Monday, 1 March 2010

Time to Go Home

I filled in the questionnaire before we left because everyone else was busy packing!
Picture 063
I said the arcade was good, but it was too hard to win a dragon.
Picture 062
Mum said “Did you put that there was no kettle on arrival (we had to call hospitality for one), that there was no grill pan under the grill (so no toast – but we had eggy bread instead, yum,yum) and that neither of the two plugs provided fitted the bath or kitchen sink?”
Picture 065
I said “No” but added that I did mention that it didn’t seem quite right when I saw a granny going to the site shop in her leopard print pyjamas and ugg boots!
Picture 002
As we drove back home I kept my bag of seashells and stones close to my heart and thought some wistful thoughts.


YorkshireKaren said...

Hope you had a safe journey home monkey, and now you can enjoy making something special with all your treasures.

Julia Dunnit said...

A week of and a bag of memories. Bliss, thanks for sharing MOnkey!

Mr.D said...

I'm not sure what Ugg boots are but, if I saw a big granny in leopard skin pyjamas, leopard skin leggings or a leopard skin lyotard, I would probably say something like "Ugg!".