Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Oh Darrell …. What Are You Like?

Although they serve no purpose whatsoever, Darrell is always quite taken by the various runners we often find at the end of our hotel beds during our various trips.
WP_20170722_08_59_03_Pro After all the copious interior design notes he made in Liberty, I fear the worse, especially after Nigel casually mentioned that Darrell had wondered out aloud whether we should perhaps have our own “Riverside Towers” runners made up to give our salubrious but bijoux riverside apartment a certain designer gravitas!  Heaven help me!!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

I had to Google "runners." I have visions of Mo Farah or Usain Bolt on their marks at the bottom of the bed.

Dianne said...

Runners are helpful not just in hotels; nap time (or in steamy Florida, siesta time)and you don't want to unmake (is there such a word?) the bed but just take shoes off.....Liberty would certainly be the place for the most beautiful fabric; their fabric and print designs are world usual Darrell's design talent would ensure a beautiful runner!...Ah, the creative design mind is always going full steam...Love, Dianne