Wednesday, 15 May 2019

This Week We Are Mainly Living The Eurovision Dream

What can we say, last might was just brilliant. 

Darrell made us special Eurovision cocktails using an intoxicating infusion of liqueurs native to some of the countries taking part in this years competition with a just a splash of Vimto and a hint of Umbongo and has promised something similar for Thursday night. There was also Maltesers, Kit Kat Sensations and a couple of Twix on heat ice to keep our energy levels up.  

Anyway, some of the songs we loved from their promotional videos were a little disappointing in real life .......
..... like Mrs Serbia ..... I am afraid we don't rate her anymore, she promised much but alas is no longer our tip for the top, although she qualified for the final.

As for Australia, who got through and now heavily tipped as a favourte to win the whole thing...... we just don't get it and only got our vote for the most anoying song of the night, acrobatics or not!

Portugal, as we predicted,  did not disappoint but for all the wrong reasons ......... and did not quaify for Saturday night, no great loss there.

Mr San Merino, we thought was very out of key but still got through!  Perhaps he was supposed to sound like that, or was it the affects of Darrell's Eurovision cocktails playing havoc with our auditory systems?
Anyway, ten acts got through and the other eight or so are probably now packing their bags and bidding farewell to Tel Aviv as you are reading this.

But now, we have the second semi final to look forward to, we think it could be a very close run thing as there are no entries that we think are just blatantly too awful for words.

Well perhaps for Angelina Jolie who seems to have stepped down a little from her humanitarian efforts and begging Brad Pitt to go back to her by representing Moldova with a song called Stay!

We very much like Azerbaijan's "Truth" because in our opinion it has one of the catchiest tunes in the contest and we also think that the singer Chingiz has a certain allure and charm that some ladies will very much appreciate.
Albania, though not really our cup of tea is nevertheless very dramatic and a strong contender that will definitely go straight through to Saturday's Grand Final and then probably get in to the top ten at least.
Our Eurovision dark horse of the year is without question Denmark's "Love Is Forever". It has a very fresh feeling to it, is incredibly cute and is a million miles away from all the power ballads and overly choreographed and costumed entrants.
The young lady also sings in two different languages which is never a bad thing in Eurovision. We think, if it gets through, it should be in the top five of the Grand final.

Well, here's to a fabuuuuuuulous Thursday night and then our wonderful, wonderful, much anticipated Euro weekend with Hugh a la Chicken Coup, where we really hope one of his man that does's boozy chocolate trifles is on the menu.


Mr.D said...

The trifle sounds great!

Do any songs use kazoos? Anything like Neil Innes' song - Mr. Eurovision Song Contest Man?

Anonymous said...

I might be missing it - but no worries - this is a great, The Latest News from ESC' Thanks guys! JantheFan x