Friday, 22 January 2010

I’ve Got Green Fingers.

Amarylis 2 Amarylis 1
The ladies in the office were given an amaryllis for Christmas. They have called it Richard. It’s brilliant, it grows everyday!
Amarylis 3 Amarylis 6
I have been put in charge of measuring it, and seeing how much it shoots up each day.  I might make a graph.
Amarylis 4
The PE lady bought her amaryllis over to the office after seeing Richard, because it hasn’t done anything yet. I am talking to it and patting it to make it feel loved ….. I have called it William.

1 comment:

Mr. D said...

Aren't they called Amaryllis and not Richard or William? (Dick and Willy?)
How do you know they are both male?