Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hanging on the Telephone!

Monkey on Phone Phone 2
I am not very keen on the music they play when you are waiting in a queue on the phone.
Phone 3 phone 4
And it’s very embarrassing when you start humming or la la-ing to the tune to alleviate the boredom and someone suddenly answers your call while you are in full swing.
phone 5
Sometimes when the machine says that the call may be recorded for training purposes I ask if I am actually being recorded, and then use posh voice or ask if they can send me a copy of my call!


Julia Dunnit said...

You are funny, Monkey!

Mr. D said...

I think they should record other people humming along and play THAT to you instead.
I suspect the ones for training will be the irate customers but it wouldn't be very nice to do one of these. What about speaking to them in a foreign language like Gornalese or yamyam.
Sí. Estoy muy enojado, mi cuenta tiene demasiado dinero. Por favor, retíralo.
Yes. I am very annoyed. My account has too much money. Please take some out.