Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sorry, It Just Looks Common!

Last night, as he was preparing a small nocturnal night cap, Darrell casually remarked that  the latest en-trend trend in the cocktail world is the Baked Bean Tin Cocktail Cup …….
IMG_4039…… and to illustrate the point, he served our said night cap accordingly.  To be honest, I thought that he was just winding me up, and so was determined that I was not going to be the butt of his and Nigel’s little joke …… but I am afraid that I had to eat humble pie …….
Picture1……. after a bit of discrete Googling under the cushion, I soon discovered that they really are as de  rigueur as Darrell said!  Well, I was totally taken aback ……
IMG_4040……. and they aint cheap either! However, bless him, Darrell had actually used our old bean/spaghetti hoop tins for ours!
IMG_4042However, I don’t care how a la mode they are,  I just think they look common.  We have a beautiful cocktail cabinet full of lovely glasses for all cocktails and for all occasions, but to now add three baked bean tins is just embarrassing and, dare I say, sacrilege  ….. goodness only knows what the next fad will be …… salt and pepper pot shorts ……???


Mr.D said...

Careful you don't cut your lips on them either.

What next?
Milk bottles to drink pints of beer?

Anonymous said...

Well, the world becomes a stranger place by the day. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Ah, so true with the cans.....en trend or not, I still refer to them as tin cans......every tine I see an empty can I am reminded of my childhood (during WWII) when cans had to be flattened and made into piles tied with string for recycling ...... not a very romantic view of empty tin cans and definitely sabotaged my ability to see their charm ....enjoy that nightcap no matter the container! Love, Dianne