Our Friends

Vinnie (The Volunteer) - has "Access All Areas"!  He has built up a very impressive sporting portfollio/CV of volunteering at top sports events in the hope of persuading Lord Coe to let him be a volunteer for the 2012 Olympics.  He has an extensive wardrobe of volunteers uniforms and lanyards and dreams of bumping into Sharron Davies at a swimming event.

Darrell lives with me and is my best friend.  He doesn't catch on too quickly, so needs things explained to him several times, very slowly. 

Cyril - totally addicted to Jeremy Kyle and thinks fruit gums are part of his 5 a day

Molly - she is just lovely and smells of Comfort fabric conditioner.

Archie - makes a lovely cup of tea.

Tristan Selwyn - posh boy from the Valleys, rugby star in the making, isn't he, wasn't he, doesen't he.

Travels the highways and byways with Mr. Collis, loves watching Coach trip on TV, Brendan is his hero.

Sevi Ballamonkey - totally unaware of the effect he has on the ladies.  Would like to win the Ryder Cup - but no longer looks up to Tiger Woods.

Madeline - very posh and classy lady, enjoys a good party.

Tallulah - A very racy lady, always on the look out for LURVE.

Daisy, Tallulah's best friend, you never see one without the other, totally joined at the hip, wants to be LURVED - a lot!


This is Harvey - he is a Country Boy and Stable Lad, horses are his life
and doesn't even mind cleaning up their pooh

Rooney - would like to change his name by deed poll, currently thinking what he could change it to. Likes to keep in shape, helps train me and Darrell on a various charity fun walks.

 Chas from the South Coast.
Chas likes to think he is a bit of a 'action hero' and loves sailing and any adrenaline related sports, the more scary and dangerous the better.
Chas has a softer side and is partial to a bit of gardening and reading, and has a big heart.
Chas enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. His 'signature' dish is peanut cookies and he refuses all pleas to share the recipe! His heroes are the 'Hairy Bikers' and he hopes to meet them some day.