Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Breakfast
I gave my mum a special Mother’s Day breakfast this morning.  I made her a nice big cup coffee to get her started, and two slices of marmite on toast.
Stone Heart
I also gave her a heart shaped stone I found on a beach and kept for a special occasion. She sniffed a lot when she unwrapped it and said she thought she was getting a cold.


Mr.D said...

A heart of stone? Is that why mum cried?
Mind you, reading this at 6.40pm Saturday in Mexico, means it is 12.40am in England.
What a strange time to have breakfast. Furthermore, is that natural daylight I can see through the door.
The plot thickens, unlike the porridge - hence the marmite on toast.

Ali said...

Oh, what a lovely treat for your mum - no wonder she had a tear in her eye!