Monday, 11 February 2019

Giant Baguettes Akimbo

Lu said she’d treat Nigel to a slap up roast pork baguette, with all the trimmings, to line his stomach ready for his journey back to Evesham.  They’d been to Roasters together before, about two years ago and had oft mused romantically about the prospect of paying a return visit.

Let’s just say said return visit it DID NOT disappoint, it was just as wonderful second time around as it was the first, but this time Nigel opted for a soft baguette remembering how undignified it can get when trying to work your teeth through a crusty one. Trying to get  good purchase with his “gnashers” when taking a good bite, had lead to some unseemly content spillage down his front last time, and in the company of a lady, to wit La Lu, was just plain embarrassing.

Needless to say, this sorted much nomming ensued …… a most ample roast pork baguette consumed
with relish with all the trimmings:- stuffing, crackling and just a smidgeon of gravy …… it don't get any better than that! 


Mr.D said...

Nomtastic. How many on the Richter scale of noms?

CraftyCoffey said...

Well done Nigel-another excellent description from the Roving Restaurant Reviewer.