Friday, 28 August 2009

Was Liberace Really Gay?


There is nothing quite like tinkering on the ivories at the end of a long day.
Chopin, Wagner, Barry Manilow ...... ahhh the masters!
I have been blessed with the gift of music though playing with two stumpy hands has been a problem I have had to overcome.
The piano at Hoar Cross was so tempting .... I just had to bang out a quick Copacabana much to the delight of my fellow guests.

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heymonkey said...

Hello old boy

Couldn't help but notice you share the monkey family flair for the finer things in the arts. Rarely an evening goes by where I don't normally sit down in my smoking jacket, a cigar in one hand,surrounded by the family for a tinkle.

Just one question. How do you solve the troublesome problem of reaching the pedals with your stumpy monkey feet?

Best Wishes

The Monkeys