Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Volcanic Eruptions Felt In Evesham

Following on from yesterdays very successful Castle Grey School, totally non celebrity Bake Off ……… Nigel felt suitably emboldened in trying top Darrell’s choice activity by attempting to produce a volcanic eruption outside Snake Mountain with Young Master Bertie, the common denominator being the use of bicarbonate of soda, all very familiar to Mr D (in Mexico) no doubt, who believe it or not actually taught Tom The Scientist, in his formative years, Chemistry.


Having the Osbourne book of 100 Science Experiments and a Horrible Science sticker proclaiming him “Professor” made Nigel, in his eyes, more than eminently qualified for such a risque activity.

IMG_8616 - Copy

Ensuring that full personal protective equipment was worn at all times  by Bertie, in the guise of googles and rather fetching leopard skin ear muffs, all was ready.


Bertie was instructed to carefully spoon bicarbonate of soda  into a facsimile plastic volcano (from a kit), followed by a little washing up liquid and red food colouring to help replicate the drama and romance  of  a full and robust red hot lava flow………


……. then, when they were certain that everything was in place, a generous glug of vinegar was added, the top of the volcano quickly put back on, followed by some swift but robust and vigorous shaking ……….


Hmmmmmm, perhaps not quite Mount Vesuvius, but there again, Rome wasn’t built in a day  and as Nigel reasoned,  too great a spuming eruption might have induced panic in a subdued and locked down Evesham.


Ever a stickler for detail, Nigel then insisted, as a “reinforcement activity” when they came inside, that Bertie talked through what they had done, interspersed with illustrations, including a pyroclastic flow ……… what is he like (Nigel, not Bertie)………….


……. although I have to say, Young Master Bertie was not to be found wanting, giving Nigel quite a run for his money!  Happy Days.


Mr.D said...


Indeed, I taught the very smart TtS Chemistry, and "taught" mum some Science, too. Especially fizzy pop! I kept her drawing, for years. Happy memories. :)

acid + carbonate --> salt + water + carbon dioxide

CraftyCoffey said...

Sounds like everyone had fun which is the best thing.