Thursday, 6 December 2018

Darrell Makes A Festive Compromise

Yes, Darrell has worked his magic on The Towers festive décor ……. but yesterday I noticed he was a bit quiet and perhaps even a little brooding of a Heathcliffe type nature, which isn’t Darrell at all. I knew he wasn’t happy about something but felt he was best left alone.
Aldi Chocolate Tree Decorations
Then, mid afternoon, he said that he was just popping out but wouldn’t be long.  I didn’t have a clue what he was up to but within the hour he was back brandishing an Aldi bag.
He then explained that he’d realised that our Christmas tree may have been all colour co-ordinated to an inch of its life, but it was sadly lacking for Iris and Bertie, he had been extremely remiss …….. there was something very important missing and if it didn’t co-ordinate then ……. who cared!
What Iris and Bertie ought to see, he declared, was an abundance of chocolaty tree decorations ……. and to wit that is what he had in his bag.
He and Nigel then both spent the rest of the afternoon hanging up said chocolate baubles ……. 
I am not entirely convinced that the one that got “squashed” was an accident on Nigel’s part, especially with his musing that perhaps it ought to be sampled to make sure it wasn’t faulty or stale…… what is he like? But I have to say that the tree is now PERFECT and Darrell’s spirits lifted.


Mr.D said...

Iris and Bertie and going to love it.

Darrell "dun gud."

CraftyCoffey said...

Darrell is so thoughtful-perfect addition to the tree and I’m sure that one decoration truly was damaged!


Anonymous said...

I'm with Darrell a few little chocky decorations is an absolute must have on the Festive Tree. JantheFan x

marc said...

My Dear Boys, you are on the ball again i am proud of you, you are quite right any and every Christmas tree be it styled within a needle of its life or just a sad twisted bit of tinsel on a broken branch is lacking in any festive spirit if it does not have a chocolate decoration or two hanging from it ,
my darling boys you have brought that extra bit of Christmas spirit nay i say magic in to the lives of our darling wee little people nay i say those Darling wee angels , I know they will love you more than jelly tots big air kiss and double handed show biz wave your friend Hugh