Saturday, 6 March 2010

Mr Collis’s New Monkey

Time to say goodbye
Mr Collis’s monkey and I have become firm friends …
Friends for Life
But today we said “Adieu, but not goodbye” 
You'll be OK mate
We waited together for Mr Collis and his bus to arrive to take The Young Ladies to their football practice.
Monkeys through a window
Mr Collis was thrilled, as this was all a BIG surprise for him, and promised to send me lots of pictures of their adventures.
Picture 028
Mr Collis said he would give his monkey a name in a day or two …..
Mrs C's monkey takes to the wheel
after they had travelled the road together for a little while.
I'm a bit jealous
I was a little bit jealous, because I LOVE buses …..
On Mrs C's Bus
We said our final goodbyes.
Waving bye Bye
And I waved them off …..
Feeling sad
then went to compose myself for a little while.


Angie said...

I am sure you will stay firm friends

Mr.D said...

Lucky Mr.Collis. Maybe Monkey can go out for the day with them. Can Monkey play football? He could be the coach.

Anonymous said...

Poor Monkey but you still have Molly :-)