Friday, 7 December 2018

Our Verdict On A New Festive Delicacy

As you know we all like to adhere to a stringent 5 day regime and as so are always up to try something a little bit different as regards to our fruit and veg intake……….
walkers sprout crisps
So you can imagine the palpable and tangible excitement that thronged The Towers when Darrell came home jubilantly holding aloft a festive variety bag of crisps ……. including a sprout flavour.
We would have been very remiss if we hadn’t sampled them there and then. He who dares wins!  Hmmmmmm, to be honest what immediately assailed our nostrils as we opened an individual bag was the overwhelming and authentic, aromatic whiff of sprouts, let’s just say they were erm ….. pungent!
They were also a paler shade of green ………
……. and yes, they did taste unmistakably of sprouts, but what was alarming was the sprout aftertaste that lingered for far longer than any of us would have preferred it too.
As to a sprouts renowned flatulence generating properties, well, a gentleman never tells …… let’s just say that what goes on off in The Towers stays in The Towers, and thank goodness for Glade!
Our verdict on said crisps, an undoubtedly acquired taste, not for the faint hearted. I seriously doubt that Darrell will making another considered purchase.


marc said...

hello, young Sirs its Marc he who does for Hugh as you know Hugh has a real love of the much-misunderstood veg, (given a bad rep by the great unwashed )who have boiled it to death and ruined it. I now fear the might crisp has taken it on and from your tasting results have now come along and kicked the poor veg when its down, so young sirs, I will share with you 20 of my fav ways to cook and serve this mighty vegetable I am sure you will find one you will love big love and humble bow leaving the room facing you your forever servant marc The 20 Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes of All Time - PureWow

Mr.D said...

I love sprouts but not the results at the opposite end.