Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Three Amigos Ride Again

Nigel is back with us after his self imposed Exmouth exile and it goes without saying that one of the first things he wanted to do was partake in the pleasures of our finally completed, renovated shower cubicle.
He said that he was a little nervous when he first got in as he knows how stressful the past few weeks have been for us, confessing that he was really frightened to press the start button just in case he found it had gone wrong again. 
However, Darrell put him at ease, telling him that we’d now registered the shower online and should be amply covered by the guarantee for the next two years at least.
We celebrated Nigel’s joyous return a special spag bol as cooked by Darrell, followed by a mahooooosive pile of pancakes to make up for us all missing out last Tuesday on Pancake Day. Pancake Day without Nigel just isn’t Pancake Day, watching to see how many he can get through before finally admitting he simply can’t manage another morsel is the stuff of dreams.
I also had a small present for the little fella to say I was sorry for being a little terse with him over the hot tub debacle and to tell him that I’d really, really missed him.
It was a charity shop find, a small, ceramic swan (possibly Sylvac) to remind him not only of his beloved Evesham swans ………. but also of The Twitchers who had taken  him under their wing so to speak while he was away …..  It’s soooooooo good to have him back!


Mr.D said...

Welcome back, Nigel.

Triton, a Greek god, messenger if the sea. Son of Poseidon. Here endeth today's lesson.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. D - I was one student who was listening. Thank you for that nugget of information!
..and boyz as Simon and Garfunkel gave it to you, Gee but it's great to be back home, Home is where I want to be.....sing it JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Thanks JtF.