we could hear some commotion coming from the road outside and found that the centre of the village was underwater …..
It was unbelievable…..
Puddle surfing in Bilbrook
…… like something from the Man From Atlantis (but not salty water).
28.06.12 Bilbrook Flooded
Whichever way you looked the village was flooded under about two feet of water ….. including the shops in the parade, including  and our favourite papershop
Bilbrook underwater Nigel wanted to build an Ark, worrying about the stranded poodles etc. in the Pet Grooming Parlour …..
Bilbrook 28th June 2012
The girls from Lloyds Chemist donned flourescent jackets and diverted the traffic while the men from the village stopped and watched and took photos!
Flooded Bilbrook
In the end the fire engines came to block off the main road and attempt to rescue two cars that were well and truly stuck in the middle of it all.
Cars in Bilbrook floods
As we gossiped chatted amongst the other village folk no one could ever remember an event like this ….. and all because of ten minutes of rain!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our Storm Tossed Back Garden ....

Just a little taster of the storm that hit our back garden this morning at about ten o'clock ....

Needless to say Nigel was in his element ...... though it may look like he is standing up, Nigel is in fact doing the backstroke in about an inch of water, his unfettered joy was something to be witnessed .... more photos of the devastation tomorrow ......

Fully Loaded Hotdog

After Nigel’s faux pas in mistaking the public hostelry over the road’s King Combo Grill for a King Creole Tribute Night, Granddad Colin decided to treat the little fella to a slap up meal and give Darrell and me a bit of respite!
The Woodman Bilbrook
To say Nigel was robustly excited is a slight understatement as he has had spent most of the afternoon perusing the menu online with Darrell so that he could ask for his dish of choice whilst giving the waiting staff the impression that he could actually read the menu! 
Woodman Flaming Grills
His chosen comestible was the Fully Loaded Hotdog ……
fully loaded Hotdog
Granddad tried to gently persuade him that at 12 inches the black pepper sausage was almost twice as long as Nigel (when laid out in all his entirety) but Nigel could not be dissuaded…..
Fully Loaded Hotdog.
Now, to me, an experienced reviewer, Nigel’s dish of choice was more reminiscent of a dogs breakfast than hot dog, but Nigel assured me it was “delish”, also stating that in his opinion his sausage length was grossly underestimated, and was nearer the 18 inch mark on the sausage Richter scale.
Stripy chair
Granddad Colin remarked that Nigel’s appetite was truly staggering, but added that Nigel had requested that he was left to sit very still for a while and politely declined dessert!  Dyspepsia anyone?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We Back With Vengeance …. With “Dongles” Being The Greatest Technological Invention Know To Monkeys!

Darrell Dongle
Where would we be without the amazing and great Tom the Scientist, The Lovely Laura and the equally Lovely Lucy ….. the past few weeks have seen many changes of a diverse and varied type nature and we truly thought that keeping our blog up and running was going to be, in the words of Perry Como “impossible” ….. however after robust discussion the word “dongle” was mentioned by the three aforementioned members of our family.……
Monkey Blog
And because of their conjoined technological knowledge we’re back online …… how mahoooosively brilliant is that?
Return of Mums Monkey
We know that over the past few weeks we have lost some of our usually stringent continuity ….. so let us just say that Darrell’s arm has made a wonderful recovery, his sling was removed quite painlessly and without the need for gas and air,  his arm now functioning normally and has lost odd swollen appearance.  Our keenest followers may also have noticed that Darrell’s birthday on 21st June has passed us by ….. however, like our own great, dearly beloved Queen we plan to celebrate his unofficial nativity in a few weeks time. We shall also be sharing with you our last Sun £9.50 holiday to Weymouth with Andy in the coming days …… so as Ethel Merman was oft heard to bellow ……. “lets go on with the show …..”

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Because We’re Gorgeous …..

Tie Dye Shirts.Adam the Science Boffin has finished our tie dye shirts and we are overwhelmed as they are totally wonderful!HELLO photo shootAs soon as I got them home Darrell and I threw caution to the wind and held an impromptu Hello magazine type photo shoot dans le jardin de chez nous, daring even to risk casting off Darrell’s sling for a short while so that the full effect of the shirts could be fully appreciated.
Switttt Swooooo ….. and I have to confess that our poses seemed to get more and more relaxed as we began to feel at ease in front of the camera.
Because You're GorgeousWe went from sultry and mysterious …….Exclusive Hello magazine ……….. to gay abandon!Manly PoseWe got a lot of our poses from David Beckham, for which we thank him.
WGHS Adam Science Boffin
We feel that once these pictures go viral on the interweb a modeling contract with The Betty Ford Model Agency will surely be in the bag!  However we shall consider all offers proffered!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What Is He Like

Nigel rushed in last night in a robust state of flux and excitement, he said that the hostelry across the road was having a King Creole Tribute night and beseached begged me to go as we don't have that much live music in the village .....
I thought this sounded a little unusual, as our pub isn't reknowned for its provision of an entertainment type nature, about ten years ago they had a firework display on what turned out to be the foggiest night in years and that's really been about it.......
..... Perhaps, I thought, there had been a change in management ........ and so went to look for myself before phoning to book three places...... only to find out that the King Combo Nigel had raved about was in fact a rather large mixed grill!!!  What is he like???? 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Gone Fishin'

We wrote this post before we lost Andy but we decided that it was too good to waste .... especially as it bought so many happy memories back ....

You'd have thought that by now Nigel would have learnt that Andy's pond is sacrosanct and out of bounds !
But no, Nigel just can't keep away from it .....
"Nigel has such a great attraction and affinity to water" mused Darrell "Perhaps we should have him hypnotised and the regressed in a Derek Acorah type way to find out what he was in a past life" he mused further ..... good grief!!
..... Unfortunately for Nigel "affinity" wasn't one of the words Andy used when he eventually caught up with him ..... however from what we heard of Andy's robust discourse ...... Nigel's next reincarnation might be a lot sooner than he had planned.......!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Malourdous Whiffs On Our Way To Work

Mon Dieu quelle whiff!  It's very fortuitous indeed that computers don't exude pungent aromas, because believe you me this post would make your eyes water ....... and for once I don't mean Nigel ....!
Every morning we pass the same certain spot on our way to work, and every morning we are overwhelmed by the most malodorous pong that always seems to permeate from under the foliage.
At first, I will admit I did suspect Nigel ........ but after consulting my Encyclopedia Of Pungent Plants I now think it may be stinkwort ....... because not even Nigel can erm ..... concentrate his emissions with such precise regulatory, much as he would aspire too!!
And....... if it was him,  I think I I would have to consult Dr Pixie from "Embarrassing Bodies" as this smell is not human normal ........ pwoooarrrrrrr!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Chinese Prediction Of A Derek Acorah Type Nature?

Two young ladies came into the office yesterday where I am currently helping out stamping new text books and while they were waiting for some file paper they asked if I would like to have a go with their Chinese fortune sticks ….
Chinese Fortune Sticks
You are supposed to shake the tube they are in gently and the one that protrudes the most is your prophetic stick of destiny …..
Chinese Fortune Sticks.So I shook gently and made a wish ….. realising that I’d got it all wrong, and felt a little foolish …..
Chinese Fortune Stick.
However, between giggles the girls sorted me out and finally my stick was revealed, predicting that  “You must make an important decision by yourself”  which gave me chills, that, to quote the song “were multiplying”  …….. because I realised that my next job was to go to the canteen to get my lunch ….. and I always have difficulty in choosing between a BLT baguette and the spam bap with extra tomato and diet mayo …… so my predictive Chinese stick was correct …… how very, very  spooky!