Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Nigel Meets The Wiggles ……. All Be It Behind The Camera

Iris and Bertie love The Wiggles, and for us, after a hard day of playing shops, cafes and endless puppet shows, as well as feeding, changing and making sure there is a potty always within easy reach, watching The Wiggles is a perfect way to wind down before The Lovely Laura returns home from work.
VuH6M4fFSo imagine our excitement when Lucy said she’d got tickets for Bertie and Iris to see The Wiggles in “real life” and would one of us like to go as well. Well, we all wanted to go, but after several very serious and competitive games of heads and tails, Nigel emerged the victor!  He was so excited, I suspect even more so than Iris and Bertie, as he knows all the words and actions to all of their songs.
Copy of IMG_3886As an auditor Lucy had the day organised to the second, and then something happened to turn it upside down, as they were approaching the theatre Lucy thought she saw Anthony Wiggle …… now, what does one do in such a situation, just be discrete and say “That looks like Anthony Wiggle” or bellow “Anthony” as loud as you can to attract his attention …….. well, Nigel opted for the later, there was no way he was going to miss out on the chance meeting of a Wiggle!
Copy of IMG_3887Anthony turned round and was so lovely, despite being in the middle of a baked potato and beans, which he said he loved, but couldn’t get in Australia and clutching a big bag of medicational stuff for his poorly arm, which Lucy was very knowledgeable about, as she, it seems follows The Wiggles on Facebook!  But, as this was Iris and Bertie’s day, Nigel for once, did not hog the limelight but instead took the pictures, even if his hands were shaking a little.
IMG_3890Once inside the theatre Nigel said the excitement was both tangible and robustly palpable.
He did feel a little overdressed, but Iris, resplendent in her yellow Emma bow, had chosen his clothes specially for the day and he didn’t want to upset her.
Iris and Bertie were almost at bursting point when all of a sudden the lights went down, the music started  ……… and there were The Wiggles………..
Nigel said they were just too brilliant for words ………. they sang all his (as well as Bertie’s and Iris’s) favourite songs and Wags The Dog, Dorothy The Dinosaur and Henry The Octopus were there too, however Captain Feathersword was an interloper, and not the one from the tele, but that really didn’t matter.
All too soon it was over, and Lucy was much thanked for her kind thought and getting everyone there, but now it was time to go home ……..
……… but just as they got outside, Lucy again noticed a few people gathered to the side of the theatre, there was a little debate, should they just carry on and get the babies home or risk the rush hour traffic and see if they could meet any of the other Wiggles, most importantly Emma for Iris ……. in the end they decided that it was an opportunity they would never ever have again …. so the joined the other people.
IMG_3932It was a risk well worth taking, first they met Simon, the operatic Wiggle, he was soooooooooooooo lovely and made a big fuss of Bertie …….
IMG_3934…….. and then, altogether came Lachy and Emma with Anthony, who remembered them!  Iris was a little star struck, all she could say was “Emma’s beautiful” with a little sigh and that “Emma wasn’t wearing her bow”
What a day …….. they say you should never meet your heroes ……. well, on this occasion Nigel, Iris and Bertie would beg to differ!


Mr.D said...

Wow. How wonderful.

I have never had the pleasure of a Wiggle with a capital W.

What an amazing day. One that certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry.

The operatic Wiggle sounds particularly interesting.

Pamela said...

What a lovely day you all had and great that you were able to meet them all. I must say Helen you look really well - lovely to see you in the photos.

Dianne said...

My goodness!....what a super spectacular happening for dear Iris and little Bertie....the excitement must have been beyond compare to actually see their favourites in person!.....Lucy and Grandmother Mum made this a very special day with the plus of having personal time with these heroes who bring so much joy and happiness to their fans......the Wiggles are popular here too on the children's channels but not sure if they have ever done a live show in the US.....what a beautiful colourful stage show.....Happy, happy day!.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

You rub shoulder pads with all the movers and shakers of the celeb world, do you not! What a day. JantheFan x