Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Soooooooooo Tempted By Waitrose

Now, we are pretty much Aldi, Lldl and Tesco kind of a family ...... but this morning we got a Waitrose pamphlet through the post, I'll be honest, this sort of thing usually goes straight in the bin, but curiosity got the better of me ..........
What can I say? I am extremely partial to a scotch egg and  seemed to be hypnotically drawn to the scotch eggs page,  I admit, I drooled at the sight and thought of all three of their posh varieties; pork, pea and mint, pork, beetroot and cheese, and black pudding and Bramley apple scotch eggs ....... with the suggestion of a gooseberry chutney accompaniment!
It fair rendered me pretty helpless.  When Darrell came into the room, he couldn't help but ask why I appeared to be somewhat catatonic and dribbling ....... so I showed him said feature.  He sighed and then said philosically "Well, we work hard enough for a treat now and again, we deserve a select purchase!"...........
....... and since we all had a check up and scrape and polish at our dentist in the afternoon .....which is  only round the corner from Waitrose, there was no reason why we couldn't just pop in.  There was also a money off voucher at the back of the flyer,  so with a little prudent shopping, we could have a splurge!
Sometimes you just have to love him............

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Mr.D said...

Very posh. What is the order of poshness when it comes to shopping?

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