Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Very Nervous Jam Review

It’s taken a couple of days, but I have finally been able to pin Darrell and Nigel down to sample my blackberry jelly, now, after a week or so, nicely matured.
IMG_3982I asked them to be brutally and robustly frank, I didn’t want any pity vote, just for them to be kind.
IMG_3983As they inhaled it’s aroma and studied the colour and texture, I have to admit to being a little nervous and felt a large lump in my throat, which I hoped they, in turn, would not!
And then, the true test, how did my first ever foray into the world of jam taste? At first there was a long silence as they both bit into their slice of bread, followed by a gentle and much considered chewing …… then there were some very thoughtful and sage hmmmmmms in between sideways glances to each other …….
Their decision …….. nom, nom, nom, no need for any Richter Scale they announced, because The Towers Premium Seedless Blackberry Jam was, without any question of a doubt, was a perfect Perfect 10. 
IMG_3990I felt so proud …… and now, we can go into production, Darrell and Nigel doing the picking and washing and me doing the making and bottling, the Perfect Team!! 
I guess that’s all our personalised Christmas presents sorted out too, just like Hugh’s from Harold's!


Mr.D said...

Nomtastic indeed.

Just like the gymnast, Nadia Comaneci, a perfect ten!

Dianne said...

One look at that gorgeous jam and there was no doubt about the taste.....couldn't be anything but a 10 plus....the noms tell the story!....a treat now but especially lovely on a cold winter day with hot tea and toast.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

yummmmeeeeeee.........JantheFan x