Friday, 4 August 2017

OMG, Derek Acorah Is In The House!

Oh my goodness, I’ll be honest, I was enjoying the peace and quiet of The Towers, until Tuesday evening when something happened that I knew was going to turn our lives upside down and then, I just couldn’t wait for them to come home ..... on my own, without them I felt totally bereft! What am I like?
ad_253150438-e1501624352458However, thinking that this event may have gone past them with all their own London excitement, I decided that I had to call them, to tell them ………. tell them that this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother had started  ………. AND that our favourite see-er of dead people of choice (….. plus his new bottom teeth), Derek Acorah had “gone in”.  There was silence for a second or two at the other end of the phone as they took it in, and then I think you can imagine the mayhem that ensued ……. They were gutted that they had missed the first night, but how fortuitous that Lucy has just treated us to a NOW TV box so now we will all be able to watch it again on Catch Up and embrace our beloved  Derek’s entrance!
Celebrity-Big-Brother-Derek-Acorah-1019279We are not sure how Derek will go down, but obviously he will get ALL our votes, except for eviction, naturally.
Celebrity-Big-Brother-Derek-Acorah-Karthik-1020328It will be a bit strange seeing our hero in his pyjamas ……in bed, something we never dreamed we would ever witness. It might not feel quite right so we may have to avert our eyes if we feel it’s too voyeuristic ……… we are not, at this time, even going to contemplate any scenes of a nakedness in the shower type nature ……. we have just all agreed to leave the room!  After our Greek Odyssey and The X Factor it looked as if our summer had peeked, but now …….. it’s only just started!!!


Mr.D said...

More excitement for you all. Will it ever end?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the tweets! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Holy cow!...Derek never fails to amaze!.....Will there be much sleep at the Towers with this surprising major event?....more fun and good times ahead as we go along to summer's end ( we are still in the mid 90'sF here, with a heat index that has been as high as 106F....we are happy when it gets down to 80F with 77F at night). ...Love ya, Dianne