Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Sympathies with Dot Cotton ……..

I helped with the laundry today – it’s hard work ….
 Monkey Doing the Washing 2
I used Bold with lavender and camomile, it makes everything smell lovely when it come out, even my socks!
Monkey doing the washing
Then I had to tumble everything – BUT if I take things out at just the right time I can save on the ironing!
  Monkey Loading the Tumble Dryer
I didn’t like sorting out all the socks, what a boring job!
 Monkey Loading the Tumble Dryer 2


Deborah said...

It looks like you worked very hard Monkey,i agree sorting socks is so boring.
I,m looking for a monkey of my own, could you tell me where i could adopt 1 from please

Helen said...

Hi Deborah try looking on e-bay - search for Hey Monkey - a large 18 inch Hey Monkey fits new born clothes!!!!

Deborah said...

Thanks Helen, my youngest daughter Katie loves him too, so there may be a fight if we get one lol

Mr. D said...

Don't bother ironing - not worth it. Get all identical socks and sorting is a doddle but life would be wrinkly and more boring.