Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Nigel's Finds He Doesn't Much Like Touching Brains

After putting his soft tissues through a real good pummelling and plucking ........
...... Nigel thought he might pay a visit to The Mind Gym, especially as he was feeling just a tad groggy from all the super intensive relaxing he'd been doing.
Perhaps the vibrant coloured room would help reawakened his chilled out senses and putting his power of logic through its paces, as it said on the poster, could be no bad thing, if, he knew what logic actually was.
Sadly, the activities provided in room proved to be a little too challenging for Nigel, or more likely as not, he was too zonked out to really want to try. Reassembling a human brain was something Nigel would never attempt at the best of times ...... for fear of disasterous consequences.
No, within a few minutes Nigel realised that the Mind Gym was not what his own brain needed and so headed off to somewhere a little more condusive to his mood .......
....... to avail himself of a peppermint tea
........ followed by a little snooze .........
........ before being called for his 155 minute Golden Indulgence Treatment ....... reawakening his brain could definitely wait a little longer.

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